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Watery Chorus Lightning Ferron

Final Fantasy Lightning Returns- Lightning in Watery Chorus garb


~~~~FOR SALE: $95.00~~~~

Hand-crafted by me~

Main method of payment is PayPal

If you don’t have PayPal, all I need is email to send invoice to, and you can pay via credit card~

No trades~ trades make me broke so I can’t afford to craft x.x


I’m starting a series of customs of Lightning Ferron as seen in the Play Station 3 game Final Fantasy Lightning Returns, in all of my favorite outfits. There will be about 5 customs, all in this smaller generation 4 Princess mold for the pony base. I matched weapon/shield accessories that are my favorite or I felt would just match best, and I picked out multiple adornments per design even though in game you can only equip 1. I figured I’m hand-crafting these, might as well go all out~

I have a bit of a reasoning with my decision for the details of this design.

The outfit is called “Watery Chorus”. It makes me think of a waterfall with lots of flowers and blooms around it, in a forest clearing. So for the adornments, I chose the horn, and the teal butterfly, and also added the pink blossom on the chest.  I came up with my own adornments, such as the mushroom on her belt and 3 additional flowers in her hair around the butterfly.

For the weapon and shield, Final Fantasy X is a very water-based game so I chose Tidus’s sword and Yuna’s shield from that game, that also appear in Final Fantasy Lightning Returns.

Tidus is the warrior of water, and and Yuna is a summoner that dances on water.


Now on to craft details~

Pony base is a generation 4 smaller princess pose. Severed original horn off, probably put it on a different generation 3 custom.

Coated the whole pony in Gesso, to give my paint work a texture to bond to.

Full body repaint in mocha tone acrylics, eyes painted in my anime/realism-fusion style. Horn is crafted from leather, I cut it then stitched it, painted in various light browns, tans and gold and sealed in Artists Varnish. All paint is sealed.

Mane and tail- to prep for a project of 5 Lightning customs, I got out all of my packages of pink hair. I ended up with 9 packages, ended up using 8 pigments on this first Watery Chorus custom.

The pigments are all nylon dollyhair mlp hair in the following colors:
Old bubble gum, strawberry mousse, sugarlessgum pink saran Barbie hair, dusty rose, kitten, pussy cat, brilliant pussy cat, and tea rose.

I didn’t need to use all of that, but I did. I call it depth.

Mane permanently styled/hardened in my hair gel method, butterfly is purchased from Michaels, there is a blue fabric flower, bead, and aqua earring from a g1 Sweet Heart Sister pony with silver metal and a red sequin attached.

Watery Chorus outfit- started with the hindleg shoes. Painted the Princess armor purple, glued down purple hemp cord, silver metal ovals, tiny blue triangle rhinestones, and some cream thread on one leg with black chain and red beads attached.

Front legs were painted white on the bottoms then made long white gloves. Silver details on each side were delicately pieced together with pliers, floral wire and tiny silver beads.

Yuna’s shield on one leg was crafted from all leather, that I cut, shaped, and painted.

Stitched white bias tape around the neck, put blue ribbon down the middle then cut shiny purple material for the bikini, detailed it in white acrylic paint, and did more white details from the bias tape and some white ribbon.

Took some purple nylon material and dyed it with blue Rit Dye. Took some neutral navy blue bias tape, painted white detail around the edges, then attached vibrant blue feather. Used white ribbon for the straps, stitched square metallic beads on the straps, and glued cog wheels and clock parts on her belt that I got from breaking a watch. Pink bag on other side of belt was crafted from white leather, then I drew out the pink scales on pink vinyl, painted it, and stuck it on because it had a peel-off back. Added silver rhinestone for a button.

Made her last belt from aqua ribbon, detailed with a silver wire buckle shaped by me and tiny silver rhinestones.

FFX Tidus’s Brotherhood sword-

I crafted this sword some years ago also, but wanted to make this one smaller and thicker.

Cut the shape of the sword from thick black leather, then two layers of thin silver faux vinyl. Sandwiched those pieces together, then painted the blade in various shades of blues; metallics, neon and glitter. Added silver, gray and pearl pigments.

Piece on top of blade was cut from gray leather, then painted and detailed in gold rhinestones.

Handle is a dowel I painted yellow then wrapped beige hemp cord around. Wrapped 2 pieces of black leather at hilt and handle, embellished in rhinestones.

Tassel- stitched wide red ribbon, then added orange bias tape at the bottom with a line of yellow ribbon. Stitched green hemp cord and tied silver beads at the ends then stitched tiny portions of blue ribbon to finish.

Red chocobo- crafted from a generation 4 blind-bag-sized Rainbow Dash. I boiled her so I could cut her tail off. Success!

I then painted her in red acrylics, with a few other various red pigments of metallic and neon on the mane, black eyes.

Cut her chocobo feet from black leather, punched holes in the leather for the gray leather talons, poled talons through the holes then attached to legs of pony. Glued red feathers for tail and on the mane to finish.

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That is a stunning mod. I love it!
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