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Final Fantasy X Valefor 11 inch figure

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Like synthetic hair, colored leather is prone to sun-fading. This figure has a lot of dyed purple authentic leather work, with natural-colored bear/acorn-colored leather. Even natural bear/acorn can fade to a very pale cream.

The mask is natural white leather.

This figure stands 11 inches tall, 14 inches wide

(is larger than the original collector Yojimbo vinyl figure.)

 Custom figure of the summon Valefor as seen in the Playstation 2 video game Final Fantasy X

Pony base used for this figure is 2 different fakies. Used the body from a large bulky fakie, cut all 4 of the legs off, set the front 2 legs aside, and re-attached the hind legs after making thighs from purple leather structured with thick wire. Painted the attached feet in purple acrylic paints, hand-stitched white talons on the feet, wrapped neutral purple hemp cord around. Cut long triangles of purple leather and stitched varied textures of purple ribbon around for over-top the feet.

Body has a base coat of orange acrylic paint, head has a deep red.

Head is from a Strawberry Shortcake horse, because that was the only type of horse around that had a nice high neck that arched the face forward.

Painted glowing green eyes for contrast, then crafted Valefor’s mask from white leather, painted appropriate details for it in acrylic paints, and stitched the horns from bear/acorn-colored leather and painted details.

He has a lower-mane rooted for a white ponytail- rooted with white wool I purchased from my local county fair via

The wool is very soft.

Uppermane has brown and varied red feathers glued down, thighs has purple feathers, and flanks have the varied red feathers glued in place with 2 strips of the bear leather.

Tail- made a structure of thick wire that goes into the pony, and has individually cut/stitched pieces of purple leather layered in pieces.

Torso- Glued down an orange webbed mesh trim, glazed metallic yellow gold over top. Added two strips of bear leather and detailed in same gold acrylics.

Fastened gold faux vinyl for the chest plates, lined it with strips of bear leather, detailed with light brown hemp cord, put cream feathers overtop for varied texture.

Mini wings are stitched from acorn-colored bear leather, painted in varied red/gold acrylics with a painted mesh over top the base with 3 stripes of leather wrapped around. Finished with a 3-ringed silver trinket with a nice amber-colored bead with a red leaf on top wired to the rings.

Wings- drew them out on card stock for a pattern. Cut the pattern into pieces, and traced them out on purple leather. Stitched all the pieces together. Trimmed down the pattern for the inner yellow-piece, trace it out and fastened to the purple. Painted orange and cream shading on the yellow inner layer, added thick wires to structure. Lined the area with strips of bear leather, detailed with orange and brown hemp cording. Top layer of the purple wings have a painted purple webbed lace to add texture, with 2 colors of purple hemp cord.

Bought a silver display stand from Michaels to hang him on to keep him up~

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omg!I am a big fan of FF X! *o*
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I have a final fantasy folder in my gallery, I have crafted nearly all the characters~

Am posting a Lightning Ferron custom tomorrow in the Watery Chorus garb, and Tidus ' s Brotherhood sword.
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