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This one started because I wanted to model that terminal on the left (it's based loosely on an IBM 3279, with a rather modified keyboard layout). It sort of... expanded.

Cal's an aerial photographer and mapmaker by profession, and a somewhat mad, or at least nerdy, engineering/science type by inclination, hence the combination of retro hardware, holograms, and then that's QGIS and vscode on the tablet. Respectively, displaying a map drawn by another player in the digimon RP Cal's from, and part of the script I wrote to generate the keyboard textures. The holograms are also QGIS; listing the places marked as dots on the map, as a table of their properties.

The keycaps were made by stretching thingiverse user kaelruland's DSA keycap set. The biyomon model is taken from Digimon Linkz somehow, the wooden texture is from Chocofur, and the pictures on the wall are all from Digimon canon (they're mostly screencaps from 02, the season Cal is from).
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