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The Starfox Universe: In Flux

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Oh... and is Peppy doing a Barrel Roll? LOLZ
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Yep! And slippy is being shot to hell. Because he is useless :)
So many references...
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Truer words have never been spoken

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Hahaha. I have a file of slippy by himself because I saved out individual images of the characters faces.
I saved that file name as: GETTHISGUYOFFME.jpg
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This is stunningly BEAUTIFUL!!! But I have to ask... why is Falco's Arwing sooo 1993 StarFox FX graphics style, and everyone else's realistic? Unless thats what you were going for
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thank you sir! Yes, thats what I was going for. Every game is represented, and if you look carefully.. it's not just Falco like that! Andross, a few enemies, Corneria Boss, etc. The SNES has a very distinct look, and I wanted to keep it that way :)

Each main character ship represents a different game in the series. I think Falco looks the most jarring to people because He's so up front. You're not the only one to call it out, but it was very intentional :)
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Yeah I had the thought each ship was from a different game... so is it:
Falco = Star Fox (SNES)
Fox = Star Fox Assault
Krystal = Star Fox Command
and I cant tell what Peppy and Slippy are from cause they're too small but I'll guess one of them is at least Star Fox 64 style cause Adventures only had one Arwing in which Fox piloted. Also hard to say which game the Wolfen is from.
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You nailed it!
Peppy= Star Fox 64
Slippy = Assault as well. Only because it stood out the best in the far away distance.
Wolfen is from... the smash bros brawl trophy. Which I think was a remake of StarFox 64?

Admittedly I should have given SOMEONE that adventures Arwing, but I just tossed Sauria in there instead.

Oh, I thought is was something like:

peppy=Star Fox 64 (3D)


Slippy=Star Fox 64 (original)


I know that this artwork was posted a couple of years befor Star Fox Zero, but I also kinda thought of Peppy using the Arwing from Zero in this artwork. But that’s just me.

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No love for the Adventures Rareware style Arwing LOL
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none! it looks ugly, and it looks like a toy. Arwings are supposed to be sleek and stylish. what the hell is this!?…

So ugly..
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Sorry to jump in on a conversation I'm not even a part of, but wanted to say: I agree with you there! XD
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It's okay, we're on the internet. Everyone is part of the conversation :D
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This was made for the mega upcoming smash bros album Harmony of Heroes:

It is very obviously my tribute to Starfox.
Starfox is kind of big deal in my world. In fact, it was one of the very first fan art things I ever made digitally (back in uhh.. 1993?), so being able to do a proper revisit of the series that gave me my internet name "Fox", is long overdue.

SO! Prints are here:…

And I also have other versions without the crack:…

And just the space BG by itself:…

all those links have the high rez image included as well.

I'd like to give a special thanks to Darren Kerwin for just trusting me to do this image, even though it took forever. and the HoH Art team for their feedback to help improve it. Also Roger Hicks and my brother Kurt Horsfall for the hours and hours of extra review time.

The album isn't even out yet, but Darren let the art team show off early. And it's a hell of a team, so check that website and look at all the other awesome artwork revealed so far!

Tons of music to be coming in the fall.
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