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Homestuck - God Tier Symbols



Hey, wow, I'm actually submitting something! First piece and all that.

I've been messing around with computer vector software or something like that. This is basically the end result of my first real attempt to make something that wasn't random lines and squiggles. Then I figured: I made an account here a few days ago, why not submit it?

As one could tell by the title, this is from Homestuck, a webcomic by Andrew Hussie that I may be slightly obsessed with. Going clockwise from top-left: John's symbol as a Hero of Breath, Dave's symbol as a Hero of Time, Jade's symbol as a Hero of Space, and Rose's symbol as a Hero of Light.

I know it's like a thing with artists to decry their own work as not very good. But I think I speak with an unbiased opinion as a student of science when I say that this is not very good. Still, though, I like it.
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i used this as the cover art for a piano piece i made about homestuck (i can take it down if you want me to, just comment as such on the song if you want it down) 
the song can be found here=>…