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My Bio
Most of the things you'll find on this account are photographs of my Zoids, but I'm mainly a digital painter.
I'm currently taking college courses in both computer graphics and web/software design.

Favourite Movies
Avatar, Gundam 00: A Wakening of the Trailblazer
Favourite TV Shows
Gundam 00, Spongebob Squarepants, Family Guy
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Switchfoot, Katy Perry, TM Revolution
Favourite Books
Ranger's Apprentice, Legend of Drizzt, The Hunger Games, Song of Fire and Ice
Favourite Writers
John Flanagan, RA Salvatore, David Clement-Davies
Favourite Games
Anything Pokemon or Zoids
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Camera, xacto knife, despruing tweezers, files, super glue, etc.
Other Interests
Zoids, Gundams, modeling, Pokemon games/TCG, other random things.
Really. I'm not. So it's been what, more than four years since I was on here? Damn. I'm amazed I remembered my password. Life has been crazy. A lot happens in four years. But as for what people looking at this account will care about - I got new Zoids! PX I also added several Gundams to my collection, including a PG 00 Raiser that is the shizz (and is currently on display at a local hobby shop). But for some reason my Gundams aren't as photogenic as my Zoids, so they won't be appearing a lot. New Zoid highlights: *HMM Shadow Fox + chrome parts *HMM Fire Fox + chrome parts *HMM Irvine Lightning Saix (with green eyes because they are so
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Two images of HMM Shadow Fox from Zoikino. See them here:
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What type of Zoid do you like the LEAST?

23 votes
Feline (LZ, Gun Tiger, etc.)
Canine (CW, Shadow Fox, etc.)
Tyrannosaur (Gairyuki, BF, etc.)
Insectoid (Molga, Death Stinger, etc.)
Sauropod (Seismo, Brachios, etc.)
Ungulate (Dibison, Orudios, etc.)
Pterosaur (Pteras, Raynos, etc.)
Other Flier (Zabat, Rainbow Jerk, etc.)
Kong (Iron Kong, Hammerock, etc.)
Other (Comment.)
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Happy Birthday <33
Happy Birthday!!:squee::iconrainbowsqueeplz:
hey there, i noticed you have an awesome saix model. i ordered one for myself, and plan on re-painting it almost entirely. but, i'm having difficulty finding a good side reference shot to work out some details. would you happen to have any? ^_^
What details are you looking for? I can see about taking some new shots of Kai for you.
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