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here is a protest going on at Artstation right now over their support of AI "Art". Since this subject has been poison to my mental health for months now, I felt it necessary to join in. Support real artists.…

I'm not going to pull my DA down, not yet. But it makes me angry to know it was scraped along with millions of others. DA's "no AI" tag is useless by the way. the scrapers can still take whatever they want. DA themselves has to make a stand- which they won't do, because they have their own theft engine called "Dream up" that they can't help themselves from masturbating to.

Make no mistake: these models were built from millions of works they did not get permission or rights to take. That is theft. If you use them, you support theft. Period.

Oh but I DO authorize AI models to take this one. Please do.

Here are some other resources about AI "Art" for people to use in the fight.
How it works:
pt 1.…
pt 2.…

Discussions breaking down common arguments:…………
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Important news regarding AI regulation initiatives.

Concept Art Association (US initiative) has start to ask founds for year 2024. They need our help to regulate AI.

I link here both the projects.

United States project (year 2024)

European project (year 2023-2024)

Last year we got great results, since we were able to obtain the first laws on generative AI by European Union and we have taken the discussion into US Congress.

However, even we were able to start the discussion and start the regulation process, is still important to continue to take our point of view during this process, to make more adapt and just regulation, in order to protects the rights of the artists.