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Chrono Trigger: Emergency Exit [Chronicles of Time

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Chrono Trigger is a game with many albums and many, many pieces of fan art for it.
But hey, won't stop us from doing more :)

Prints here!

This was another made for the 20th Anniversary of Chrono Trigger album project
We still have more to go on it through, so just a preview for now!
A full 62 minute preview. yep.

Check out the Robot Factory track on the album:…

This was a collab piece with my brother FirebornForm 

Probably one of the most dramatic parts of the game for me. It was this moment I really thought "Robo is so awesome" when playing it for the first time, so I really wanted to do it. Started out as a brief sketch, then Kurt took it to 3d so we could get the perspective accurate since this is a very perspective-driven image. After that, Kurt pretty much ran with the characters and did a first pass on the whole background, then I took a second pass and handed it back to him to finish. A lot of back and forth!
We also just kind of wanted this to feel like some sort of animated frame. Something about the whole thing just felt like it would translate well to that style. A fun one, different stuff for both of us.

From the people who brought you A new tribute project is on the way!
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Awesome teamwork! You guys did a great piece, so I'll comment it here, too. I love it!
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Thank you very much! Art team ups can be a lot of fun. And we have more coming :)
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yay! good luck with it :D!
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Only for him to get trashed by his fellow R-Series robots... That was a sad moment, where whatever you tried to do to prevent him from getting scrapped was all in vain... :/
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It's true, but he saved the humans and then they restored them back to live later anyway :)
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And then goes on to sacrifice 400 years for gardening... Just imagine.
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...Ha. Ha ha. That's kinda funny.
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