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Chrono Trigger: Fire Rains.. [Chronicles of Time]

Title: Fire Rains from the Heavens:

This was made for the  Chrono Trigger album project: Chronicles of Time

5 discs and 75 tracks long, 2 years in the making.
Go to the website to see even MORE artwork! 50+ pieces more!
I will slowly be adding more of the art over time to this website, but you can see it all instantly on there!

When i started CoT, I right off the bat intended to make a Lavos image. There have been some incredible ones by fans over the years, though.. And if I'm being 100% honest, it was very intimidating. Still, I had a lot of fun with it and feel like it fits within the fan community nicely. I wanted to capture as much intensity- what the end of the world might feel like- as possible. Hope you enjoy it :)
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This is AWESOME!
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Such a great picture to describe Lavos' might. Great job on this one
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This is absolutaly amazing!!! ❤
LightningArts's avatar
Thank you very much! <3
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Oooh buenaa ! Felicitaciones
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This is so fucking awesome!
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Great job! I love the lighting in this piece, and also Chrono Trigger is fantastic.
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Thank you! Yes it is :D
one of those timeless games for a reason
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This is awesome! The scene was already pretty intense in the game but you turned it up a few notches. Love this!
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Thank you! Intensity was my aim :)
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This is super awesome. Love the monochrome scheme!
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Thanks! Not quite Monochome, but at least limited colors.
though now I kinda want to see it as just red...
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Wow!! Fantastic picture!! Great job!!
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Beautiful. Simply magnificent!
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Wow, that's absolutely beautiful.
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Thank you! The beautiful demise! AAAAAAAhahahHAHAHA!
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