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Henry and Shawn by Atsyrc Henry and Shawn :iconatsyrc:Atsyrc 65 16 My Projector by FoxyThePirateI My Projector :iconfoxythepiratei:FoxyThePirateI 12 0 (|+ Shawn Flynn +|) by creativeHellstorm (|+ Shawn Flynn +|) :iconcreativehellstorm:creativeHellstorm 100 28 Panic Attack by InkHyaena Panic Attack :iconinkhyaena:InkHyaena 98 75 Come here, Errand boy by BonnieFnafYT Come here, Errand boy :iconbonniefnafyt:BonnieFnafYT 83 13 Joey Drew Studios Staff Lineup by GirlWithTheGreenHat Joey Drew Studios Staff Lineup :icongirlwiththegreenhat:GirlWithTheGreenHat 396 114 Bendy And The Ink Machine Norman The Projectionist by ChrisOzFulton Bendy And The Ink Machine Norman The Projectionist :iconchrisozfulton:ChrisOzFulton 597 35 Time With Friends by YingYang48 Time With Friends :iconyingyang48:YingYang48 230 94 im coming for you child by crazybot1231 im coming for you child :iconcrazybot1231:crazybot1231 28 0 the tools that will bring me back by crazybot1231 the tools that will bring me back :iconcrazybot1231:crazybot1231 99 2 he will notice me by crazybot1231 he will notice me :iconcrazybot1231:crazybot1231 61 13 i will be beautiful again!! by crazybot1231 i will be beautiful again!! :iconcrazybot1231:crazybot1231 41 2 even your own room isnt safe by crazybot1231 even your own room isnt safe :iconcrazybot1231:crazybot1231 33 2
how to take care of the butcher gang - a batim fan
hey sorry I haven't made a picture or a story in a while I had school work, anyway this fanfic is based off of how I personally see the butcher gang, because this is how I think how bendy and co were made and in this order. boris, alice(who is corrupted), charley(piper), barley(fisher) and then bendy and the youngest is edgar(striker). I've fallen in love with edgar(striker) and the other butcher gang. so any way here's the story I hope you enjoy, I'll get back to my valley of the shadows fanfic when I have time, along with other artworks I did. also I gave boris and the butcher gang the ability to talk 
henry panted boris right behind him a pack of searchers where cashing both the human and wolf, henry grabbed boris and pulled him into a little miracle station. the searchers left after 15 mins, "ok close is clear" henry said and he came out, "oh gosh that was too close" boris said fallowing, when they heard a familiar chatter of teeth and footsteps, "oh no not now when
:iconanimeandgammer:animeandgammer 4 23
It'll Take Some Adjusting|Shawn Flynn x Reader
"Shawn? C'mon open up.." 
You sighed, growing slightly frustrated as you knocked several times on the door, only to get no response from the other side of it.
'Damn it...I knew I should've told those idiots not to bombard him with all of these things he's never seen before..' You thought before turning around and leaning your back against the door, rubbing the side of your head. 
While it annoyed you that Shawn had shut himself in like this and refused to acknowledge your couldn't blame him.
If you were thrown a century and a half into the future, you'd probably have a nervous breakdown, too. Not to mention the poor guy had come from a place that was filled with unspeakable horrors...ones that he was likely still traumatized about.
But the other egos were unaware of that, and the moment he asked how much the world had changed, they all began to bombard him with the latest tech, food, and other things. It was too much for him to handle at one time,
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 93 43
Overworked|Shawn Flynn x Reader
~Shawn's POV~

"I don't be seein' what the big deal is. So what if I went and painted some of those Bendy dolls with a crooked smile? That's sure no reason for Mr. Drew to be flyin' off the handle at me! And if he really wants to be so helpful, he could be tellin' me what I'm to be doin' with this warehouse I got full of that angelwhatchimacallit! Not a scrap of that mess be sellin'. Probably have to melt it all down to be rid of it all."
After pressing the stop button on the diary cassette, I propped the old device against the wall before leaning back in my chair.
"Ugh...why am I still at this godforsaken job?" I groaned to no one in particular as I brought my hands to the sides of my head, gently rubbing my temples to soothe the massive headache that was pounding against every inch of my skull.
I didn't really care that I had ink all over my hands. There was really no point in washing them off, as they were just gonna get stained again.
With a sigh, my gaze shifted
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 94 27


Lightning-Mabui's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
was a kunoichi from Kumogakure, and the Fourth Raikage's assistant

Personality: Mabui remained calm in stressful situations and immediately completes the tasks she was given. Furthermore, she, like Darui, appeared to be quite exasperated when the Raikage, instead of using the door, decided to burst through his office window, and even suggested that he had done the same on previous occasions. In the anime, Mabui is shown to be very respectful, as she referred to both Naruto and B by honorifics despite Naruto being younger than her.

Mabui was a dark-skinned young woman with green eyes. She wore very formal attire consisting of a long-sleeved, high-collared dress shirt and skirt, along with a pair of long earrings and sandals. She wore her light grey hair pulled back into a bun with two bangs that fall on either side of her face.

Mabui possessed a unique technique that allows her to transfer matter over long distances at the speed of light. It was for this technique that she was made the Raikage's assistant.

Fourth Shinobi World War: Confrontation
Remaining at headquarters, Mabui was present when they were informed about the forces opposing the First and Fourth Divisions. She helped to seal Kinkaku by using the Heavenly Transfer Technique to send the Kohaku no Jōhei to Darui on the battlefield. Later, after learning how the enemy White Zetsu Army had infiltrated the Alliance's ranks disguised as shinobi, and, under the cover of night was murdering shinobi sending the forces into near chaos, she surmised that the whole reason for the battle during the day was in preparation for their current assault As Mabui aided Shikaku Nara in going over all the intel that they had at their disposal, Shikaku came up with the idea to utilise Naruto's ability to sense negative emotions to uncover the clones that had infiltrated their ranks, she stated that the plan was not viable as the Raikage would never allow Naruto to participate in the war, a fact which Shikaku lamented. However, Katsuyu then told them that it might in fact be an option due to the Raikage finally allowing Naruto and B to pass him and enter the fray, an occurrence which baffled Mabui greatly. After the real Madara Uchiha was reincarnated and summoned to the battlefield, Tsunade declared that she would be heading to the front-lines, and demanded that Mabui get her teleportation technique ready, intending to use it to travel to the battlefield. Mabui, however, objected to this, claiming that it wasn't intended to be used on living targets, going even further to note that only the Third Raikage would be able to endure the technique due to his special body. Another method of travel was proposed but Tsunade rejected it, claiming that she can use her Creation Rebirth technique to counteract any damage her body suffered. Mabui pleaded for A to make Tsunade change her mind, but A simply ordered her to prepare the technique for two people instead of one. An exasperated Mabui again voiced her concern, now sought help from Shikaku in convincing the two Kage not to attempt to endure the transfer. Shikaku simply tells her it's time for the Allied Shinobi leader to make an appearance on the battlefield prompting Mabui to reluctantly prepare the technique, before hesitantly activating it and transporting A and Tsunade to the coordinates given by Dodai. As the Ten-Tails reached maturity, the beast fired a Tailed Beast Ball straight towards HQ, killing Mabui and the other inhabitants.


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