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Elliott L. Callahan jr
United States
Hi, I'm Elliott, preferably 'Elli'. Although I'm new by account, I am not exactly new to the website. I've been coming and going from here from time to time and only recently decided to finally make an account. Why? I'm a writer who wants his stories shared with the world and to one day make some of them into animated series'. I was formerly a writer on the popular site Fanfiction, but moved away from there a long time ago. Now you can find me here, my Google Plus, Facebook (that I barely use), Youtube (I stopped make videos awhile back so expect some really old vids), Steam, and recently - though not as recent - Wattpad. If you wish to message me my gmail is available.


After having been thrown on my behind for the second time, getting back onto my feet and ignoring the staring from the surrounding villagers I continued on to my final destination; Begailia’s Green Grove, a farm for the most part while having what looked close enough to a grove to the right of it. It was the closest farm between the two farms to the town so it was easy to travel to and from there. At the same time, though, the walk to here was also uneventful.

What stuck out to me the most was its name; it reminded me of Joanne, one of my six students, who lives there in the real world and whose surname is Begailia. The only difference is that the farm in the real world, Compared to this one, is further away from Steadystone and it caught my attention that this place and possibly the other farm had not been raided by the Enigmatics.

Upon my arrival I was greeted by the intoxicating smell of hydrangeas and daisies in a sweet blend. I inhaled deeply, taking it all in. Although I didn’t have a particular favorite flower the smells they had were amazing and a small part of me was happy to have smelled daisies out of everything else. “They were your favorite. I haven’t forgotten.” I looked down at the heart pendent giving it a warm smile.

Moving on, I checked around the barn for anyone, though I hoped to find the former employee most of all. I stood by the entrance looking for a living being within this area of the barn before venturing further in. With no one in sight I sighed. “Howdy!” A female’s southern accented voice shouted from behind me. First it’s Laurie who tries to scare me and now whoever this person is. I swear the people in the past must like startling others like its Halloween or something. I only flinched from the attempted scare since by now I was getting used to it.

Upon turning around I was met with a Hume woman about my height and similar looks to Joanne with the freckles and elbow-length blonde hair, but while Joanne had a white t-shirt, red scarf, long blue jeans, brown work gloves, brown boots, and a straw hat as her attire, this woman had blue overalls over a green t-shirt, and the matching brown work gloves and boots. She even had the silver locket Joanne wore that she rarely shows us. “You look like a new face. Are you new here?” She asked and it was easy to tell that she even sounded like Joanne. Maybe this person is an ancestor of hers? “Yes, but I’m not here for the sights. I’m looking for a person by the name of ‘Abigale’. You know of her?”

“Yes I do as a matter fact. She works right here on this very farm. I can take ya to her. Ah need a word with her anyways.”

“That sounds good. Let’s go.”

“Um, are you forgetting somethin’?”

“I don’t know, what?”

“I should be taking lead. You are new here, remember? I can give ya a tour while we are searching for the gal.” Me being new to the farm was wrong but here, in the past, she was correct. The layout was drastically different from the one I know; like there being no tractor, no field of vegetables on the right side, no water tower, no cellar. Even the things that are here like they were in the real world were relocated: the shed was not beside the barn but nearest to the greenhouse, which that in itself was now on the right side of the farm instead of the left near the entry gates.

With the woman taking the lead we searched high and low through the barn first, then the chicken coop, then the greenhouse, then the shed. In none of those places did we find her. But we did do some of the minimal chores that were easy to get out of the way. It satisfied the woman at least. During the search she told me small bits of details about Abigale, like how she has been working on this farm since she lost her job six years ago and is one of the farm’s best workers thanks to her experience from the previous job, she and this girl looks very similar to each other which surprised her when they met, and their similar traits was how they were able to bond so well and so quickly, and she has two younger siblings, both being Hume boys. At least something came out of this. “Ah am truly sorry. Ah could have sworn she was here with me before you came along.” The woman said. “It’s alright. It isn’t your fault. Although, this is unfortunate for me.”

“How so?”

“I need to gather her and five others who used to work at the shop called Battleground Prep Shoppe to forge me something before I leave. The queen is assisting me on the search so Abigale is the last one I’m looking for.” I explained while scratching the right side of my head and releasing a defeated sigh. “I see. Well, good luck on yer search. But before ya go I wanted to thank you for helping with the chores. And we never introduced each other.” She stuck out a hand to greet me properly. I took hold of it and we shook, having me introduce myself first. “Day Taisuki. You?”

“Taisuki? I have never of someone with that name in my life. Wait. Are you the gent who saved Steadystone with some kinda unknown magic?” It took a second for me to understand what she meant. Unless there was somebody else who was helping us that I didn’t know about I would be the only one she could be referring to. “Yes.”

“By golly this is a nice surprise. I am Abigale Begailia Simmers. Nice to meet you.” The whole world froze when I heard those words. My body stopped moving and I gave her the most irritated glare I could muster. This whole time I went on a search for someone who was with me the entire time and made me do her chores? She wasted my time on THIS? Everything she explained to me made sense; she was describing her life and even praised herself. I closed my eyes and exhaled sharply through my nose. I felt Abigale trying to pull her hand out of mine. “Um, you can let go now. Day?” It was clear as rain that she was losing her composure from those words alone. I only squeezed tighter and my scowl steadily growing deeper with each passing second. But instead of exploding with rage I spoke slowly and calmly, but the irritation building up with every word. “You mean to tell me that this whole time I did your dirty work just to get your name when you could’ve just told me from the start? Of all times to be doing this and you chose now? Do you do this with all of your visitors?” She gulped loudly to my response before answering. “N-No, but-”

“No? Well then…” I took hold of her hand with my other hand, pulled myself back and threw her in the air. “YOU CHOSE THE WRONG PERSON TO DO IT TO!”

“AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” She screamed. Maybe I threw her a little too hard. I only meant to send her flying into a tree. Hopefully this doesn’t kill her. And she’s the last one I can ask to return to the shop so this is bad for me. Now I kind of feel bad for doing it. “…Nah, she deserved it.”


When she came back she gave me a sheepish expression while scratching the back of her head and laughed half-heartedly. “You have a mighty strong arm to throw me that high in the air. I reckon you play sports?” She said with an awkward smile and picking leaves out of her hair. All she was getting from me was an annoyed glare. “I am sorry for all the trouble I put ya through. You see, not many people visit this place anymore unless it is for business or a delivery has arrived, and it gets lonely and difficult handling the farm with only five people and so many animals to take care of. It is that other farm, Bright Shine Stables, that usually gets all the attention. Rarely any other people visit here because that place. Then you come along and save everyone from those monsters, and then visit this ol’ farm. I only had to take one look at you in town to tell that ya seemed interesting. I mean, yer clothes is pretty goofy, the hair is not bad just really messy and why do you wear the back of it on your shoulder? Even your… thing on your belt is unusual. But overall, it was nice just talking to someone outside of the family and business, and have them do my chores.” She patted my left shoulder softly during the last bit of her comment for a second. When she pulled away she took a step back. “Now it was nice meeting you, Day, but if you are about to ask me to come with ya back to that place then the answer is a big fat no.” She stated sternly with a scowl of her own more towards the idea than me it seemed. She must be referring to Battleground Prep. “You, too, huh.” I shook my head and sighed. “Is there any way for you to reconsider? The safety of Nomalia depends on it.” It felt so wrong for me to plead like this and also humiliating, but at this point I was a little desperate. Abigale’s response, like Follen and Bailey, remained a no. “I am sorry, but the memories of that incident are just… too personal to let go of. I cannot simply shrug it off and go with ya just because ya asked.” Again I sighed. As frustrated as it made me I understood her stance on the matter, even with no knowledge of her past transgressions. “I guess I can’t complain. You aren’t the first to deny me. Thank you for your time.” I said before departing. I heard her reply with a ‘thanks for coming’ and saw her tread towards the barn with her head hung low when I looked back. I failed. I couldn’t convince any of them to come and I have to return to the shop now. Letting out a frustrated grunt I went back to town.

It felt like it’s been three hours since starting. Actually it might’ve been that long. I wondered how long Martha had been waiting with her father, probably longer than they wanted to. On the way back I nearly bumped into Queen Terrala. Radicchio and the two guards were with her and they, like me, had none of the employees with them. “I take it thou failed, Day?” Terrala assumed. If merely looking at me wasn’t an obvious sign than I don’t know what is. “Do you need to ask? All of our efforts have left us with nobody. We should go find Martha to break the news to her.” I replied. “Indeed.”

Back at the shop, Martha sat on a stool staring at the dusty sign that was leaning on a work table. “I see you are back.” She didn’t even look at us to know of our presence. “I take it you failed in bringing them here?”

“Yes. They all refused and sent me off without letting me say anything else, even when I helped them with tasks they gave me.” I explained my portion. Queen Terrala had it similar, only with her the rejection was much calmer and she didn’t do any tasks for them. “I suspected as much. Father also made me leave, harshly at that. But I can understand why. That day is just too painful for them to remember.” The queen walked to Martha, sat down next to her, and placed a hand on her paws. “What happened, Martha?” Martha looked hesitant to speak, but soon enough she found the words to begin. “Terrala, you remember Hayden, right? He was to be my boyfriend… and my future husband.” She sighed when the queen nodded. “He was a close friend to both of us. I would visit both of thou quite often and we would hang out and talk. Sometimes thy father would ‘ask’ me help around the shop just for being there. But then… Hayden suddenly stopped coming when that incident happened and that was when the shop had closed. Thou stopped talking to me as well.”

Follen, Bailey and Abigale each mentioned something about something in the past that they wished to not look back on like it was a bad omen. Their inception. That night. Six years ago. They all appear to be linked, but what happened? “Incident?”

“IT IS NOT AS SIMPLE AS HIM HAVING JUST STOPPED COMING HERE!” Martha screamed but I noticed that in her voice she was fighting the urge to cry. She looked away to the furnace in the far back of the shop. It was slightly taller than Terrala and needed a ladder to reach the top. We could still see the tears on her cheeks. “Yes. It has to do with that ‘incident’, but it may not be what you might be thinking, or it could be exactly what you are thinking. It was six years ago when it happened.”


It was seven in the night on his fifteenth birthday. Hayden and I were helping father with operating the furnace together. Terrala had just left right after our last customer and we were settling down and preparing to close the shop for the night. While I had to operate the lower portion of the furnace, Hayden had the upper. He had to climb higher on the ladder to reach further areas on his own. The flames were low so it was somewhat safe for him to clean. It had always been like that until that night. We all thought it was never a problem as long as it got done.  Father wanted to take a picture of him after he was finished with his tool polishing and I wanted to be in it as well, so Hayden had the idea of having both of us sit on the top of the ladder with me in his lap. Father protested that it was a terrible idea for the ladder could not support two big dogs at the same time, but Hayden assured him that it would be fine since he and I had been up there so many times and it has never broke, and if anything were to happen he would jump down with me in his arms like a ‘dashing hero’ as he described it. Hesitantly father trusted him. Now that ladder was not in perfect condition but it was sturdy enough to hold us… Or so we thought. I climbed up and sat in his lap. Father got the camera and told us to smile, but before he came back, Hayden gave me a jade necklace to wear, telling me he wanted to wait for a different day to present it to me but could not wait and told me to treasure it always. I was genuinely grateful and promised to treasure it. All of our employees gathered around with father and after a bit of Abigale’s pestering we sung to Hayden our ‘improvised’ version of a happy birthday song, but then near the end of the song… The ladder broke. Hayden pushed me to safety, but he fell into the furnace. His paw smacked the pole that was keeping the lid open sealing him inside. Everyone was panicking. We could hear his pained screams as he was dying. Father, Follen and Bailey quickly reopened the lid, but it was already too late. They never described what Hayden looked like, but they were certain that he was dead. We did not know what to do. I felt the bodies of everyone and even Terrala came back to comfort me while I cried holding the necklace he gave me on my chest.


“It was all a horrible accident… But it stuck to us like a parasite. To this day we regret the choice we made. We yearn for a different outcome. We wish Hayden was still here. He and I would be married right now with two, three, probably four little pups. If I was given a second chance I would have saved him, or fall with him-”

“Do not be a fool!” Martha was interrupted by an older male’s voice barking at her. Looking up we were met with a grayish blue Huskenhiver German Shepherd man wearing a dirty white apron over pale orange shorts and a blue t-shirt. Martha got up faster than the rest of us. “Father!”

“Calm down. I only came here because I wanted to see this place one last time before leaving it for good.” He spoke in a raspy old voice but clear for us to hear. He looked to me asking ‘You must be Day, I presume?’ I nodded. “Yes sir.”

“I have heard about your assistance in saving the town and that you want a weapon to be forged here of all places. I thank you for saving our lives, but unfortunately I cannot help you with your weapon dilemma. This place has been left behind a long time ago and I do not intend on bringing it back. I fired my employees, sold our tools, thrown away the aprons. I only came back to it because I wanted to say one last goodbye and be done with this abandoned heap, and no ‘buts’, either. My word on the matter is final.” After he finished speaking he went around the shop placing a paw on the remaining dirty equipment and patted them softly. I stuck my hands in my pockets, looking down at the ground sorrowfully. “And after all the trouble I went through.” Shortly after releasing a sigh I saw a shadow to my right. Glancing up it was one of the employees. “Arr. I felt bad for sending you off so harshly, so I came back to apologize.” The employee, Follen, spoke to me. Before he could give a bow Martha’s father gasped which in turn snagged Follen’s attention. “Follen, is that really you?” The older man asked. “Yes, boss. I wanted to apologize to him for sending him away so rudely, and… to come and see this place up close one last time. I did not think you would show up.”

“Boss!” We heard Abigale’s voice say. She ran to her former boss and gave him a hug which he returned. “Abigale.”

“There you are, Day.” We then heard Bailey’s voice. Upon looking to him we saw that not only did he also show up, but so did the remaining employees. They ran to their boss and took turns shaking his paw and hugging him. “I cannot believe you all showed up. It feels like fate has reunited us. After that tragic night, I hoped we would never have to come here again, so I wanted to give one last farewell. What made you all decide to come back?” Their boss asked. They all gave the same reason; to say goodbye to the shop and then leave it for good. I felt something from them, especially their souls; a strong sense of guilt plaguing them. They were messed up and torn apart by the event six years ago. That guilt has never left them. When I looked to the furnace I could see the restless spirit still there and now I know who it belonged to; Hayden. He must have been lingering in there for all this time. He hovered closer to us saying ‘I know you all cannot see me but please, stop blaming yourselves. It is not your fault’. The seven former workers lined themselves in front of the shop to begin a goodbye speech at this point when I finally had enough and took matters into my hands, dashing between them and the shop. “Enough of this!”

“Day!” Radicchio tried to stop me but the queen stopped his advancement. “What has gotten into thou, Day!” She cried. “Why are you interfering, lad?” The former boss asked. “I’m sorry but hear me out. You all seem to have a very special attachment to this place if you took the time to come back and say farewell to it. You must have made countless great memories throughout your time working here meeting lots of people, making friends, and forming bonds. You all were loved by many and at one point you were hailed the highest selling weapon shop in the Hume Kingdom. I may not know anything about how great this place was, but after everything I heard, I can’t believe you let one misfortune ruin everything you built. Death is a hard thing to take. Losing someone you knew for a long time can hurt a lot. I understand that well enough.” I took a second to stop and place a hand on my heart pendent. “But don’t let it get to you so much that you stop doing what you love. I made that same mistake myself, and although I regret it, I needed to see it in that perspective to understand how it can mess someone up. Hayden must have made a strong bond with all of you and many more people. He was so close to you that he and Martha would be married to each other if he were still here. He loved this place and those who worked here. He bonded with so many here that it is moving to know how much so. But do you think he would have wanted you to give up everything you worked so hard for just because he died? Would he have wanted you to quit just for him? I can’t tell you that. You knew him more than I do now. What do you think he would have wanted you to do? I think he would want your voices to be heard, but it doesn’t matter who is saying it. It matters what words are being said. Letting him hear what any of you have to say would make a difference.” The entire work area came and watched me give my speech with nearly everyone crying or on the verge of doing so. Practically everything except my voice fell silent. No one said anything for the next minute until the boss spoke. “You are right. We left everything behind because our guilt got to us. I made everyone pack up their belongings and leave, telling them to never look back, hoping that, in a way, the guilt would just fade away.” He trudged closer to the furnace as he continued on. I could see Hayden’s spirit smiling down at him, but I’m certain the boss couldn’t. “But I was wrong. That guilt stayed with us for those six years like a flea. I guess to finally ease ourselves of it once and for all we decided to came back and give this place a true good-bye. But look at us now; we are crying like puppies, running away from our mistakes and making excuse after excuse to support ourselves.” He slid his right paw down the furnace before turning back to us. “Everyone, today we face our guilt like grown-ups. No more running. No more excuses. We face the problem and we make it right.”

“Father…” I heard Martha mutter when looking towards her and the queen. “Does this mean…” Follen stopped midway expecting the boss to finish for him to which he did. “Yes, Follen; we are reopening Battleground Prep Shoppe once more! But I need to know if you desire it too! Howl it loud and clear! I want your voices to be heard!” He declared proudly. Everyone except me cheered to his decision. I merely smiled. “Wait. We do not have any tools. Father sold them all, remember?” Martha reminded them standing up with Radicchio’s help. She was proven wrong when blacksmiths and crafters from the other shops brought over some of their tools and crafting materials, each saying that they were inspired to make their shops by the Battleground Prep Shoppe and how they loved coming here when they were young before dropping their items into a pile. With all of the needed tools, material, and workers together again, all of us pitched in to clean up and prepare the shop as quickly as possible to open their shop once again. The employees and boss stood with the queen, Radicchio, Martha and I in front of the shop with our hands, wings and paws held tight. The workers of the shop turned around to the massive crowd behind them to give their announcement. “Everyone, I would like to start by saying that it has been a long time. A lot of things happened between now and then. We grew distant. We grew quiet. We lost what made this place so special in the first place and that in turn made us unhappy. But with six years of thinking and some help from this young man” The boss wrapped a paw around my neck to signify that he was referring to me. “We have found our lost passion in this wonderful place and now we are back and ready to work again. So I am proud to announce that we back in business!” Again everyone cheered when the announcement was over. To be honest, I was also proud of them and myself a little. The employees, the queen, and Radicchio went into the shop while Martha and her father stopped me from following them. “Hmm?”

“I wanted to thank you for all your help. We made a big mistake years ago and we almost made another one, but you helped us to see our error and together we have restored this shop to its former glory. As a token of my gratitude, I will craft you the weapon you have been asking for, free of charge, as my form of friendship to you.” The boss said. “Really? Thank you, sir.” Graciously I bowed to him. “There is no need for that. You have done a lot for us. We truly feel that you deserve it. And, please, call me Barkamaru.”

“OK then, Barkamaru. But there is one other thing I wanted. It has nothing to do with your crafting skills. I just wanted to give Hayden my best wishes.” They nodded to my request and allowed me into the shop, though I noticed them share an inquisitive glance. Inside the shop the walls, cloth and floor was sparkly clean, the equipment nicely polished, making it look like it was only yesterday when they were last used and ready to meet the workers’ requirements. All of the employees were preparing to get back to work when they noticed me, Martha and Barkamaru walking towards the furnace where the spirit of Hayden still lingered. When we were standing only a few feet from the furnace Hayden’s spirit faded in looking down at me. “Hayden, you meant a lot to these people. Your kind soul must have been one of many reasons why this place was so great. But you suffered a terrible fate and have been restless for these six years wanting to move on. However, you wanted to see everyone all together one last time before you go, is that right?” I asked. When he nodded I continued on. “Then with everyone here again you are finally able to pass on. Your voice has been heard and together we give you our best wishes for you to be in peace in the afterlife.” I turned to everyone behind me, seeing them in tears. “Everyone, place a hand, wing, claw or paw on your chest and repeat after me.” I ordered placing a hand on my chest to begin The Guiding, a prayer hunters do to help restless spirits pass on to the afterlife by lending them a small margin of the hunter’s power. The hand on my chest gave off a glow that gradually grew in brightness as it stayed there. “Let your spirit be guided safely, to the land above the clouds, where the light shall blanket you in warmth. May your spirit sleep peacefully.” We all said as we prayed, me saying the prayer first and the others repeating it afterward. When I turned back to Hayden’s soul, he began to glow which only I, hopefully, could see. Again he smiled at me, and then to someone behind me. Upon looking back I saw that it was Martha he was gazing to. She stepped closer to him as the soul was starting to fade. “Hayden… I will miss you, but never forget you. The memories of your existence shall live on in all of our hearts. I love you.” She told him as the soul finally disappeared completely, but not without him replying with an ‘I love you, too’. Though it confused me; could she see his soul, or was she saying those things because I was speaking to him? “You will not be forgotten…” She spoke quietly as she got on her knees and started to sob. I went down with her, silently, and held her close to me in my arms. She forced herself to stop crying and gently shoved me aside. “I am all right, Day. I have to stop crying, for Hayden’s sake. I promised him that long before the incident and I have fought hard to keep it. It has been for me to do and for as long as I live it still is, but that means I need to try harder and be stronger. He would have wanted me to be strong for him like he was for me. Day, again, thank you so much for everything. I cannot say it enough. I am just so grateful to you.”

“Well, you did help out a bit, too. It was a little difficult, even risky, but I’m glad everything worked out in the end.”

“Me, too. Now as for your sword; it may take a while to get it done. We will try to make and prepare it for you by tonight. Everyone here works fast and hard, so it will not be too long, hopefully. We are a little rusty. But first; do you have a certain design you want the weapon to be made?”

“As a matter of fact, I do. Let me borrow that drawing board.” I went straight to work designing my sword as accurately as possible. I will admit that I’m not that great of an artist but I have drawn things here and there with my friends in the real world. After all this time I’ve been using it I must say I did a well done job replicating it. ”What is it?” Barkamaru asked. His expression matched the tone of the question: completely confused. “It’s called “The Dauntless Saber”. It is a foldable sword. You know, like a switchblade.” As I spoke about the saber I showed them what exactly it was supposed to be like using my hands: the blade is supposed to fold in half, so the top half folds into the bottom half and then it folds onto the handle. An opening is made on the bottom half of the blade to keep the user’s hand from being sliced off when the user extracts/retracts it. The Dauntless Saber in the real world has a button on the bottom of the handle that the user has to push with their thumb to extract/retract, or in simpler words, ‘unfold’ the blade, but the people here might not be able to make a button for it in this world. And it is slightly bigger than my torso while folded, hence my sword sheath being on my behind. “I do not know what a ‘switchblade’ is, and for a simple yet strangely designed sword it sounds difficult to make. But I always love a good challenge. Consider it done, lad!” Barkamaru and the employees threw a balled-up paw, Abigale’s being a fist, in the air with a synchronized howl. Afterward they went directly to work. “I will have Bailey or Abigale fetch you when it is finished.” Martha told me with the queen next to her. She grinned when she noticed me looking at Martha for making that pun. “That sounds good.” I replied with a smirk. “Now if thou boys will excuse us, Martha and I have some “catching up” to do. Farewell for now.” The queen said bidding Radicchio and I farewell with a bow alongside Martha. “Bye.” Radicchio and I watched Martha depart with the queen. Together they looked like teenage girls jumping and chatting the way they were acting. Although the world is in a perilous state, it felt calming to have people be happy. “So what shall we do while we wait?” Radi asked. Really, I had no clue. I mean this is Steadystone, but in the past. I haven’t explored that much of it so he should be the one springing the ideas. But there was one thing I had in mind. “Well, how about we check on the princesses? Are they out of school yet?”

“Let me see…” He went to an open window and looked to the sky. I didn’t know what he was expecting since the sun is being blocked by the mist. He returned to me with a sheepish expression, probably to ease his nerves from my deadpan glare. “You did not see that. Um, how about we go check on them, hmm?” He didn’t wait for me to give him any form of agreement or disagreement as he immediately wandered towards the front of the shop. “This way.” He gestured for me to follow him out. Quietly and still giving him my deadpan expression I walked out with him.
Chapter 8: Venturing for the Dauntless Saber #2
And here is chapter eight! Man, I personally liked this two-parter. Has this mandatory sidequest feel to it with a satisfying conclusion. If only this was made into an RPG, though... (shifty eyes)

Anyway, hopefully you all like the story so far. I would love to hear some feedback from you, the reader, whether it is good or bad. Or you just want to comment on even more canine puns you can come up with, or just being curious as to what Terrala & Martha are doing.
 I'll see you in the next chapter, and as I always say; Thanks & Bye!
Note before we start: The chapter is actually called "Internal Struggle ~ Venturing for the Dauntless Saber - Part 1", but had to be shortened because of the limitations in the titles that this site has. Part 2 will be the same case apparently. I hope it doesn't bother you.


After getting Martha’s approval the queen, the two guards and I began with asking around the area for any of the six employees. Five of the shops I went to knew of the location of some of them, but only one had an actual former employee. The employee now resided and owned a toy crafting tent nearest to the entrance of the work area that we came from. Deciding that I would get him, I went to his tent while the queen and the two guards went searching around for another. The exterior halted me upon looking at it; it resembled the one in the real world almost exactly like it was the same place; a large white castle with a rectangular sign on the tent reading ‘Folly’s Treasure Castle’. Upon entering I was greeted to an interior resembling a store with the display cases and shelves of the selling products everywhere but neatly organized so one wouldn’t get lost. At the other end of the room was a single Huskenhiver who only got my attention on him when he woofed at me. “Are you Follen by any chance?” I asked remembering how Martha described him. “Why, yes. That is me. You must be Day, right? It is an honor to meet the new hero of the town.” He replied rushing to me and using both paws to shake my hands. “Thank you, but I-“

“Sorry but I am in dire need of your help.” He interrupted. “I have seven toys in need of repairs and my assistant is taking the day off from here to assist with the damages around town.”

“And you need me to fill in for him?” He nodded quickly. “I would greatly appreciate it if you helped. It will only be a few minutes. I work fast.” I kind of doubted that, not that I know of his work. Although I am in a hurry to gather everyone, including him, He might be more inclined to come with me if I help him first. Besides, a few minutes doesn’t hurt me. On top of that with me being stuck here I will need to get people to become more accustom to my presence. “Alright. I’m in. What do you-Ah!“ He shut me up mid-sentence by taking my left arm and dragging me to the other room. This room was nothing like I thought it would be to be honest; to the left were big oak wood crates stacked on top of each other in several rows, the top of the stacks left open with many different toys hanging out while the bottom was sealed shut. One desk containing three drawers stood next to the crates dividing the crates and the long table that stretched to the right half of the room. On the right side was a tall makeshift work shelf with twelve wooden hooks holding varies assortments of tools. And one lone box under the shelf left open with food cans, small bags from what I could see were containing dog treats, and large bones. Well they are dog. I shouldn’t expect much else for them to eat. “Wroof! I cannot begin to say how much I appreciate this, mister Hero!” Follen lead me to the long table where three slightly torn dolls, one jack-in-the-box with the surprise Leonin was removed from the box, and three yo-yo’s broken in half. With the whole floor being a mess of scattered toys it baffled me that these seven were the only ones in need of repairs. “All I need you to do is pass me the tools I ask for while I am fixing the toys. Simple, roof?” Actually, yes it is. I was kind of expecting something more on the line of delivery duty but not this. “So I’m just giving you tools? I can do that.”

“Grrruf! Then let us get started!” He rushed to the table while I stayed by the shelf. Immediately he gave an order, and it didn’t take long for things to go out of hand. He was asking tools at lightning speed. Screwdriver. Drill. Wrench. Tape. Ruler. A rubber bone to chew on. He was right about one thing; he does work fast and for only fixing seven toys that’s pretty quick. It made me curious as to how well he did, but I have things that require my time. “Um, if I’m finished then I-“

“Yes, you are done. You truly were a splendid wroofer. I mean helper.”

“Great, but I need a bit of your time. If it doesn’t hinder your time-“

“I am sorry, arf, but I am very busy with my repairs, and then I plan to help with painting the school building. If you have something to say then be quick about it.“

“Then if you would let me finish, please, then you would hear me telling you that I need you and the other employees of Battleground Prep Shoppe to go there. You don’t need to be there right now, but I-“

“Battleground Prep?! Why did you not say so?!”

“I was trying to, though. So can you?”

“Absolutely not. Sorry but I cannot help you. It has been six years since we disbanded and although I still work near it the memories of our inception is fresh in my mind. My place is here now and I plan to keep it that way.” That really seemed to hit a nerve in him. I wasn’t expecting that. “Uh, mind telling me what happened?”

“Yes, actually, I do! You seem like a smart kid, so why not ask one of the others for help? I need to get back to work! Now, if you will excuse me, I must ask you to leave! Good day, sir!” He sent me off and left to his duties with a low audible snarl. Well, that was disappointing to say the least. But there were still five more and I only had info on the next two. Upon returning to Queen Terrala she informed me that she had info on another one and the guards had the remaining two. I decided it would be best if we split up from here; we would each finds the employees that we had info on and by doing this we would have more time to spare. Terrala wholeheartedly agreed to it and the guards just seemed to agree because she did. With our agreement settled I headed to my next destination: the marketplace. Like yesterday, I was getting a mix of concerned and suspicious looks, and accepting and welcoming looks from the townsfolk. I haven’t made my presence here known for long so I gave them that as an excuse for their curiosity. Yet it still felt slightly unnerving. But as for them in general; it was half as bright and cheery as it was yesterday, but I still felt an intense amount of distraught from them. In the market, like at the crafter area, I asked around for Bailey, the second employee of mine. The sight of the place wasn’t too much different from how it was yesterday; although many of the shops were damaged it was still standing. The ground around them had lots of burn spots and ash from when they were on fire during the attack. And the shops that did burn down completely had been removed from the area. The smell of freshly baked food shortly became a distraction and my fight against hunger seeped into my mind trying to be my main focus, but I managed to hold it back upon finding the one I was looking for. Like with Follen, Bailey was here working. I expected him to be just another Huskenhiver, but to my surprise I’ve actually met him before; he was the pastry shop owner I met yesterday. “I remember you! You are the guy who made the gold appear out of your hands! I see you are not here with the princesses this time.”

“Yeah, that’s me. I uh…” I stopped to avert my eyes to the movements of his paws fisting a mound of dough. I could feel sweat running down my face, and hear my stomach quietly growl. “Must… keep… myself… under… control…”

“Actually,” My gaze shot back to his as soon as he said the first word. “if you are not too busy, I could use some help.”

“Oh. Really? What do you need?”

“Some of my bread got over cooked during the attack last night. I was not here when they did and now because of this batch I am all out of flour and yeast. I need you to go to the far west part of the marketplace and get me some of both. There is a shop closer to here that sells them as well, but they sold out yesterday and the shipment for them are on delay because of the crisis. Oh, what a cruel fate we have.” Oh, a fetch quest within a fetch quest. I don’t mind doing it if that’s all I have to do, but he couldn’t have covered it before starting this batch of bread? However, I won’t complain about it since this is only a minor task. “Don’t get so overdramatic, now. Sure, I can help you out. What store am I looking for?”

“Thank you ever so much. You are a life saver, in more ways than one. It is the furthest shop on the western end of the market, the one tent that is not between other shops. Here are the gold pieces for the flour and yeast. Take heed, though; the shop are visiting opened here yesterday and I rumors have it that came from the Leonin Kingdom.” That doesn’t sound difficult to find. After taking the gold I ventured through the western side of the market. As I went I quickly noticed the commotion of the townsfolk. It was more talkative here than anywhere else in Steadystone. I wasn’t eavesdropping but from what little I could make out of their whispering they were talking about me. That was no surprise. Deciding to ignore them I picked up my pace to the shop. I could see the shop in front of me, a red, blue and white polka dot tent that reaches ten five feet high. Purple ribbons decorated the corners and a star on the very top of the tent. As I was making my way toward it I had been halted by two small Leonin cubs; one male and one female and both are Asiatic Lions. “Greetings, Hume stranger. Are you here to visit our shop?” The male inquired. “Yes. I need-Hey!” The two ran behind me and shoved me inside. “You could’ve warned me before shoving me in!”

“Do not mind them” Now getting my attention was a deep, manly voice whose entire being was hidden by the darkness. Standing between us was a circular table with a crystal ball in the center. “State your business.”

“Oh no, a fortune teller?” I thought. “I came here hoping to buy some flour and yeast.”

“To buy…? Then tell me this; do you… like Leonin?” What kind of a question was that? I am friends with one: Polly Poppy. It was kind of forced on us but we are friends. Aside from her, the other Leonin people I’ve ever come across have either been fine with my presence or been a bit jerkish. I’ve never been one to judge people unless I know of their actions so obviously I would be skeptical of this one, or all three if I had to worry about the cubs. “Yes…” I answered. “Then…” He held the word as he placed his paws on the table. He then leaned forward and screamed, in a female voice ‘Welcome to the Wilson Trio’s Food and Fortune!’ Correction; it wasn’t actually a guy. It was a woman who is also an Asiatic lioness. I fell backwards from the scream more than the revelation. “This is super exciting! We saw you fighting those monsters earlier as we were setting up our shop, and it was super amazing when you picked up my brother and carried him to me! We did not even care if you were, and still are, dressed strangely! And now you are our very first customer since we moved in! You really are as cute as the Humes have been saying! Oh! Where are my manners; My name is Cherry! Nice to meet you! And these are my twin brother and sister, Blueberry and Vanilla.” I heard the two give a simple ‘Hi’. “And our parrot, Baxter!” The parrot released a mild screech and a ‘hello’ afterward. “This is really, really, super exciting that I cannot contain myself! Ah!”

“That’s nice, but can I buy the flour and yeast now?” I asked using the table to assist getting me onto my feet. “Buy?! You cannot unless you have Cherry’s self made ‘friendship sticker’.” As she was saying it she brought out a small notepad from under the table and without my consent she stamped a sticker on my forehead. “Now you are our first honorary customer! When Leonin from our Kingdom see the sticker you can get free stuff with your purchases! And they will accept you more willingly!”


“Err… Maybe not the last bit, but there are still benefits to having it so keep it on you! And for those with stickers get a free pie, baked by yours truly! Try one!” The male cub who I think is Blueberry handed her the pie to which she then shoved it towards me. Jeez, talk about her being a hyperactive fangirl. Or she might’ve had too much coffee today. It strangely reminds me of Polly Poppy. I was reluctant to take their pie but to be fair I am a little hungry. It took one test bite to tell I liked it. “It’s good.”

“Aw! Thank you so much!”

“But can I buy the flour and yeast now?”

“Of course! Vanilla! Blueberry!”

“We got it!” The two went to the back of the tent for the ingredients. Now I knew who was who; Vanilla was the female and Blueberry was the male. They came back with sacks as big as my torso, handing them to me. “Thanks. Here’s the gold, but a little word of advice: next time you have a customer, try to listen to them. I’m not saying don’t be excited, but try to keep it to a minimum so your customers are not scared away and you can hear what they have to say. If you do that, your shop will do just fine.”

“O-oh… Thank you. I will take it into consideration.” She lowered her head, but even then, with the hood covering her again, I could tell she was blushing. Afterward we said our goodbyes and I made my way back to Bailey’s. Before arriving there I moved the sticker from my head to my gray shirt. “Here’s the flour and yeast you asked for.” I sat them on the wooden counter top. He happily howled. “You really are a life saver. Thank you, Mr. Hero. I will put these away and continue with this batch.”

“One thanks is plenty. Now I wanted to know: you know of Battleground Prep Shoppe, right?” I asked. His bright demeanor immediately dropped. Like with Follen, Bailey’s expression change caught me off guard. “Yes. What of that place?” He asked as a snarl was building up in his voice. “And you are one of the former employees, correct?”


“I need you to come back there. We’re having a-“

“Forget it! I have left that place a long time ago and I am not looking back on it! Now, if you would be so kind as to leave, that would make me feel much better!” First he slammed a fist on the counter, then walked around it near the end of his comment, and finally pushed me away from the shop. “And you can forget about coming here again! Good day to you!” He yelled departing to his oven. “Argh! You didn’t have to push me!” That was strike two. One more and I would have to find someone else or rely on my powers alone to fight the Enigmatics, and I’m not at full strength here. I truly wished Katrid and Zei were here right now so I wouldn’t have to worry about this.
Chapter 7: Venturing for the Dauntless Saber # 1
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We almost couldn't tell with the mist covering the sky but it was midnight by the time we reached Steadystone Villa, and what we were presented to wasn’t a pleasant discovery. ‘Enigmatics’, as I have decided to call them from now on, are still hanging around, this time they were outside of the castle attacking Steadystone. I should have expected this. I should have expected them to not only be in the castle. Those pillars that appeared not too long ago and the black mist covered sky should have been a clear sign of it. We ran through the hordes of Enigmatics blocking our path in the Quiet Willow Woods, what little of them were present anyway, with me having to fight for us using my bare hands and athletic skills when I had to.

Upon reaching the village we saw that the villagers were running all over the place in utter fright, trying to get away from the monsters. Their homes and business’ were being burned down, smashed, and demolished. A majority of them were horribly injured but lucky enough to survive from what I could see. The farm animals, however, were not as lucky on that regard as not a single one was surviving the onslaught. I grunted at the sight of it. “Everyone, this isn’t going to be easy. I can't handle all of them by myself and insure the villager’s safety. So, guards, I need you to give me your weapons!” I ordered. “Our weapons? Thou have noticed that they do not work on those monsters!” One of them retorted. “That is not entirely true. I can make it so all of you can fight them.” Sure, I could’ve done this earlier on but I didn’t because the number of Enigmatics we encountered was very few at a time. I could handle them on my own then, but now I am clearly outnumbered if I tried to fight alone. “So, what? You have ‘magical powers’ that allow us to fight those monsters?” Another one of the guards said with a mocking laugh at the end. Apparently that is what it seemed to be, too, unless Audrey had another explanation for my ability. “We do not have time for joking around! The villagers are in great danger! Give him your weapons, men!” Queen Terrala butted in but thankfully having my back. “I am unsure of his powers as well, but from what I have witnessed he is able to challenge these creatures. For now we must all place our trust in him. Please, allow him to aid us.” Without another word they tilted the top of their weapons towards me, some more hesitant than others.

Simply touching each weapon made them give off a shimmering white glow for a mere couple seconds. Once all of them had been touched the queen gave out new orders; we would be splitting into three parties covering different areas of village and ridding the town of all the Enigmatics. The queen, Radicchio and the princess’s went with me while one half of the guards kept the servants and the other half kept the chefs. It took us a while, and even though Queen Terrala was mostly decent with a sword, not great, she helped considerably in the struggle. Radicchio was… Okay? He was basically swinging a club he was given at the Enigmatics without really thinking if any of the swings was landing. I had to back the girls with me whenever he did.

We managed to fight them off, although more lives were lost since splitting up, but the death count dropped drastically thanks to our assistance. That didn’t relieve me too much. By the color change through the mist we figured it was very early in the morning by now. To be extra sure Queen Terrala had us double-check every building, every road, and every hole for the Enigmatics. Once everything had been secured the guards, the queen, Radicchio and I gathered everyone who did survive for a big speech. There were lots of angry comments and disagreements from the villagers in regards to their safety. We could understand their troubles, their fear. It was biting at my consciousness throughout the gathering. At least the princess’s were asleep through it. Radicchio carried Crystana while I had Laurie. Afterwards, while Terrala and Radicchio helped in repairing what could be salvaged around the village and the guards helped in assuring everyone to settle down from the attack, the princesses and I waited in their little hut by taking a nap. One I felt I needed more than anyone.

When I had woken up, Laurie was still asleep on my left shoulder but Crystana sat a couple meters away on my right side with her arms wrapped around her legs and her head on top of her knees, her face hidden under her arms. She must be awake because she was not positioned like that when I finally passed out. I had to be sure she was. “Crystana? You awake?” I tried to look at her face from the opening between her arms and legs but the darkness of the hut aided in keeping her face hidden. She remained quiet but nodded to my question. So much for my chance to contact Audrey, though. “Oh.” Carefully I let go of Laurie and sat her on the floor so I could copy Crystana’s position but without my face hidden.

We sat quietly for the span of two minutes, I think, until Crystana broke the silence, albeit barely. “How can you fight them?” I managed to hear her whispering. I knew someone would spring the question, I just expected it to be later. It felt like a dramatic reveal done too soon. As a reply I worded it simply but with clear uncertainty, that being ‘I'm not sure’. “You are… Not sure?” She repeated the phrase with fleeting composure noticeable in her voice. Suddenly she stood and walked in front of me, the anger in her voice catching me off-guard. “What do you mean ‘you are not sure’? First you magically show up in our closet from who-knows-where, do all these nice things for the two of us and befriend us, and then these monsters attack our home and you just so happen to have the ability to fight them! Either you are hiding something from us or you must clearly have some kind of connection to them!”

“First of all, if I did have a connection to them then why would I allow them to attack us, huh? I would have no reason for trying to threaten you if that was the case, Crystana! And if so then why would I even go through the trouble of saving you? Seco-”

“It cannot be a coincidence that you and those monsters show up on the same day! And all you have been, to me, is shady since you got here!”

“I’m sorry you feel that way but look, I just don’t know, OK? I’m just as confused as you are about all this! If that doesn’t convince you then I don’t know what to tell you!” We stopped our arguing upon catching the sound of Laurie’s awakening in the form of a yawn. “Why are you two yelling?” She asked groggily, rubbing her eyes and stretching her arms to get the sleep out of her system. Crystana sighed. “I am sorry, Laurie. Did we wake you up?” Laurie nodded to the question. Crystana walked closer to Laurie and hugged her. It felt bad for me to semi-lie to her like that, but they shouldn’t be getting involved in my business, nobody was. I was supposed to have left yesterday so there wouldn’t be a possibility of this happening. So we could get back to our lives normally and not have all of this happen. And it is as I said; I don’t entirely know of why this is happening. That mysterious figure is my only suspect as to who is causing this, but I know nothing about he or she, what their motive is, or what kind of effect it is having on the world.

We were disturbed by the presence of a guard pulling the cloth door open. “Oh, good. Thou have awakened. Queen Terrala has requested thy presence, Mr. Day.” He said pointing to me. After giving him a quick nod I gestured for the girls to come with us. Crystana made us wait for a moment so she could put on a leather single strap bag. The four of us exited the hut to see that while everyone has calmed down considerably, the town itself gave off a dreary aura. Gray smoke still lingered in the air, many villagers wandering around with a lot, some had all, of their injuries treated, and homes were partially fixed but still needed lots of repairs. It seemed to be midday since the raid by how the color in the sky looks, but like it was hours ago, it was hard to tell where the sun was with the thick dark mist blocking it. Like a fire that had been put out very recently and the entire town being cloaked in smoke and ashes. Although it was dim, at least we had some sunlight now also supported by torches. At the moment when we reached the queen, she was instructing a large group of guards on whom to assist and where they needed to go. Radicchio was next to her looking at a clipboard. When she noticed our arrival she dismissed the armored men and women to attend to us. “Ah, Day. I wanted to thank thou for thy help first before anything else. Though we have suffered a great amount of loss, those who are still with us seems to be safe and well thanks to thou. Thy ability to fight those monsters aided us immensely. However, this is too early for a celebration with the current situation on our hands.” I gave a gratefully bow and replied with a ’you’re welcome, anyway, your majesty’. “Now to why I summoned thou: thou said thou had a request, but I passed it off so we could have a rest. What would thou be requesting?”  “That’s right. Um… Who is your best blacksmith?” I asked scratching the back of my head. I don’t know much about this world’s history but if there are knights with weapons and armor here then it only makes sense that there would be blacksmiths to craft them. “Your-I mean thy request… is a blacksmith? What for?” Radicchio messed with the angle of his glasses while asking. “Well, I need a weapon to be made and hopefully they have the materials strong enough to make it durable. That’s not any trouble, is it?”

“Nay. Not at all. There is plenty of good blacksmiths right here in Steadystone, many whom have come from a couple of the other kingdoms. I am sure we will find one who can meet thy requirements. Come along.” Terrala, Radicchio and two of the guards turned towards an empty neighborhood – the amount of houses that made it one were so few it almost didn’t seem like one – to my right and began walking in that direction. The princesses and I concluded that we were all headed there but Terrala stopped immediately after taking a single step, halting everyone. “Oh, dear. I almost forgot; Radicchio, would thou mind taking Crystana and Laura to school, please? I was informed that the school had opened its doors shortly after the invasion ended and the building was inspected by the guards. It is safe for them to go.”

“We still have to go to school?!” The girls exclaimed in an unsatisfied tone but this only made Terrala and Radicchio laughed. We could tell they wanted to use this recent event as an excuse to skip school for today but had their wish foiled. “Of course. Come with me, girls.” After taking hold of their hands with each wing, Radi took the girls in the opposite direction of where the queen was leading me, and they did not sound happy about it. Continuing on our path she lead us through a near barren neighborhood still badly damaged from the invasion due to the many rubble, shattered glass and burnt pieces of wood laid out like it had been there for centuries to an alleyway between two shops near the eastern edge of the village. Really I couldn’t fault anyone for leaving this portion of the town in this state; the safety of the civilians should be the bigger concern overall. As I was seeing it there was a short pathway to a dark and shady area – mostly due to the mist-, the entrance inside being covered by an overly long blanket that blatantly touched the ground, the top ends of it tied to one metal pole on both sides. The blanket itself looked new, like brand new. It seemed to be made of thick wool that could only be woven by gingila sheep. One of the guards pulled the cloth door revealing only darkness. The guard gestured for us to head in. I was a little hesitant as I entered but the queen went in like this was a leisurely stroll into a dragon’s den. “Where are we going?” I asked. Her reply was so casual like she knew exactly what was here, yet didn’t answer anything. “In here.” She said.

The deeper we got the more light we were given. Eventually I could make out huts and tents in sight and hammering and crackling flames in sound. The area was now well lit mostly by lanterns and candles showing an entire workspace for blacksmiths and weapon crafters. There were plenty of armories and crafter shops of all kinds residing here that it impressed me; one for weapons, one for armor, and one for regular clothing just to name a few. As we passed by we saw the crafters stitching and sewing things like clothes and shoes and even toys together, blacksmiths hammering swords, shields, arrows, bows, and spears, throwing coal into a furnace, cleaning finished crafted items. Some Huskenhiver people towing carts full of material from one shop to another. As we wandered through, Terrala told me about how when she was younger she used to work part time at one of these shops with a friend whose father owned it and that it was the most popular weapon shop in the Hume Kingdom. It was interesting.

From the corner of my eye there was one shop that wasn’t active. I didn’t even wait for her to finish with her stories to shift my attention to it. ‘Battleground Prep Shoppe’ the signpost in front of the place read. By the name itself I suspected it to be the same weapon shop Terrala was telling me about. I wandered toward it, aware of Terrala’s wondering of why it is not open but made no response. We could see that nothing was being used and not a living soul was present in any area of the shop. “Hello? Is anyone here?” I called out to anyone in the abandoned shop. Everything was dusty and there were cobwebs on everything. It was a chore in itself trying to get rid of it all, but that wasn’t the only problem. “This place has not had any customers for a long time. I do not see why you would come here of all places.” A female’s voice to the right of us spoke. She was hiding herself under a brown cloak noticeably losing its color. All I was wondering is why since it was easy to tell she was a Huskenhiver with her snout sticking out of the hood. “Really? This place used to be so popular when it was open. I wonder what happened.” Terrala replied grabbing her own chin. Suddenly some kind of realization seemed to hit her by the way her expression quickly changed; she walked in front of the cloaked figure and folded her arms. “Hold on. That voice… Martha?” She asked leaning down slightly to look the hooded figure in the face. The figure turned her head to the right to avoid eye contact. “My apologies, your highness, but I know no one by that name.” The canine woman replied nervously as if trying to deny her identity but without a creative or sarcastic way of saying it. “Thou cannot fool me-” Terrala yanked the hood off the woman. “Martha!” The canine woman gasped blocking her face with her paws. This confused me but I will admit; she did look kind of cute. She is a light brown German Shepherd Huskenhiver woman with long matching brown hair reaching the bottom of her tail. And lastly, though her iris’ was gray, they shimmered like diamonds in the lantern’s light. That’s really all I could see with the cloak on her. She is at least an inch or two taller than me, but shorter than the queen by the same amount. What confused me is why she was hiding to begin with. “Uh, mind introducing me?”

“Oh. This is Martha, the friend I was telling thou about who I used to work with way back in our younger days. She is the daughter of the famous weapon smith who owned this place.” Queen Terrala introduced her to me. “And Martha, this is Day. He is a traveling magician that came here yesterday in my daughters’ closet. He is the one with the ability to fight those monsters that attacked the town earlier.”

“I have been hearing all about you. You are the current talk of the town. Thank you for saving us.” Martha said giving me a warm smile and a bow with a paw on her chest. I’m not a fan of popularity but it felt good to be appreciated. And it still made me crack a small grin when I was called a magician. I noticed her smile disappearing instantly as she continued on. “But for why you are here of all places I unfortunately cannot help you with it.”

“Why not?” I asked. The queen let out an inaudible sigh, seemingly because she knew the reason if anything. “Well, for starters, Day, to give a simple explanation; my father traded away the equipment to the other blacksmiths, made the employees leave, and then closed down the shop for good. That was some years ago. I used to see them rarely around the village until I stopped visiting. I do not know if they are still here anymore and I do not plan on finding them. Again, I apologize for this misfortune, but I must be leaving now.”

“Darn. And I really needed a weapon forged.” I put my hands on my waist and shook my head in disapproval. It made a little more sense why she had the hood on now.  However, that wasn’t going to stop me. Martha was in the process of leaving us when a thought struck me. “Wait! Hold on!” I halted her. I waited for her to turn around to hear my proposal before continuing. “How’s this; I will look around for the former employees and bring them here. If they are here and they decide to come then you will have to make the weapon. If I don’t find them or if they decide not to show up when I come back then I will let you go. How does that sound?” For a whole minute Martha appeared to have gone into her thoughts with one of her paws on her chin. I glanced to the queen in which she was glancing back. Maybe she was thinking the same thing as me; that Martha might refuse. When she came back to us, though, she nodded. “You make a good compromise, but as I said; father is the boss, not me. However, I may be able to bring him here to help you out. You will need to ask for his approval if you want your weapon made.”

“I see no problem in that. I gather the employees and you bring your father. So, do we have a deal?” I asked extending a hand for a handshake. “Yes.” She complied shaking my hand on it. After letting go she gave me the amount of employees there were, their names, and what they look like; six in total and nearly all Huskenhiver men except for one Hume woman. I made sure to remember it.
Chapter 6: Battleground Prep Shoppe
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Some short time later after finishing my portion of dinner I went up the stairs to the third floor, and with the assistance of the cleaning staff I made it to the door to my temporary room. It was nightfall by the time I finished, and with everyone settling down for night it was the perfect time to get out unsuspectingly. The conversation with the royal family might be to blame for it since it didn’t take me long to finish eating.  Although I wonder if this world changes when I come and go, like if I were to leave and then come back, would everything be the same as it was when I left. In fact; has there been much change in the real world? I’m partially surprised Audrey hasn’t say anything at all since the meeting. I learned instantly that the princesses were in the room two doors ahead of mine because they were still awake screaming and playing with their door open, or it could be Laurie keeping Crystana awake with her screaming.

I found the answer to my question when one of them hugged me from behind after I merely placed a hand on the door handle to my room. I only made a quiet gasp to it. “Day!” Laurie, being the one on my back, yelled my name and the echo of it lingered through the hall for a couple seconds. “Laurie? Are you here to say good night?” I asked looking down at her. She let me go and shook her head. “No. I cannot get to sleep. Could we play for a bit?” She asked and now even Crystana had shown up. “What? No, it’s getting late, Laurie.”

“Mother would usually let us stay up for a little bit longer, so we do not go to bed at this time. On top of that I have homework so I cannot play with her.” Seriously? I guess I could get around them staying up. That was none of my concern. The problem was them choosing me to be with them at a time like now. Sure, I became their friend today, but I have things I need to do. I don’t want to make them sad but I do want to go home. Even if that wasn’t the reason, there was always me being tired after a long day and wanting rest. After a small sigh I gave in to them anyway. “Fine. I’ll play with y-Hey!” Before I could finish the girls grabbed both my hands and dragged me towards their room, giggling on the way. Why was I putting myself through this torture? It wasn’t that the girls were bad, but I don’t have time for this. If it would get them tuckered out then yes, by all means, I’ll do it. Just don’t let it be too long.

Upon entering their room I felt a pinch of familiarity; this was definitely the room where I was found by Laurie upon my arrival to this world. Everything out of the closet was just as I remembered it, which I didn’t get much of a look at earlier; the left half being the side with the closet I came out of had a medium sized dark blue bed and blankets with light blue pillows decorated with several stuffed animals of multiple species, a wooden dresser by the closet holding three drawers, a work desk next to the bed with a white cup containing art tools, a small stack of paper beside the cup, and a small white box decorated with many tiny sapphires on the lid. There is a closed toy box at the foot of the bed labeled ‘Laurie’s Popersy’ written in crayon, which I guess is supposed to be translated as ‘Laurie’s Property’, but I wasn’t going to pick on her about it. The right half had mostly the same things but colored white, pink, and yellow and without the toy box. Instead there were drawings taped to the walls and a plain old clock.

“Who made those?” I asked pointing to the drawings. Clearly it had to be them but which of the two is why I asked until both of them contributed to answering. “Me! Me!” Laurie answered energetically as she bounced and raised a hand. “I made most of them, even some for my sister. She has some of her own up there, too.” Laurie ran over to the wall and pulled down two of the drawings without damaging them. “This one is of father talking with the other tribe leaders. He is the biggest because I think he is stronger and better than all of them put together. And this is of mother and me in the garden saving a squirrel from drowning in a pond.” Laurie explained to me showing me the pictures as they are being described. I saw from the corner of my right eye Crystana point at one of the pictures on the wall. “That is one I made during recess at our school.” Unlike some of the drawings Laurie was showing me this one was one I could describe well enough; what looked to be Crystana was retrieving a ball from a tree while four kids were watching in tears. “Ha!” I wanted to burst out laughing, but I kept enough control to merely grinned at the humor of it. “And that one would also be mine. I only have a few of my drawings up here so other than the one I showed you, that one and that one, the rest belong to Laurie.” Crystana explained pointing to the remaining two pictures she mentioned. “And there are a lot of them.” I replied.

Looking back to the ones Laurie continued to present to me, I felt a pinch of sadness as I examined them for some strange reason. I guess it made me sad because I could see Gwen drawing some of these looking closely, if not identical, to the princesses as I slowly panned from one picture to another. Although they used a little more variety of colors than Gwen did. Suddenly I felt Laurie tugging on my arm. “Can we play ‘Horse and Rider’?” She asked. That question struck my mind making me completely confused. “What is ‘Horse and Rider’?”

“It is when one person acts like a horse and the other plays the rider. Really, it is just being a regular horse rider.” Crystana explained yet it still confused me a bit. So basically; Laurie wanted me to be her horse and she rides on me? Although she was hard to hear, I could hear someone from the intercom in the real world, most likely Audrey, snickering and in response I released an audible groan. “Sure. Let’s play.” I said halfheartedly. Oh, the humility. Crystana let me go to attend to her homework while Laurie dragged me to her toy box. For the span of an hour we played horse and rider, and to the best of my ability pulled myself through it and even found myself enjoying it somewhat. Then we role played with dolls since we didn’t do much of it at the tiny hut, and she somehow got me to draw a picture for the king and queen with her until she was close to passing out. She fell asleep on her drawing, and Crystana had fallen asleep on her desk with all of her schoolwork appearing to be done. As for myself; I was heavily drained of energy from having Laurie riding on my back for the majority of our time. Even lying down on the floor while drawing didn’t recover much energy, and Laurie isn’t even that heavy. With the little strength I could muster I carried the two little girls to their beds, tucked them under the bed sheets, and turned off the lights. Doing all this woke only Laurie up. “Wait.”


“Could you… open my music box, please?” She asked pointing to the white box from earlier. “So that’s what it is, eh? Alright.” I went back to the desk and opened the box. Inside were two figurines, one being someone in gray knight’s armor and the other a woman in a white dress holding each other’s hands while a mechanism was spinning them clockwise, giving the illusion of them dancing. The melody that played along with it was soothing and somewhat melancholic. “That’s a nice tune. Did your mother give you that?”

“No, father did two years ago. He said it was a tune passed down from my great grandmother. He was nice enough to add on the gems to the lid for me. I cannot get to sleep without it.”

“That is nice of him. Well, since it is playing now, you get some sleep.” After responding with a nod she finally closed her eyes. Quietly I made my way to the door but had not exited the room when the younger sister muttered one last time. “See you in the morning, Day.” I shook my head and successfully fought off a laugh. I was far too tired from playing the role of her horse anyway. “That’s if I’m there, Laurie.” After shutting the door I went back to the room given to me. I inspected the room carefully for no viewing people. The room itself was mostly plain; a brown desk, drawer, and dresser, a bed only fit for one person with red bed sheets, an open window with the red and orange checker blinds and a matching circular rug on the floor. Seeing as the comfy small space was clear I sighed in relief that I was finally going home, but I wasn’t completely at ease since the window was open. Did one of the staff members leave it open or was it always like that? It held no meaning to me, though. Everything would be alright when I leave. That is all I was looking forward to. “Alright, Audrey. It’s time for you to let me out.”

“I know, but before I do, what did you think of your first time in the Dream Drive?”

“It was fine.”

“Anything you have to say about your day there? Did you suffer any side effects during your stay?” Seriously, I wanted to just yell at her right now. I didn’t even hide the irritation in my voice. “I found the people to be fine, there are no ‘negative effects’ or ‘Illness’ that I can note of - but I’m not in my real body right now so of course not - I’m exhausted and I am going to kill you if you don’t let me out.”

“OK, OK. Don’t get violent. Do you plan on coming back here in the future? It doesn’t have to be tomorrow if you don’t want to.”

“If you keep this up, I will come back here once I’ve fed you to some sharks.”

“Oh, stop being such a downer, Day. I’m letting you out already.”

”I got the rudest awakening imaginable from Polly Poppy and I’ve been forced to test out your new machine. You must not know me well enough.” I waited all day for her to do this. I did everything she wanted and more. Of course I was going to be a little mad at her; she used me as a test subject to try out her new machine and kept me in here longer than we agreed on. I only needed to wait a few more seconds and… “OK, Day, you should be coming out now.” She told me. We waited for a couple seconds but nothing happened. “Audrey…” I called out to her as my impatience rose. “I’m working on it. Just give me a second.” She replied. Deciding to wait instead of replying I took off the cloak I actually forgot I was still wearing. Then I closed my eyes and stretched my arms towards the ceiling for my body badly needed it after all the horse role playing. There it was; that tingling feeling throughout my body again. This time it felt worse. Along with it the left side of my face felt hot, most notably my eye. I fell to my knees, holding my left eye and breathing heavily through my mouth. My eyes were hurting more than the tingle was bothering me. I began to realize that I should have closed the window; through my squinting right eye, it was blurry but I saw the silhouette of someone creeping up on me. Before I could register who the attacker was the shadow engulfed my vision with one hand, and its voice was the one last thing I could hear before losing consciousness. “It has been long enough. You will set me free.”

                                                                 - Audrey’s Perspective -

This time I had the correct code ready to get him out. Previously I had three of the nine numbers wrong in the code. I only made it recently and for some reason didn’t think to write it down in case I forgot or ask one of our friends to remind me after telling them it. Geez, I must be tired. With him at the correct coordinates and the right code to free him, I was ready. Eagerly I typed in the code, and then waited for him to transfer out of the dream world. It shocked me to see an error message pop up again. “What? I put in the right numbers and Day is in the right place. Why isn’t it getting him out?” I continuously typed in the code to release Day, and even tried different codes after multiple failed attempts, finding none of them to work. All I was getting from the control monitor was the same error message. What shocked me even more is that it wasn’t displaying what was causing the error in a clear descriptive way, but instead a small text box with three question marks. Previously it showed me exactly what the error was when Day wasn’t in the castle, so why not now? “What is going on?! Why is it not working?!” I screamed in utter panic. I inserted more codes. I even started smashing the keys in desperation. Obviously that wasn’t working either. “Audrey, what is happening?!” Diane cried. “I don’t know! I don’t know!”

“She’s not referring to that! Look!” Poppy screamed. I immediately stopped to look at her, but when I turned my head to face her, my eyes caught sight of something else. Something that terrified me as it did to everyone in the room: a dark mist was enveloping Day’s body, the source oozing from his eyes like a waterfall. The mist spread through the room and his face becoming completely covered in black markings coming from the eyes. We knew what this was and it chose a horrible time to activate. “The Vizer is activating?! Why?!”

“On the screen he was attacked by someone and then the screen went off, then the Vizer began to activate!” Tim informed before he charged at Day’s body trying to ram him. “Not on my watch!” He yelled. Upon looking up at the display screen, I saw what he meant; the screen was still on but there was an error message on it, too, and the display of the dream world wasn’t there. And as for Tim; upon being a mere five inches away from Day’s body, a barrier blocked Tim’s advancement, pushing him away and sending him flying several feet in the air landing on his face. “Tim!” The rest of our friends cried. “Master!” Katrid and Zei, and even Mayple , Syera, and Brayl, Diana’s spirit companion, attempted to free him but they ended up sharing Tim’s failure. Looking back at Day’s body, the barrier had not faded but instead it steadily grew in size. It grew so much that when it completely filled the Dream Chamber it exploded, sending us back into a wall on the other end of the basement. Thankfully very few of us were knocked out from the explosion. Shortly after the explosion the alarm system in the machine went off and the error message on the screen above the chamber changing to static, signifying that it was either disconnected or broken. The lamp and ceiling lights went out, so the only two sources of light we had was the big screen on the control monitor and the static from the display screen above the chamber. It was still very dark, though, because of the whole room being covered in the dark mist. “NO!” I screamed whilst getting up and rushing back to the controls. I started inserting codes again, internally praying that something would work. Again it was only error messages for the first minute, but then the next minute the control monitor shut off. “No! No no no no no no no no no no no no no! Why is this happening?! Why now?! Day! Please, answer me! Say something! Day!” I began to sob as I smashed the keyboard multiple times with my hands. It hurt my hands tremendously but the pain didn’t matter to me at all.

I promised him that nothing would go wrong. I promised him testing the Dream Drive would be simple and everything would turn out fine. Why did this happen? I repeated the last sentence out loud until I finally fell to my knees sobbing. I didn’t even hear Dodger come and ask everyone what was happening. It wasn’t that the machine was broken that hurt me. It wasn’t that all of the promises I made were broken. Those did affect me greatly. But what hurt me the most is that his life might have been over from this. The mere thought that someone might have lost their life because of me hurt the most. I repeatedly asked myself why I didn’t just test the machine myself and had someone else operate the controls instead. At least then we wouldn’t have the Vizer to deal with. I felt Dodger hug me from behind but I didn’t care. I could only cry where I sat.

                                                                    - Day’s Perspective -

My body began to hurt badly. It felt like I was being burned all over my body by several people at once. I was rolling on the floor in agony. This pain, though. I knew what it was. I was familiar with the intensity of it. The ‘Vizer’ is what we call it because when it activates it forms a visor-like mask, and when I put it over my eyes I… change, for the worst. No one, not even me, knows where it came from or why I have it. To this day we still have not figured it out, but what we did know is that it is very powerful and destructive. More destructive than even the Cybrons themselves.

In an analogy, you could say it’s like having a Cybron living in my body that I was probably born with. But the question is: what triggered it this time? Usually it triggers when I get really angry about something, something like being stuck in one place while someone is being harmed, turning mere irritation to pure boiling rage, but I was nowhere near mad at Audrey. Sure I was steadily growing irritated with her stalling, but I wasn’t in any shape or form angry, and even if I was it wouldn’t be anywhere near this point of anger. The other possible reason, and most likely the more believable choice, is the shadowy being that attacked me. It did make that tingling feeling grow worse as it got closer to me. That would be the only reason why it is activating now. I felt the mist, the ‘Enigma’ as we call it, seeping out of my eyes like a torrent of water rushing out and a male voice yelling that it will be freed soon. I tried holding the Enigma back as much as I could but it was all being released through every gap of my fingers. This has never happened before.

When it finally stopped my body went limp, weak from the release of a lot of my power, and my breathing trying it’s best to recover into a steady pace. I held my hands on my eyes. It hurt like heck and all of my energy had been depleted from me so I could barely stand. After a few minutes when my body could function at little better I stood, having a lot of trouble doing so. All around me the room was covered in the dark mist. “A… Audrey! Audrey, let me out!” I called out while struggling to stay on my feet, using the bed to support me after nearly falling. I hoped she would respond but I heard nothing from anyone for over ten seconds. “AUDREY! ANYONE!” I shouted with more anxiousness than anger, but still no response came. “Darn it! Why are they not responding?” I walked to the door to exit the room while still holding my eyes with one hand.

Upon opening it I found the hallway to just as bad; there were people running for their lives left and right, yelling and screaming as if there was a monster on the loose. All of the room doors were open with, from what I could see, nobody inside and everything either destroyed or had fallen on the floor shattering if the material was fragile enough. I exited my room and ran towards the princess’ bedroom. “Laurie? Crystana? Where are you two?” I called for them searching through their closet, under their beds, and Laurie’s toy box. They were nowhere in sight and their voices weren’t present in here either. “No no no no no no! Where are they?!” Just as I yelled that I heard another scream closer to where I was outside of the room.

Upon running out I found one of the cleaning staff members being chased by monsters materializing from some kind of swirling portal created by the mist. “What the heck are those things?” I asked watching them carefully. I ran down the stairs in pursuit of the monsters but only when I reached the second floor did I catch sight of my attacker on the first floor heading to the corridor on my left. I quickly came to notice how it looked similar to me, only without any clothes to note of. “You…” To my right I heard yelling and clinging metal from a couple of guards trying to fight off the creatures that were attacking them. I knelt by the lone guard who wasn’t being attacked; he was lying on the ground because his left leg was injured. “Where are the princesses, the king and the queen?” I asked. Unfortunately, he was already unconscious. I cursed under my breath before looking up at the creatures.

There are only three of them. They are the shape and size of goblins with three fingers, long ears, and little hair if any under their chin. They have no mouth; in fact they have no face, yet made a deep snarling sound. Although they are small, and small as in they only reach my waist in height, they seem to be fast as well seeing as they were taking out the guards swiftly and effectively. Finally I was able to fight something. With the advantage of me being able to use my hunter powers here I took off my gloves and began taking out a crayon I snagged from the girls’ room, using it to make the same crest on the carpeted floor as were on my hands, and then put my bare right hand on the fresh drawn crest when it was complete. When it began to glow I slowly raised my hand attempting to create a weapon, but not nearly halfway through a violent pain shot through my body from it. “Darn it! I must have limited life force to use here, or maybe it was taken from me by my attacker? Either way I have to fight them off somehow.” I thought breathing heavily from the piercing pain. Getting rid of the unfinished weapon I got my used energy back from it. It seemed I could only rely on my physical strength now. I charged at the creatures with an angered roar. I jumped over the first one and grabbed it by the shoulders, then threw it in the air using my feet after planting them on its back, and finally landing with a somersault. I front flipped to the second one on the left of me, kicking it downward in the head then kicked it again doing a reverse cartwheel. Landing on my hands and feet I bent down, extended one leg and span in a full circle to knock down the third creature then stood up and kicked the second creature that was behind me in the head. The first creature landed on top of the third. Using my powers to create a small electrical surge in my right hand I jumped onto the second creature and threw my fist into its chest, destroying it. At least I’m able to use some of my powers still, how little of it was available. The creature turned into the mist that was surrounding us and went into my eyes. “Ahh…!” I groaned in pain, but it didn’t hurt too badly. The pain of when it left my eyes lingered which made the returning of it hurt slightly. Otherwise it probably wouldn’t have hurt at all. I didn’t need to look back to tell the other two were getting up. Their snarling gave it away. Using my left leg I kicked the one on top in the head harder than the second in a downward arc, causing it to be destroyed and also return to me. Dealing with the last one was simple; picking it up by its legs I threw it at a wall and dashed towards it, thrusting my fist into its abdomen.

Once it turned into mist and returned to my eyes I faced the guards. “Now, where are the princesses, the king and queen!” This time I demanded an answer. My anger was reaching its peak and if the Vizer wasn’t already active it would be slipping out at this point. I ignored the terrified expressions the guards gave me. “T-The throne room! They tried to get out with Adviser Radicchio through the front hall when the princesses got abducted by those monsters!”

“And the throne room is where?”

“It is on the first floor at the far back end of the castle. When thou head to the first floor, go on the right side of the two corridors; at the end of the corridor go left, then straight until you have passed seven windows. The doors will be to your right once you are there. It is impossible to miss it.” The right corridor? That is exactly where my attacker went! There was no mistaking it! I began my descent to the throne room without wasting another second, not even to thank the guards for the information. On the way there even more of those creatures sprung out of the mist. They were no match for me. I could beat all of them with ease, but they were clobbering the guards. It wasn’t until I reached the throne room doors when I was confronted face to face with a giant wielding a halberd. It was two times bigger than the average Hume and only slightly bigger than a normal grown-up Dragonis, and yet it could somehow still fit inside the halls of the castle and stand on its laughably small legs.

Regardless, I slid under the creature when it swung its weapon at me. Before I went past it I extended one hand, took hold of one of its tiny legs and spun around it, causing the giant to lose its balance and fall towards me. This time it is imperative that I use my hunter powers for my survival; otherwise it could kill me with its weight. Quickly I took out the crayon to make another circle on the floor, and then placed my right hand on it to take enough life force from the floor tiles to hold the giant. It took all my might to keep it from crushing me, though it was still very heavy since I couldn’t take too much life from the tiles before being crushed, just enough to survive the giant’s weight. I took a couple deep breaths preparing myself to make my next move before doing it. “Ready for a lift?” I quickly removed one hand from the giant and put it on the circle. It gave off a blinding glow for a very short time. When it faded, four rock pillars formed out of the floor, lifting the giant off me. Afterwards I pressed my hands on the circle again, but expecting a different reaction. It released a blinding white glow like last time. “You made the mistake of challenging me!” I yelled making more pillars but with sharp ends come out to impale the giant while all of the pillars together crushed it on the ceiling, destroying it. I waited for the Enigma to return to me before getting rid of the pillars.

I started to understand something; whenever I beat one of those monsters and they returned to me, I get a little bit of my strength back. So whatever my attacker did, he must have taken my powers and unleashed it on the castle. I used a lot of my powers with those little creatures alone but I sense an even greater danger looming from within the throne room. With what I discovered I would need to continue borrowing the castle’s life force in order to fight it, but I’m risking it crumbling even further. “This is seriously bad. I need to get everyone out of here as quick-“I was interrupted by the terrified screams of, who I knew well enough to recognize, Laurie and Crystana. I shoving the doors open and what stood before me was the largest of these creatures in the castle by far; an octopus-like creature with the ten or so tentacles but no head and two cages dangling off of two of the arms, holding Laurie and Crystana hostage. Instead of a head, the giant creature had a mouth constantly opening and closing.

To the right of me was the king, the queen and Radicchio, all dressed in white bed gowns. The king was trying his best to fend off the giant threat with only a sword to help him save his daughters. His focus on the monster kept him from noticing me but he was clearly having a very hard time fighting it; the sword he had was fazing right through it like it was attempting with all its might to harm a shadow. I was a little surprised by it. The queen wasn’t awake by the looks of her but more like she fainted, not fell asleep. And as for Radicchio; only he acknowledged my presence. He looked terrified beyond belief. The only one I didn’t see anywhere was the figure who attacked me. “You again?! Why are you not escaping with everyone else?!” Radicchio exclaimed at the sight of me. I too had much of my focus on the creature to look at him. “Radicchio, do not stay in here any longer! I will get the girls and the king! I want you to take the queen and help anyone you encounter out of the castle!” I ordered. “But wha-“

“No buts! Hurry up and go!” I shouted. I could sense him hesitating and instead of leaving he asked ‘Who are you’, his delivery being stumbled. Slowly I turned my head to him and answered. “My name is Day. Now, go! Don’t make me tell you that again! And take the queen with you!” This time he flew away without speaking another word with the queen on his back. Laurie from whom I heard screamed again. “I’m coming, Laurie! You too, Crystana! Just hold on!” Upon looking down I noticed the king was lying on the ground, defeated. I almost didn’t have time to dodge the oncoming attack coming towards me. I somersaulted to avoid the attack.

I evaded it, but the king was hit when he tried to stand. His sword was thrown in my direction, landing in arms reach of me. I exchanged looks to it and the large creature, deciding if the sword in my hands would even affect it either. There wasn’t much time given to me so I took my chances and grabbed the sword. “Yah!” I swung it at one of the incoming tentacles, actually managing to slice it in half. “It… It actually worked?!” Now I was genuinely shocked. When I inspected the sword I could see that the whole thing was giving off a dim but noticeable white glow. Could the sword have been special like the Excalibur, or was it me causing it? Whether it was the sword or not didn’t matter as long as it could save everyone.

Standing up I evaded another attack, this time jumping onto the tentacle that came at me. I hopped on each tentacle that got me closer to Crystana’s cage, and on the last one I ran up it until I was close enough to the cage. I threw the sword at the tentacle carrying it, causing the cage to drop and break when the throw was successful in impaling it. I jumped down after her, pulled her out of the shattered cage, and carried her to the entrance of the room where the king laid. “I have to get your sister! Stay here!” I ordered. Crystana complied with a nod. It was then when I noticed her carrying Laurie’s music box but made no comment about it. Upon looking around I found a whole assortment of weapons dropped by the guards. In light of my curiosity to see if it was the sword or me that was making the glow I picked up a spear. It was definitely me. I kept hold of the spear, acquired a jagged dagger and stuck it in my mouth, and then took one more spear in my other hand. “You chose the wrong time to get on my nerves!” I seethed viciously through the dagger as I waited for a tentacle to charge at me.

Seeing one do so I impaled it with the spear in my left hand downward. I held onto it waiting until the injured tentacle stopped wiggling so much before climbing up and running up towards Laurie. I blocked any incoming attacks with the remaining spear in my possession. At some point in blocking I was pushed off the tentacle with enough force to nearly send me flying halfway across the room. I landed on another tentacle then ran up to the highest point where it took me. Upon looking down I saw that the spear in my right hand had been broken in half. I took the dagger in my mouth out and twirled both weapons for a good two seconds before sprinting towards the creature. My plan was instead of going to Laurie directly I’ll go above. I jumped over the tentacle that tried to halt my advances and then jumped onto one of the chandlers. Upon finally getting above the cage I threw the weapons downward. The dagger missed and the spear went partly through the top of the cage and thankfully it didn’t hit the youngest princess. “Laurie, move away from the spear!”

“Day, I am really scared!”

“I know, Laurie, but I need you to be strong for me! I’m coming to get you out of there! Just move away from the spear and stick one hand out of the cage for me to see!” I instructed. When she stuck her hand out with a thumb up I nodded and began making my move; using my hunter powers again, I put my hands together above my head, slid them down and twisting them when they were leveled with my chest, and then opened them making a circle with my hands. Within the circle an electrical field steadily formed. It emitted a bright light spreading ten meters in distance. Within the ten meters rainbow polka dots appeared moving in random directions along with the electricity building up in my hands. When the lightning and polka dots returned to my hand it formed an electrical orb the size of my head. “Okay, Laurie, now put your hand back in and get down on your hands and knees!” She responded with an ‘OK’. I stuck my right hand through the electrical ball, taking control of it.

As the one controlling it the orb cannot hurt me, but it will do massive damage to whom or what I make it touch. “Here I come! Lightning Ciel!” I announced jumping down and throwing my electrified hand down at the cage instead of the creature. Upon reaching the spear I took hold of it, removed it, and jammed it into the tentacle holding the cage deep enough for the electricity to be touching it. It destroyed the tentacle completely in an explosion.

With the remains of the spear in my hands mid-fall I threw it at the creature’s face, piercing through one of its cheeks, causing it to screech in pain. I landed first before Laurie, catching her in my arms while the cage changed into the black mist and returned to my eyes. Her eyes were closed so she didn’t see it happen. “Day!” She cried wrapping her arms around my neck. “I’m here, Laurie. You’re gonna be OK, now. We need to get your father and sister and then we can leave!” We glared ahead at the exit where Crystana was with the king who was trying to stand with his daughter supporting him. The path to them was being guarded by the creatures remaining few tentacles wiggling in front of us. I waited for an opening for at least ten seconds. When a path had finally showed itself I held nothing back as I ran through it. Almost the entire way I went by foot until the last bit which I had to slide through. Once we were through I put Laurie down to help her sister with the king. “He can barely stand. I tried to help him up but his wounded leg is keeping him down.” Crystana stated the obvious. His bleeding left leg was so noticeable it looked like it was sloppily painted on. “I know. You two wait out there, and don’t move from there unless something is coming towards you.” I ordered. They left the throne room silently. “Your majesty, we need to leave quickly!” I took him by his right arm and swung it around my neck. To be honest he isn’t that heavy, either. “Day, I must thank thou when this is over.” His voice spoke very weakly but yet withheld a decent amount of composure. “Save it for when we get out, OK? We’re-“I was silenced by two tentacles taking hold of us. Looking back at the creature, it was taking a longer amount of time for it to fade than the others, using the last of its tentacles to try taking us down with it.

To my surprise the king managed to remove his arm from my neck and pry the tentacle off of me only. He shouldn’t be able to touch or see it, so how he did it must be because of me. “What are you doing?!” I yelled grabbing his arm. From outside I heard Laurie and Crystana shrieking. “Take my daughters and escape. Leave me.”

“Don’t be an idiot! All four of us are getting out of here together!” The tentacles pulled him towards the fading creature as I pulled back. “I must do this… for my kingdom. I will hold… it off from here. Do not worry. I do not have that long to live anyway. I will only be alive for a remaining two years, or even less if this fiend decides to put an end to me.” He grabbed my right arm with his free one saying one last thing; “Protect… My daughters… and the entire kingdom… With thy life! I am engraving all my faith in thou!” In between pained grunts he leaned towards me and muttered his last words before being pulled away, letting me go before I was dragged in with him. “No! King Saben!” I tried to reach for him but another tentacle took hold of me and threw me out of the room, sending me hurling into a wall. “Day!” I heard from the girls as my body slid down and landed unpleasantly on my face. “Where is father?! Where is he?! Day!” I heard Crystana ask while she shook my body. I raised my head to look at them, and although I could see them my vision was very blurry. What I could make of their expressions were absolute terror and misery. Laurie looked close to crying.

Before I could answer Crystana I saw the mist coming towards us. “That will have to wait! Get on my back, Laurie! Crystana, you hold my hand tight!” I ordered as I forced myself onto my knees for the younger sister. They made no attempts to resist and Laurie quickly climbed on. With the certainty of them being secure in my hold we dashed to the gates. We only made it as far as the main hallway when we were blocked off by more of the creatures, so instead we headed upstairs. My thought process was that we would find a window to jump out of. I didn’t know how well that would work but it was all we had. Then I remembered something; there was a window that had a pond under it. If I remember correctly it is on the second floor, or if not the pond than at least the castle garden. I ran from one corridor to another peering out each window trying to find it. “What are we looking for?!” Crystana asked frightfully. “A garden with a pond or a thick bush we can jump into.”

“The garden? Day, we are going in the wrong direction! It is that way! To the right!” Crystana pointed to the corridor behind us. After a quick nod I took us in that direction, looking out of every window we came across. “How close are we?”

“Not too far, Day! Just go to the right of this corner!” Crystana instructed. I followed her directions and upon turning the corner we found the garden. “Finally!” The three of us looked out the window, spotting a pond below. It looked deep enough to ensure our safety and even if it didn’t the princesses had me to cushion them. “Okay, girls, we’re going to have to jump into that pond. Crystana, get in my arms and keep hold of me! Laurie, you hold on, too! Do not let go no matter what happens!” Crystana complied allowing me to carry her in bridal style. I took a few steps backward preparing to make the jump. I could see that Laurie was on the verge of crying and Crystana was merely shaking. We looked behind us, seeing a horde of those monsters charging at us. “Ah! Day, hurry up and jump!” Crystana screamed. Looking back to the window I scraped the floor with my right foot three times, positioned my body in a running stance, and then charged at the window, jumping out to our freedom. Thankfully we landed in the pond, and as I thought, the water level was only as high as my knees. “Are you two OK?”

“Yes. We have you to thank for it.” Crystana answered hugging me with her heavily shaken body. Laurie hugged me too but without giving an answer, and she, too, was very much shaken. “She must be too frightened to even speak”. I reasoned in my mind. I hugged them back and rubbed their backs softly to ease them. Suddenly we heard an explosion coming from the castle. Upon looking up we saw that nothing had blown up, but the Enigma had begun to spread from the castle to the sky, cloaking the sky in a thick black mist. It was close to impossible to see the moon through it. Black pillars formed in several different areas. Behind us the castle was also being enveloped by the Enigma forming a pillar, and inside the place was crumbling but not being completely destroyed. The Enigma was slowly spreading closer to us. I had to carry the girls far enough so it wouldn’t reach us, but it only went as far as to cover the entire drawbridge. While this was happening I heard the same voice as the one who attacked me chanting the words ‘Yes’ over and over until the Enigma stopped spreading. “What is happening?!” Crystana asked letting go of me and walking a few steps to my left. Laurie held me tighter and crying into my jacket.

This has never happened before. There have been quite a few instances when I’ve activated the Vizer and caused terrible things to happen, but this was on a whole different level. I took Crystana’s hand telling her that we needed to find Radicchio and their mother. Now that the king was most likely gone that possible war that he mentioned might actually fall through because of me. “There thou art!” We heard the voice of Radicchio yell and his wings flapping coming our way. He looked more out of breath than me, but in terms of who did more, I should be more tired than him. “Adviser, you made it out alive, too!” Crystana replied running to him. Even Laurie squirmed out of my hold to be with Radicchio. “Yes. Mr. Day helped me and the queen escape.” I let out a sigh of relief that he and the queen had survived. Obviously they must have had assistance, but my concern was if everyone got out alive. “Radicchio, has everyone made it out alive? The guards, servants, and the chefs?”

“Yes, everyone got out safely. It was only thou three and the king we were worried about. But before I ask about the king we must return to the queen. We may not be safe here.” That he was right about. We didn’t waste another moment in joining him back to the queen at a safe spot within the Quiet Willow Woods. With me being in the back of our line I could see the terrified expression Laurie was making since Radicchio was carrying her on his back while Crystana was walking behind him staring at the music box, not even opening it to check if it still works. Her expression was gloomy but not as much as her sister. It was Laurie whom I had a bit more concern for. She hadn’t spoken a word since we left the throne room and was sniffling a lot. It made me feel even worse about all of this happening. Earlier I wondered how it was triggered, what made me angry enough to activate the Vizer, and if that mysterious figure had something to do with it. The Visor was reacting to him or her like we shared the same power. It felt like the Vizer was trying to strip itself from me and onto the figure. But regardless of how and why, it happened and now everyone is in danger. And within the four of us, Laurie appeared to be taking it the worse. She only began to look somewhat better once we found the queen who was accompanied by the guards, chefs, and cleaning crew. Her white bed dress, as were the servants’ clothes, looked slightly torn in many areas, mostly beneath her waist, and her hair was a mess. “Mother!” Crystana cried dashing to Terrala’s open arms. Laurie went and joined them too but still didn’t utter a word. “My little girls! Both of thou are safe!” Terrala replied returning the hugs. “I was so worried.” She then looked up at me asking ‘Did thou save them?’

“Yes. You should have seen him take on that giant monster on his own! He was jumping really high and running along the monsters tentacles and used father’s sword to free me! And then used three spears to free Laurie! ” Crystana explained to the queen in a sudden happier tone. I felt somewhat flattered. “Is that all true? Then might I ask; where is the king now?” It was when she asked that when we fell silent. From here on I hoped she wouldn’t ask any questions I might find difficult, but I will be expecting it when she does. “The queen has asked thou a question, Day.” Radicchio rudely pressed. “I am fully aware.” I replied to him. To the queen I chose my words carefully before explaining. “After I had saved Laurie and brought her to Crystana and the king, we were about to exit the throne room when the king and I were grabbed by the creature. The king… sacrificed himself, ordering me to protect the princesses and the kingdom with my life. We both would’ve been dragged away, and probably the princesses too, if he hadn’t freed me. I’m so sorry.”


“It is true.” Laurie finally spoke, interrupting her mother but thankfully having my back this time. It took a little bit of time for me to realize why she spoke; it was because she was about to cry again and she was fighting it by speaking. “Big sister and I saw most of it, but heard everything. Day tried to save father when they were grabbed by the monster. We could not see anything after that because the black cloud was covering them. There was a lot of yelling and then… Day was thrown out… Without father.” The moment she finished was when she sobbed into her mother’s chest. Even some of the chefs and servants cried. If I wasn’t feeling at my worst before then I was now. He wasn’t only important to them, but the entirety of the Hume Kingdom and probably the others to some extent. Without him they only have the queen as a leader, and Laurie and Crystana had no father. And not only that, but I can’t leave now. The Enigma is most likely going to keep us out of the castle and I don’t even know if I can make contact with Audrey anymore. Nothing was going right today and it irritated me. But then it hit me; the Enigma is technically a part of me, it is the only other source of power I have besides my physical strength, nomalian magic and spiritual power, and I am the only one able to fight it. Sure, I refuse to use it but I cannot deny it being a part of me. Maybe, if the only way to get back to my body was by getting into the castle, then all I needed to do is get rid of the Enigma here and find the person whom took it from me and stop whoever it is. Which means keeping my word to the king is the only way out. “Laurie.” I called. I walked closer to her and the queen and then knelt to her level. “Since I am able to fight those monsters, I am going to keep my word to your father and do everything I can to get rid of the monsters. I do not know how long it will take but it will be done. I promise you that. I promise it to everyone. Just be strong for me, OK? Your big brother will fix this.” I told her gently placing a fist on her forehead. “Big brother?” She and Crystana said simultaneously. I nodded. “Yes. Your big brother will save everyone and get your father back.” I rubbed Laurie head softly after undoing my fist. “I may not know of your fighting abilities or powers, but if you are sure you can take on such a dangerous task then we have no choice but to leave our lives in your hands.”

“I’m sure. But I do request something before I set off.”

“A request? At a time like this?!” Radicchio asked in a dumbfounded tone. The queen held up a hand. “Whatever it is thou need, I will cover it. But before then, we must take this time to rest.”

“No! We cannot do that!” The girls cried. “And why not?”

“Should we not do that when we reach Steadystone? We must ensure the safety of the villagers, too.” Crystana argued. She actually had a point, though; if the creatures have been released into the world with the Enigma then Steadystone is possibly in danger now. That was good of her to point out. “Very good observation, Crystana. I agree.” I said standing back up. “Ensuring the safety of everyone is more important than us getting a bit of sleep. As a ruler of the Hume Kingdom you should know that.”

“Do not speak like that to the queen!” Radicchio yelled at me. “Adviser, that is enough!” The queen interjected. She released a sigh and stood with Laurie’s help before continuing. “He is correct. It was foolish of me to even think of such a selfish thing when my own people are in danger. Besides, we have taken enough of a rest for now. With the king gone I must take charge and lead as he would have. Everyone, we leave now.”
Chapter 5: The Vizer Has Been Released?!
And here is chapter five! I was thinking if I should give some kind of character bio for all of the main cast. I plan on releasing a "why the plot is the way it is" kind of thing, like why is the main character in the past. I don't know, leave a comment on if I should.

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At the castle gates, Radicchio told the guards the situation and why I was with them. Afterward, Radicchio had me stay where I was while he and the princesses went inside to ask for the king and queen’s permission. During all this, I took in the sight of the tall, fantasy-like stone castle; the exterior was white with the roofs being red. Surprisingly there were very little cracks to note of, even the gate and walkway looked like it was either made or cleaned recently, but all of it felt old nonetheless. There were yellow flags on each roof with flower decorations of various colors covering all of the poles entirely. Outside of the windows of the towers were red and orange checkered banners hanging downward with a symbol of knight’s armor in black taking up most of the banner. The guards’ armor wore the same shade of red and orange as the banners. It almost made me forget the guards were quietly chattering with each other and upon looking to them it was clearly because of me.

Once Radicchio returned and after speaking with the gate guards, the Avinvarlan man gestured the guards to move aside and let me in. “Mind thy mouth and act civil. Walk straight and natural.” He positioned my body upright and patted my chest with his wings. “Ugh! Fix thy hair!” He pulled my bangs to the right and shoved the back of my hair off my shoulder. “And do not do or say anything that will make the king or queen upset. Those are your rules.” I wouldn’t have mind if it was THE rules, but he specifically stated it as ‘MY’ rules, which irked me. Seriously, he was bugging me with this ‘less-than-accepting’ attitude he was giving me. I almost didn’t know who was worse in this regard; Radicchio or the guards, but it was very obvious to me who was.

Digressing from that, the interior made the castle look much bigger than it did on the outside; there were several doors to the left and right of the main hallway which those in themselves were huge. There was one large staircase leading to the second and third floors of the castle taking up most of the far end of the hallway. Again there were red and orange banners all over the place; at least ten hanging from the ceiling, five on the left and another five on the right, and one, which had to be the biggest, in front of the staircase directly above a small indoor water fountain. There were pictures of the princesses and the king and queen on walls after every two doors and occasionally a statue of them. “So what are their names?” I asked referring to the king and queen. I pointed to a picture of them without the young girls. “Oh, you mean Queen Terrala and King Ester Von Saben V.” Radicchio answered. “They have been the king and queen for nearly over ten years now. Although the king is slightly over five hundred. How does a Hume like you not know of them?” I paid no mind to what he had said until I actually thought closely about those words. It repeated in my head a couple times before it solidified in my mind. “Over five hundred years?!” I was hushed by Radicchio and the other few people that were present in the lobby with us. “Over five hundred years?” I whispered. “Yes, you silly swine. I mean thou silly swine. It goes way back to their ancestors’ days in the earlier times of the Hume race. Long ago an enchantment was put on them when they encountered a wizard from the Leonin Kingdom and threatened him to show them what life would be like in the future. Instead of showing them, the wizard granted them the gift of eternal life, to live longer than any other living sentient being and see the future for themselves. But this was not a blessing but a curse. The intention of this was to have them and their descendants watch as life grew old and die while they continue to live in the wheel of life with only one way to end such torment for not showing him kindness: when they have their first child the enchantment wears off on that person and it is passed on to the children until they have their kids, but the former immortal person does not die yet because they now have only ten years before their time comes, and that will not be too long now for our current king and queen with the oldest being eight. Yes, the curse infects the spouse as well. The current majesties have about one last full year and five months on them, sadly.”

“Oh.” I’ve always wondered how and why the Crystana and Laura in the real world seemed to not look any different than in some of the pictures of them I’ve seen, but now it kind of made sense… that ‘kind of’ leaning more towards me not understanding it than was understanding. They are immortal, and this probably meant that Crystana and Laura in the real world haven’t had children so they will remain immortal until the day they do. To lose their parents at such a young age, though, and on Crystana’s birthday, no less. It made me wonder: how did they handle it? I kind of want to ask the real Crystana and Laura but the sensitivity of the issue might not be something they’d want to think about.  I know I wouldn’t take too kindly to being asked something like it personally knowing that pain of losing someone myself.

Finally after climbing up to the second floor and traversing through another hallway we stopped at a pair of double doors. We could hear voices on the other side, most notably Laurie’s and Crystana’s. There was one other voice we could hear and one I recognized from earlier, too. It had to belong to the king. “Now, remember what I told you and you will do well. Good luck, Mr. Day.” Radicchio knocked on the double doors leading to the dining room where the royal family was currently residing. The king’s voice responded with a ‘come in’ before the doors were opened. The dining room didn’t look too much different from everything else and by comparison to everything I’ve seen so far it was the second smallest room, only being beaten by the room where I met the king earlier. It wasn’t cramped by any means, definitely not, but it didn’t have much going for it.

The room‘s walls had a wine red shade of color and decorated in four flower vases containing several sunflowers in a row on each wall. The left end had a pair of double doors which I suspected leads to the kitchen. The center had the large table I was expecting the room to have and it took most of the room by itself. The royal family was seated on the far right side of the table and looking at me specifically, obviously because they were expecting to see me. The king seemed to be wearing the same outfit as earlier, while the queen, who I have not taken into account before when she was in the same room as the king and the adviser, was now dressed differently than the previous time. Before it was an orange dress with the neck down to her shoulders exposing her bare beige skin and yellow and red, either real or fake, jewels at the very bottom of the dress, and a pair of white elbow length gloves. Now she had on a white bed gown with the gloves still on, and her tidy long pink hair tied with a ribbon. Really her hair resembles Crystana’s but it is a little bit longer than hers. “Greetings, your highness's.” Radicchio greeted the royal family with a bow. “Hello.” I greeted them also with a bow of my own. “Day!” Laurie practically screamed in joy jumping in her seat. “Laurie, sit down.” Crystana sat the younger girl down. “Ah. It is you, Day. We have been waiting patiently for your arrival and we even had the chefs prepare you a meal. Come, sit with us.” The king stated using his right hand to show me the chair at the far left end of the table - from my perspective - was pulled back. “Um… Thank you.” I bowed again. “There is no need for that. Only one was fine.” He did seem nice enough, I suppose. Raising myself back up I started to walk to the chair when I felt Radicchio halt me by moving his left wing in front of me. He pulled me close to him and whispered in my ear ‘Mind your manners but do not overdo it. The king and queen are much nicer than you might expect, but they will know if you are being a threat’. I get that he was only warning me not to be on their bad side, but what happened to the old English?  “Is something wrong over there?” The queen asked. “Oh, no, milady. I am merely giving some advice to our visitor before I return to my duties. Farewell for now, my lordships.”

“Oh, uh… Farewell, adviser.” The king replied to the departing bird man. “You must excuse the adviser for his rudeness, Day. He can be a little brash towards newcomers. And I must apologize for the way I removed you from the castle earlier. It was not in my character to commit such an act, but during these times I cannot be too quick to show kindness nowadays.”

“I don’t mind. It’s not the first time it happened to me.” I replied with a dismissive wave. I could go on with the countless times it has happened, really, but that might bore them. Then I asked ’But what convinced you to let me back in’. It was the queen who gave the answer this time. “Laura has told us all she knew about you and was insistent on having you back here. She kept going on and on even when we told her we heard enough.”

“She must have taken a great liking to you because until today she has never been so happy to be with someone to this degree ever, outside of us. So for her sake we have allowed you back in.” The king finished for the queen. I released an exhale and gave Laurie a warm smile upon hearing those words. Laurie was seriously helping me out more than I was hoping she would. Maybe I did make the right choice in joining her. “But we also let you back in because we had a few questions we needed answers to.” The king continued speaking. “Where do you come from? The way you are dressed and your hair is not one we have ever seen in this kingdom, or any for that matter. And she told us you do not know the traditional language. It got us curious.” I actually should have expected to hear them ask that. And I think I know what his other questions might be. “I’m-“

“Hold on, Day!” Audrey interrupted me as I was about to attempt an explanation. “Have you noticed that they have stopped using the traditional language?” Actually she was right. They kept saying ‘you’ instead of ‘thou’ and I almost completely glossed over it. Even Radicchio was doing it. With my arms already behind my back I gave Audrey a thumb up. “I think they might be doing it because you don’t understand it too well. That could help make the conversation go faster. Also, don’t tell them you’re from the outside world or about your hunter powers. Try to explain in a way that blends you in their environment.”

“I was just about to do that.” I muttered. “I actually come from another Hume village outside of this kingdom. I was traveling alone to train myself with my magical powers and while I was attempting a teleportation spell it backfired and sent me to several different locations, the last one being in this castle. About the clothes, I had these clothes specially made for me before I left so there aren’t any shops selling them unfortunately.” I explained to them confidently. It was the best story I could come up with in such short time and in my opinion the most believable. “I see. So you are a traveling magician I take it?” Queen Terrala asked. I seriously wanted to burst out laughing just for the comparison of spirit hunters and magicians but I kept myself from doing so to keep from blowing my cover. “Um, yes, exactly.“

“So you teleported from some random location in the land… into a closet?” From where I was seated it was hard to spot but I could see King Saben cracking a grin. Again, I couldn’t blame them for finding it funny. “Yes. And speaking of that, Laurie, earlier you said you believed my story, so I wanted to ask; whose closet did I end up in?” I asked. It might be obvious but it was never clarified. Crystana said ‘our’ closet but that could mean only two things; they shared one closet, or they share one bedroom and have two separate closets. Laurie remained quiet as she gave me a sheepish smile and lowered herself under the table. “I cannot say out loud.” Was her answer. You’re willing to allow me to join you to the market, help me in getting Radicchio’s approval and even get me into the castle, but not help to support my story? I frowned at her. “Some friend you are.” I thought. “You may not know this but our young girls are in the process of becoming magicians themselves. We thought it would not fit them since they are princesses but after a lot of persuading and pleading we finally let them do it. It was Crystana who wanted to be one first, and after influencing her younger sister into joining she managed to get her in on it, too.” The queen explained to me. “We wanted to be the first princess magicians to ever grace the land!” Crystana clapped her hands as she spoke those words. Laurie poked her in the cheek with an index finger. “Like mother said; it was not ‘we’ until you talked me into it, sister.”

“And how well can you two use magic?” I asked the girls. They looked to me, Crystana beaming happily while Laurie became disheartened from what I could see. She didn’t look too down but I could see the despair in her eyes. “I finally completed my first successful spell two days ago! It was creating a large orb of water and levitating it to the teacher without spilling a single drop.” Crystana said proudly. Laurie’s response was not as delightful. In fact it was the opposite. “I still cannot use a single spell right. It is too hard for me. Everyone in school does so much better than I do.” I could feel her sorrow. When I was getting used to my hunter powers for the first time I was the biggest failure in my class. And the same could be said about my nomalian magic, too. I felt that I had to make an effort to lift her spirit from being so sad. “Well, hey. We all mess up, Laurie. That’s just part of the path to success. I had it the same way for some time until I did my first successful “spell”. If you keep trying, Laurie, you will get it one day, I promise you that.” What I expected from her was a depressed sigh to show my attempt failed. Instead she looked at me with a happier expression. “Will you help me practice, Day? I would be so happy if you did.”

“What? You want ME to train you?” I was truly taken back. I was starting to suspect if this was one of the reasons why she wanted me here; to help her with her magic problems. I didn’t want to stay in this world. That has already been made clear. But after everything she has done for me I was finding it difficult to deny her. I was unsure on what to say, so instead of ‘yes’ or ‘no’ being the answer I told her ‘If I haven’t gotten back on the road by tomorrow than maybe I will consider it’, just to not make her sad. She and Crystana cheered to the answer. “Well, girls, it is late and you need to prepare for tomorrow. If you are finished with your dinner then get ready for bed.” The queen told the girls as she got up from her chair. By the look of their plates; it was only the queen who had finished. Crystana had a large portion of hers and Laura had barely touched hers. The girls joined her. It was only the king and I to remain seated. We waited for them to leave by continuing to eat and once their presence had disappeared the king spoke again, this time more seriously. “Now back to the inquiries, and there is only two more I have. First: thou art aware of all of the tribes of our world, right?” I was caught off guard by the old English but nodded. “Of course. They are; the Hume tribe, for the Humans like you and myself. The lizards and reptiles, big and small, like dragons, wyverns and wyrms are the Dragonis tribe, but it mostly contains Dragons hence the name. The canines of all kind are the Huskenhiver Tribe. The felines make up the Leonin tribe. The avians are the Avinvarla tribe. The mammals, most notably equines and bovines, take the Equinsis tribe. And finally the Venomvorg tribe holds the arachnids and insectoids.”

“And do not forget the Phoellinar tribe of the mythical firebirds.” The king added which I wasn’t expecting. Up until now I had never even heard of the Phoellinar tribe. “Second question: during thy travels, have thou encountered any Dragoni or Venomvorgins attempting to harass, threaten, or worse, attack thou?” I was a little lost before with the inclusion of an eighth tribe but now I was completely lost. I could make the excuse that they have run into me at some point, but that would probably mean having to explain exactly what happened. So I went with no. “Good. As I have said a short time ago, I could not risk being my usual self because of how things are nowadays. The reason for it is that we are suspecting that there could be a war against the Dragonis tribe on the horizon, and I might be at fault for it.” War? I was becoming more and more perplexed as he went on about the possible war. I did not expect there to have been a war at all around this time, but there is the things Laurie told me about the king and the Dragonis being not-so-friendly towards each other earlier. Was this truly a fake past in a dream-like world, or was this the actual past? It would have greatly benefited me if I had done research on Nomalia’s history beforehand. “If thou had not noticed, Day, which I honestly believe thou have, we Humes are not the only ones living in this kingdom. Although we are split into eight separate tribes we share one whole land. We share our portion of Nomalia with all of the other tribes as they do for us. This way we can maintain peace and harmony between our people. To us there is no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ tribe. Only those who live in them are judged depending on their actions. But for some time now we Humes and Dragonis have not been very… How shall I say, ‘friendly’ with each other? We used to be on gracious terms about our kingdoms like with the others, but recently we have had dragons coming over to our kingdom, causing horrible misdeeds to us Humes, and Humes have been doing it to them in retaliation. I have had meetings held here trying my hardest to end their misbehavior, but unfortunately they never turn out well, sadly. There is always a conflict in the meeting room and I feel it is building up into something more than just small, childish scuffles, and with thou being a Hume, it is best if thou approach me if they have been threatening thou or art giving thou any form of problems on thy travels. Believe me, I am doing my best to uphold peace to both sides, but my words do not seem to reach them. And other Humes who have no part in the rivalries question my reliability and decisions. As for the Venomvorg people, they are just sneaky but do not pose as a real threat. They have been shifty for as long as I have known them, but they can be very serious and commendable allies when we need them to be. Most of the time.” I heard everything loud and clear except for the last part which was a mutter. I wasn’t ready for all this. I was only coming here to test a machine and leave, but this was becoming something much deeper. This was history I was most likely meddling in and I wanted no part in it. Sure, from a learning perspective I was invested, but not be in the middle of it. I needed to play this off right so I can leave without making a big scene. “Well, it is as I said; I wasn’t attacked by them. But if you need me to keep my eyes open for them then I will.” I told him. What else could I say, really? If he was aware of the shifty manner of others then there wasn’t much for me to say without coming off as shifty myself. The king hummed deeply and nodded to my reply. “Very well. Thou should get some rest, too. I had a room prepared for thou on the third floor after the girls told me thou were returning. After my misbehavior towards thou earlier I felt I needed to make up for it. The castle staff will show thou everything. Good night.” He got up from his seat and went to the door. The guards opened it for him without needing to hear him speak a word. “You, too, your majesty.”
Chapter 4: Meeting the Royal Family
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