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Happy birthday, Animaniacs! :D
This journal is dedicated to those that sacrificed their lives to save other lives on that day and for their families and friends. May the LORD protect them. :rose:
Brazil is a very beautiful country, but sadly, the government here is corrupt. They have stolen so much money from everyone, causing a lot of disasters, such as the fire at the nightclub Kiss in 2013. Today, Brazil is dealing with a huge crisis because of these heartless monsters. They choose to steal from the people to satisfy themselves. :(
How can i use my Journal and my Status Uptade correctly? :?
Today is Father's Day on my country. I miss my dad. He was so awesome. He died on an accident in 2003. He was only 23 years old. R.I.P, dad. I love you. :rose:

Hoje é Dia dos Pais no meu país. Eu sinto saudades do meu pai. Ele era incrível. Ele morreu em um acidente em 2003. Ele tinha apenas 23 anos de idade. Descanse em paz, pai. Eu te amo. :rose:
Things have been changing on my apartment. They have given it a new color and some new stuff.
English: More than 70 years later, many people still argue about the battle of these 2 ships.

Kormoran was a modified merchant ship. Sydney was a cruiser. Their battle took place at the West of Australia on 19 November, 1941.

317 Germans and 4 Chinese survived.
The entire crew of Sydney (645 men) perished.

Português: Mais de 70 anos depois, muitas pessoas ainda discutem sobre a batalha desses 2 navios.

O Kormoran era um navio mercante modificado. O Sydney era um cruzador. A batalha deles ocorreu no Oeste da Austrália no dia 19 de Novembro de 1941.

317 Alemães e 4 Chineses sobreviveram.
Toda a tripulação do Sydney (645 homens) morreu.
Roast me! :D
I've been thinking about this company that closed it's doors. Toys R Us. I'd like to buy it someday. You know, kids cannot live without toys to play.

Estive pensando na companhia que fechou as portas. A Toys R Us. Gostaria de comprar ela um dia. Não é justo que as crianças fiquem sem brinquedos para brincar.

(Esta é a primeira vez que escrevo um Journal na minha língua nativa. XD)
My notebook has glitched. I'm gonna take it for repairs.
August 6, 1945

Hiroshima... :rose:
Thank you all so much for all the support! :D
A small plane has smashed down at the Campo De Marte (Camp Of Mars), an area located at the North of São Paulo, the largest city of Brazil.

6 passengers survived. The pilot died.
My phimosis surgery was completely sucessful. I'm resting after it now.
This is it. Today is the day of my surgery. :pray:

I'll write again after i have returned from the Hospital and from the Dream World.
Tomorrow, i'm going to the Hospital to be circumcised.

Please, pray for me... :pray::heart:
You stop being such a coward and start taking responsibilities for your actions and your mistakes!
This battle, fought in 1941, was a ship action between the German merchant Raider Kormoran and the Australian cruiser HMAS Sydney. It occurred at the west of Australia, in the year of 1941.

Sydney was lost with all her crew of 645 officers and men.

Only a few men of Kormoran were killed.

More than 300 German sailors were rescued and taken to Australian POW camps, were they remained until the end of World War II.
Love, Liberty and Time. Once so disposable, are the fuels that drive me forward. :rose:
I want to thank those who wished me a Happy Birthday during my 19th Birthday. I still remember when i was a small kid, those were the good old days. Now that i'm a grown adult, everything is so complicated.