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Most Original Sonic Fanfic Evr


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Most Original Sonic Fanfic Evr


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The Original Fanfic Script

The most original fanfic idea ever "Once upon a Mobius, Sonic was lyke, running through a field." Sonic: Yeah! *bumps into chick, falls onto the ground, shakes his head* Sonic: Huh? *boobs* Sonic: O.o;;;? Pinky: Like, OMG HAAIIII SAWNIK!! Sonic: Uh, hello? Pinky: My name is PINKY DA HEDGEHOG!! Sonic: Nice, to meet ya, but I gotta run! Eggman: Not so fast, Hedgehog! Sonic/Pinky: ?? Eggman: I am DOCTOR EGG-- *gets kicked by Pinky*--AAHHHH Sonic: Um... what the hell? Pinky: I saved your ASS Sonic. Tails: What the crap? *gets his head shot* Sonic: O_O Death: I am DEATH the hedgehog!! I'm Shadow's long lost brother from the spac


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