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Well... not cool... this is a dead account...

I just wanted to let you all know if you've missed the memo about 6 years ago that I've moved to a new account at ArtByRiana

I've also started a webcomic called Suihira: The City of Water!

I get a lot of people who PM me and wish they could read my old Sonic fanfiction I had online from 2004ish to 2007. Unfortunately, there's no where anyone can still read it and I'm no longer making fanfictions. If you're still interested in my stories and how I've grown as an artist and a storyteller, I insist you check out my comic! 

Have an awesome year! I'll pop back in again in 2017!

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Trust me, I know of your RianaLD account. I still watch Lightning-Duchess because of memories... is that stupid?
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nah :P

least you see these silly journals!
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XD Following you on the other one already, but I guess I never unwatched this account. XP
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hahaha it happens :P Lots of things get forgotton or overlooked in a newsfeed.