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Harmony of a Hunter Returns: Hello Again



10 Years ago I worked on a Metroid project called: Harmony of a Hunter 

And now 10 years later, here we are with a new project!…

When I was asked, I didn't know what to do. I've already done "everything" every time a new Harmony album releases. It's always meant to be the last. But luckily after a few months he came up with an idea to get other artists on board and have us do a scene with Samus from each game. I waited til everything was taken, then with only Prime left, I knew it would be Meta Ridley.

Special shoutouts to my buddy Dan GTX for the lightning photograph he took that I straight up copied, and Catie VG for the Chromatic Aberration suggestion that took this to the next level, as well as my buddy from work: Adam Tazi- who gave me final polish feedback.

Prints, Shirts, Blankets, Mugs! and more stuff here:…

Happy 35th Anniversary Metroid!
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That... IS INCREDIBLE!!!!!