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Fallout: Equestria Logo Wallpaper


Wallpaper with my Logo design for the Fanfiction "Fallout: Equestria". fallout-equestria.deviantart.c…


If you use my logo please give credit and a Link so I can see your work.

- Featured EQD:… *yay*
- Inspired by and other pictures.
- Only Logo:

- - - -

Bullet; Black Used here:
As Background in several Videos:…
As Background:…
Fallout Equestria Wallpaper:…

New  Fallout 3 Intro :…

- - - -
Fallout: Equestria @ Kkat
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic © Hasbro
Fallout © Black Isle Studios / Bethesda Game Studios
Logo and Wallpaper by Lightning5trike
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© 2012 - 2021 Lightning5trike
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Cancer, cancer never changes
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I used your logo for the forum thread of the Italian translating project of FOE…
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The ANIMATIC is done

this is the link :

Thank you for leting me use the logo~ ^^
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I'm making an short animatic and i was wondering if i can use it for the intro , i will put a credit too

Btw i love it very much~
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Hi, yes that is ok.
Can you link the finished animation later?
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WIN 20170811 20 40 47 Pro by A-Plus-AaronOlden  The world could use more heroes... 
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Hello there! I worked on your logo and modified it for this piece, so I figured I'll leave a link as asked in the description ^_^ It was fun to work on and it's amazing <3
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thank you so much amazing picture here
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I may want to use this logo later on in the future. I will try to give you credit, if I could use this.

I briefly used this in a video… (but I mention you in description) 
but I want to make a whole Fallout Equestria reading in Polish videos so, if You don't mind I'll keep using your art.

Have a nice day and Goodbye.
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Hello, I was wondering if I could use this logo for part of the front cover of a book I'm writing?
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Yes you can use it. Please give me credit. :)
If your book will be online I can put a link to it.
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Thank you. ^-^ it'll be a while before I put it out but I'll let you know when it is. :)
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Hey, just wondering but can I use this logo for an audiobook of Fallout Equestria that I'm making?
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