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whoo it's probably been some years since I last updated this, so I just adjusted the pricing, examples and shipping sections.

Custom ponies

I base my commissions off of sizes, and amount of detail. I keep a general price range for the size of the custom pony, but the amount of detail the design requires, will determine the price.
I usually am able to look at a design and get a feel for the price, or at times I don't get a feel for the price until after I start working on the custom.

:bulletpink::bulletpink::bulletpink: DISCLAIMER ON MAKING REQUESTS: :bulletpink::bulletpink::bulletpink:

The itty bitty size price section
$10 - $25 for Ponyville/ Blindbag/ McDonalds sized crenations
Changeling King Thorax and Princess Skystar by LightningMana-Crafts Blind Bag Navi custom by LightningMana-Crafts

blind bag example 3 by LightningMana-Crafts tiny commission example by LightningMana-Crafts Blind bag example 3 by LightningMana-Crafts
Alice Angel custom pony by LightningMana-Crafts
$20 -$30 for small/baby sized ponies with only hair/paint, including 3 inch tall brushable gen 4 bases, and g4.5's
Tide Pod custom ponies for face palming by LightningMana-Crafts Cozy Glow custom pony by LightningMana-CraftsRyo Ohki custom pony by LightningMana-Crafts
hair and paint commission example by LightningMana-Crafts
$35 - $55 for a small sized custom with light - moderate amount if detail accessories and features.
Smolder dragon mlp by LightningMana-Crafts Aggretsuko custom ponies by LightningMana-Crafts My Hero Academia Eraserhead commission by LightningMana-Crafts
g1-g4.5 Wig Wam by LightningMana-Crafts

$60+ for heavily detailed small pony
Link Between Worlds Hilda and Zelda custom ponies by LightningMana-Crafts
Skullkid commission v3.0 by LightningMana-Craftsg4 Chibi Moon by LightningMana-Crafts

~~~~~Adult sized ponies:~~~~~
(Princess bases, gen 3's, gen 1's)
$30 for paint/hair only
Gray fox commission v2.0 by LightningMana-Crafts1980 vintage MLP cartoon background pony by LightningMana-Craftsadult sized pony paint/hair examples by LightningMana-Crafts

$40 - $55 for light detail
My Hero Academia All Might custom pony by LightningMana-CraftsCelestial Fancy Swirl g3 customs by LightningMana-CraftsPrincess Bon Bon commission by LightningMana-Crafts
Pluto the Demon Hound from Black Butler by LightningMana-CraftsG4-G1 Princess Luna by LightningMana-CraftsNightmare Rarity by LightningMana-CraftsShimmer Glimmer Princesses by LightningMana-Crafts

$60-$95 for moderate detail
Steampunk Whizzer and Galaxy commissions by LightningMana-CraftsYS ark of napishtim Olha by LightningMana-CraftsCyberpunk DJ Pon3 Vinyl Scratch by LightningMana-Crafts
Chrono Cross Lynx commission by LightningMana-CraftsTwinrova - Legend of Zelda by LightningMana-Crafts

$100+ for heavy intricate detail
Maester Seymour Guado version 2.0 by LightningMana-Craftsffx Sir Auron by LightningMana-Crafts
Hyrule Warriors Link and Zelda by LightningMana-CraftsWhite Armored Unicorn commission by LightningMana-CraftsTwilight Princess Ganondorf v2.0 by LightningMana-Crafts

~~~~~6 inch fashion style filly sizes~~~~~
$55 for hair/paint only
Russia mascot gift custom by LightningMana-Crafts

$65 for light detail
(don't ask for this design specifically, it's someone else's OC)
Traveling Pony Museum mascot Aethernaut gift by LightningMana-Crafts

$75-$90 for moderate detail
Undertale Mettaton X and Gala Applejack by LightningMana-CraftsSweetiebot Miku by LightningMana-Crafts

$100+ for heavy/intricate detail
KH3 Sora and Kairi collectible ponies by LightningMana-Crafts

~~~~~9 inch zilla bases~~~~~
$65 for hair/paint only
Matryoshka nesting pony dolls by LightningMana-Crafts

$80 for light-moderate detail
Harajuku PinkiePie Zilla by LightningMana-CraftsGolden Rainbow Baphomet 13 inches tall by LightningMana-Crafts

$100+ for heavy/intricate detail
Zilla sized General Beatrix pony FFix by LightningMana-Craftsffx Dark Shiva by LightningMana-CraftsZilla sized Harley Quinn by LightningMana-Crafts
Kingdom Hearts II Roxas v3.0 by LightningMana-Crafts9 in. zilla sized Captain Jack Sparrow custom pony by LightningMana-CraftsChinese Doll themed custom pony by LightningMana-Crafts

~~~~~Payment methods accepted~~~~~
I have PayPal, and if you are a U.S. resident, you can send me money orders or cashier checks.
I also accept cash safely concealed in an envelope (at customer's expense).  

I have a package scale! And a postage calculator so all I need is your zip code and I can get you a precise quote! 

Payment guidelines

Orders that are $50.00 or less need to be done in 1 payment
Orders that are over $50.00 can have a payment plan. 
No holds allowed anymore that are below half the cost of the custom (if it's a premade sale custom)
There can be some exceptions, you'll just have to ask. 

----Request guidelines----
I require at least partial payment upfront for supplies before starting on a commission. This prevents me from having to keep unwanted customs cluttering my shelves for months on end, and makes it so costs don't come out of my pocket~
If occasion arises where I complete a commissioned custom before payment, I'll only hold it for 2-3 months before putting it up for sale (unless it's someone else's original design.)

Excuses for non-payments- this is the internet, nothing anyone tells me can be validly proven to be true. Unless you can prove anything to be true, I'm not obligated to take it into consideration for our transaction; the best I can do is try to be understanding, considerate, while sticking to these guidelines.

REFUNDS- I will not issue refunds. If you commission a piece and only pay part of the payment then don't pay the rest after 4 months, I will put it up for sale and not refund the deposit since you took up my time and materials to do something you did not follow through on paying.

For sales, no holds accepted.

No refunds if a custom is damaged in your possession after it has arrived safely to you.

© 2011 - 2021 LightningMana-Crafts
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DuchessUru's avatar
Never sorry mind :( (Sad) 
DuchessUru's avatar
Opss wrong person sorry :( (Sad) 
LupinHallow's avatar
Would a ponified version of Newt Scamander www.google.com.au/search?q=new…
be doable in the 45$ price?
LightningMana-Crafts's avatar
Sent you a note-
I accidentally called him Lupin not newt xD
Ike-banna's avatar
Definitely interested in commissioning you! :)
LightningMana-Crafts's avatar
Alrighty~ have anything in mind?
Ike-banna's avatar
Yes! ^-^
Can I also get a quote for a pony-fied version of my OC? (in a normal baby sized custom) 
LightningMana-Crafts's avatar
XxMiincalunaxX's avatar
would you be able to make a hikaru mlp commission? from magic night rayearth
LightningMana-Crafts's avatar
XxMiincalunaxX's avatar
yeah thats an old one
LightningMana-Crafts's avatar
Also, did you have any specific pose or generation in mind?
LightningMana-Crafts's avatar
Very pretty! Definitely do-able~

If you have a specific pony base in mind you'd like me to make the design from, let me know~

Here's some recommendations I have from my supply, this first one is a generation 4 princess pose which I feel would suit the character perfectly. A custom from this pose would cost about $65.00.

If you'd prefer a older generation pony base, I also have g3's & g3.5's~ A custom from the regular adult g3 (left pink pony) would cost about $75.00. Custom from the g3.5 (on the right) would be about $55.00.

XxMiincalunaxX's avatar
The first one would be great
LightningMana-Crafts's avatar
Payment details can be discussed through private note~ 
LightningMana-Crafts's avatar
Methods of payment are PayPal, or money order~ 

I could start work when payment comes in, and you could expect it done approximately within a few days.
LightningMana-Crafts's avatar
No prob~ if there's a specific design you have in mind, I could take a look~
DjPon33's avatar
Would you be willing to make a small G4 bat pony OC?
LightningMana-Crafts's avatar
Sure would! Have any references? 
LightningMana-Crafts's avatar
Beautiful~ she'd be fun to make. :heart:

A design like that on a g4 will cost around $25.00 (shipping included in that total)~

I have PayPal, and I also accept money orders/cashier checks/cash concealed in cards/envelope~
DjPon33's avatar
I can do paypal, I can pay Tuesday evening :) 
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