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Captain America themed Cutie Mark by LightningCrusader Captain America themed Cutie Mark :iconlightningcrusader:LightningCrusader 0 0 Lightning Crusader Cutiemark  by LightningCrusader Lightning Crusader Cutiemark :iconlightningcrusader:LightningCrusader 1 0


Realistic Pichu Render by TheRealDJTHED Realistic Pichu Render :icontherealdjthed:TheRealDJTHED 2,302 151 REMASTERED[New MLP Next Gen]- Prince and Princess. by Queen-Fanart REMASTERED[New MLP Next Gen]- Prince and Princess. :iconqueen-fanart:Queen-Fanart 9 5 RIP Stan Lee (1922 - 2018) ver 2 by ShadowFalconArts RIP Stan Lee (1922 - 2018) ver 2 :iconshadowfalconarts:ShadowFalconArts 53 1
The Right Partner (Winter Soldier x Reader) {3}
The Right Partner (Winter Soldier x Reader) {3}
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Back At S.H.I.E.L.D~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
“The one day I let (y/n) leave the facility with minimal detail she manages to get shot at and disappear leaving a dead body behind. Can someone tell me what’s wrong with this picture?” Fury annoyingly spoke.
“It’s my fault sir. I wasn’t watching her closely…” he was stopped by Fury’s hand.
“Rogers, she lied to you and pursued an enemy without backup. It being your fault is an understatement at this point” Fury finished as Natasha walked in.
“Forensics confirmed the gun was used to shoot (y/n) and was also use in four other assassinations. The shooter was for hire. The blood found at the scene belonged to him and (y/n). The bullet found in his skull wasn’t one of ours and can’t be traced.” She stared at Fury.
“If he was for hire then why shoot her and miss? Was it his intention to hav
:iconwanderinpikachu:WanderinPikachu 55 6
The Right Partner (Bucky's POV) {2.5}
The Right Partner (Winter Soldier x Reader) [Bucky’s POV] {2.5}
A lot has happened since D.C. but I was determined to get the answers I was looking for. H.Y.D.R.A took away my life and made me kill people, even went as far as to fight my best friend. They were all going to pay one-way or another. I wish my memory came back quicker instead of me getting flashes. With every lead I was only getting bits and pieces of my time as the Winter Soldier, a ghost. I had left the states to seek out other H.Y.D.R.A members until I had received some interesting information. H.Y.D.R.A. wasn’t just trying to track me down but there was girl on the list as well. It seems she was pretty important she topped me on their priority list but apparently getting us both was essential. The only problem I had with this was that I would be traveling back to D.C. They had managed to track her there but her exact location was unknown. She was important to them so if I could get to her before they did sh
:iconwanderinpikachu:WanderinPikachu 25 5
The Right Partner (Winter Soldier x Reader) {2}
The Right Partner (Winter Soldier x Reader) {2}
~~~~~~~~~~~Present Time 8 Months After You Woke Up~~~~~~~~~~~~~
D.C. was still under some heavy repair and since Fury had basically made it mandatory that you stay with in a 75-mile radius of the S.H.I.E.L.D office, there wasn’t really much for you to do. Natasha wanted to take you the museums and monuments around D.C. just so you could get out for some fresh air. Steve was coming along with you two, in passing you and Rogers had some conversations here and there. It was a simple friendship, you were just glad not to be alone.
“Hey (y/n) this is for you” Natasha handed you a cellphone.
“Thanks Natasha, if there’s any trouble you are the first one I call.” You said smiling at her.
She was glad you understood what the cellphone was for. She had put everyone contacts in the phone so you had all yours bases covered. Steve was waiting by the car as you two walked up.
“Ready to go” he said with a
:iconwanderinpikachu:WanderinPikachu 61 9
Mary Jane - Rip Stan Lee by larienne Mary Jane - Rip Stan Lee :iconlarienne:larienne 3,398 170
The Right Partner (Winter Soldier x Reader) {1}
The Right Partner (Winter Soldier x Reader) {1}
“TRY TO SHUT IT DOWN!” you screamed through the thick glass cage
You tried desperately to break through but the glass was too thick and the tesla coils around you were draining the energy you had. Perfect!! Just Perfect!!  You thought as you felt yourself get weaker. Being used as a battery was not fun.
“I could blast through the glass to make this quicker and we can get outta here before dinner.” Tony said in his armor.
“If you do that you could kill her and us along with everyone in South America. The energy level is increasing and she won’t be able to control the flow of energy when it gets redirected back into to her.” Natasha said while her fingers typed quickly on the console above you.
“How you guys doing out there? The party must be fun.” Tony spoke to the others who were not present.
That answer he must have gotten probably was an ear full because not even a minute later
:iconwanderinpikachu:WanderinPikachu 103 8
Mature content
Afraid of Me?{BuckyxReader}(2) :iconwanderinpikachu:WanderinPikachu 10 16
Afraid of Me?{BuckyxReader}(1)
~~~Winter 1999~~~
You tagged along with your older brother and his friends. Your mother had insisted you go with them so you were not stuck inside all day.
“(y/n) keep up. Come one you can do it!” Your brother Theo called back to you.
His friends wanted to check out the abandon buildings on top of the mountain you lived near. You and your brother had played in the woods since you could remember but you never climbed the mountain. 9yrs old bundled up in a winter coat, scarf and gloves, it was very difficult for you to move upward on slopes.
“I don’t know why you brought her Theo, she is just slowing us down. It will be dark by the time we get to ruins.” Chase complained as Liam shook his head in agreement.
“Hey my mom asked if I could take her okay so ease up man, besides I think she would like to see the ruins to.” Theo defended.
“Fine but I am not carrying her if she gets tired…” Chase heaved himself forward up the hill follo
:iconwanderinpikachu:WanderinPikachu 18 2
Stranded: Ch1 (Bucky Barnes x Reader)
The guard that was sent to put you away, handled you roughly as he escorted you through the halls of the airship. There was no escapung from this guard. The pilot specifically had to pick a muscly, buff person to lead you away from the cockpit. He had dirty blond hair and he seemed to be five years or more older. You could of kicked him especially in the lower area, but what would that do? He would alert more of his collegues to confront you.
Plus, there was no where to run anyway; you were thousands of feet above ground, and there wasn't a flashing arrow that guided you to the location of where parachutes were.  The only way was to reach the cockpit and land the ship. But did you even know how to fly a proper airship?
You  lowered your head down, your (h/c) hair covering your face to hide the tears that were starting to escape your eyes.  The guard didn't need to see it. To you, you were exposing how weak you were. Then again,  a trainee in
:iconsylvaangel:SylvaAngel 8 2
Stranded: Prologue Pt2 (Bucky Barnes x Reader)
The Captain hid behind a large metal box, looking over at the airship, waiting for you to return. He had already taken down the two planes, and he was about to talk to you on the earpiece, but he stopped when he overheard two guards talking, who were dangerously ten feet away from earshot.One of them wore a different uniform compared to the rest of the HYDRA agents.
"We're running late. Break is over! He's gonna kill us if it's delievered late! You're being the pilot today, you're bringing 'The Asset' to these coordinates." One of them said, handing the pilot a piece of paper.
"The Asset? He?" Steve muttered to himself debating on whether it was a weapon or some sort. And who was "he?"was HYDRA working for someone? He tried to deduce what was happening.
"Yes commander," the pilot said, as he headed to one of the aircrafts. Snapping out of his thoughts, the Captain hoped that the pilot was heading for the two planes he had already taken down. But his hopes were shot down when the pilot
:iconsylvaangel:SylvaAngel 10 0
Stranded: Prologue Pt1(Bucky Barnes x Reader)
"Steve, I really don't think I can do this." while you were nervously biting your lip as you felt the submarine ascending. You sat there, in one of the small rooms of the submarine, worried. Above the sound of the engine, you concentrated on keeping your mind at focus. Your friend Steve, wrapped an arm around your shoulder to comfort you, although you slightly jolted at his touch. This was it. All those hours you spent training, learning how to hack, especially at survival skills, led to this.
Your first ever mission. This was the only barrier that stood in your way that guaranteed you to have a place in SHIELD.
"Hey, (Name) it's okay, we're both doing this remember? There's no way that we're gonna screw this up." He said, giving an assuring smile as he looked deeply into your (e/c) eyes.  You sighed. He really didn't understand. As if he was the one going to screw up the mission. He looked all buckled up and ready to go in his signature navy blue combat s
:iconsylvaangel:SylvaAngel 12 3
Stan Lee by birthbysleep0108 Stan Lee :iconbirthbysleep0108:birthbysleep0108 149 12
Somebody I used to know (Steve x Reader) 3/3
Okinawa, Japan – Several hours later
 “They’ll see us coming from a mile away,” you told Sam, sitting in the pilot seat of the quin jet (the same one Steve had stolen from Stark and you had been able to hack). You typed in several commands as it flew towards the little Island of Okinawa that was now only a few miles away. “Blackbird might be an old American base, but Hydra has equipped it with high-tech security systems.”
    Sam nodded at your words, pulling the glasses of his Falcon suit over his eyes. “I’ll distract them while you approach them in stealth mode.”
    “Once I’m inside you get the hell out of there,” you told him, starting the sequence of your plan, while Wanda had stayed behind in the hideout to get help, in case you needed it. “Oh and Sam… Don’t get caught.” You pressed the button to open up the deck of the jet and watche
:iconsavrom:savrom 41 11
Somebody I used to know (Steve x Reader) 2/3
Two days ago, coming back from grocery shopping
The warm afternoon sun heated up your cheeks as you walked through the streets of the city. Insanely heavy bags of groceries hung around your arms and Steve was by your side, asking every few hundred feet if you were sure about not letting him carry the bags.
    “I can handle myself, Rogers,” you laughed, shaking your head. “I thought you knew that by now.”
    “I do,” the super soldier nodded. “I just don’t want you to strain yourself.”
    “You’re already carrying most of the groceries. I think I’ll be fine…. Are you?”
    “What do you mean?”
    “You’ve been acting strange these past few days.”
:iconsavrom:savrom 81 68


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Captain America themed Cutie Mark
Since i'm a little obsessed with Cap i thought why not make him a cutie mark x'D

P.s. please don't use my cutie marks or any other Stuff i upload without my permission thanks
I hope i can upload something soon but i have a inspiration block at the moment qq


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