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Chrono Trigger: The Fated Hour [Chronicles]

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This was made for the 20th Anniversary of Chrono Trigger album project
62 Minutes released, more to come!

Artwork by: myself- (Layout drawing, base colors):
Will Egli- SurfTiki (Inking, Watercolors)
And Kurt Horsfall FirebornForm - (Lightning and color adjustments)

This was a fun team up project with Will where I made up some linework and actually got him to do some real inking and watercolor! Will is very talented, so it was a big thrill to have him actually work on somehing I made up.
But as talented as he is, watercolors are hard to get really dark and moody, so Kurt did an extra pass afterward to get back my original intent with the colors.
Fun project though. :)


From the people who brought you A new tribute project is on the way!
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This was alot of fun, I think i got a better idea after this and the other few pieces i've done with you and your bro Kurt on whats needed.
This piece really was darker than i had done before in the lighting, watercolors are tricky but i enjoyed the process of it.
Hope the best for the project!!
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Cheers man! we're almost launching finally! Was great having you be a part of it, even if it was a challenge to pull off :)
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Cool, cant wait to see it all. LMK when its up please.
I would love to try it again sometime.
Glad i could get the chance to help out.
Learned alot and got a better sense of dark watercolors i think. :D LOL
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here are some direct downloads for you:

thanks again man!
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"Fall, Red Star!"
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Stain the Earth Red!
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