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Making a Ferris

Cal decides she wants some minions. Of course, these minions need their vision calibrating first. Before putting the legs on, lest robocrabs run off the sides of the table or crash into things. So why not some macro photography?

There's no actual need for the illusions displaying ferriscam and distance markers, but it's pretty much a reflex by now.
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what is biyomon wearing?

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It's meant to be a bony mask, ala the character's next stage, an airdramon that's so augmented it kind of... spilled over. One day I'll go back and fix it to look more like an exo-skull.

Of course, one of the advantages of being augmented is direct connection in this sort of scenario, which is why the illusion is so redundant. Some of the augmentation is in the mask; it counts as part of the character the way, say, a Gatomon's gloves do.