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Wow, this piece actually took likely nearly or at least an hour to make since the character has a very simple design!  I know the character is wolf or some canine at least, but due to my habit of drawing feline-like characters for the past 2 years, I decided to use that style for this to save time.  Plus, trying to tell canines and felines apart in my art style is very difficult for most viewers and I myself as well as of now.  The art style of Ginga Nagareboshi/Densetsu or Silver Fang helped me a bit in drawing wolves, but I need to practice on the style more so I can draw wolves and other canine-like creatures or any creature with long muzzles in a different anatomy compared to the feline-like characters I draw.  The main issue with canines and (ironically) big cats like lions and tigers or so was the long muzzles and I don’t want to use that feature in my art yet since the executions were and are still awkward when implementing the feature in my style at the moment.

And who is this character?  Those who were curious about animation might have encounter this character before or those who have seen “Scribble Kibble” videos may have seen them before.  It’s Crowne Prince of course!  I’ve been a bit interested in animations and wanted to one day get into the animating activity someday once I got into the gist of how it works.  And when I watch Crowne Prince’s videos about art and animation, I feel more hopeful in my future of art.  And I thank them for giving me hope in making art and maybe making animations someday.

Sona belongs to :iconcrowneprince:
Art by me

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