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Sonic: The Dark Brotherhood

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So today I was talking to Steve. Course, I'm always talkin to Steve. XD We both noticed the similarity between the names in the Sonic RPG and in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. I am really shocked that no one else has thought to do something like this. XD

Only people who have played Oblivion will get the joke. In that game, the Dark Brotherhood is a guild of professional assassins. XD If you kill an innocent person, the Dark Brotherhood comes to you while you sleep and invites you to join the guild and if you join, you're paid to kill people! XD

Fear the sloppy shading!!!!
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I'll help you, Sonic!
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Good, he deserved it, Sonic Forces is a awful game. He got what was coming to him. The Night Mother will enjoy torturing his soul
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Why do people hate Sonic Forces so much? It's like the Sonic fans can never like anything but they hate everything SEGA makes. What the fuck is wrong with you?
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Double negative. All right Sonic, who did ya kill?
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I love Oblivion! The Dark Brotherhood quest line is the best. Far better than in Skyrim sad to say.
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Lol, even though I only played Skyrim, I still get it, Lolz!
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Poor Sonic he looks like he's about to have a heart attack. XD
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Double negitive. Sonic killed someone.
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I did instantly think of Oblivion when I heard of the Sonic: Dark Brotherhood game, not gonna lie.
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Don't lie Sonic. We know you killed Shadow' s career after the disaster known as Sonic 06.
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Lucien is like the Spanish Inquisition - No one expects him. :D
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Ha!  You know, if you work your way through the ranks of the Arena, then do Agronak's Quest, then fight him in the arena, you get visited by Lucien!  And you haven't even murdered anybody!  Technically.  Am I the only one who thinks this is a glitch?
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If you do his side quest Agronak doesn't put up a fight, so you essentially do Murder him.
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Alright, I'll admit he doesn't put up a fight, but you're in the ARENA for pete sake!  You're SUPPOSED to kill him!  I'll admit, if it were real I'd tell him to stop wallowing in self-hatred over we-know-what and FIGHT LIKE THE ORK HE IS!  But, uh, it isn't, so I can't.  But I'm digressing.  Point is, it's an arena battle.  The only reason the game counts it as murder is he doesn't fight back.
Off topic, am I the only one who thinks the dark elf in the bloodworks should totally have been programmed to come after you for revenge at some point?
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You'd think, I guess they just didn't plan it that far ahead. Although, I've noticed the final quest for the fighters guild has a person you fight that'll also trigger the Dark Brotherhood. Maybe certain people for certain quests were just programmed that way to cue up an opportunity to join the Dark Brotherhood.
Just like at any point past the intro, If you wind up in jail they cue up the Thieves guild.
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Really?  I never noticed the fighter's guild thing.  I'll have to give it a try.  On the subject of quest triggers, have you ever purchased the house in Anvil?  It took me a while to figure out that you have to sleep to get anything to happen.  I felt like such a fool!
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Ahh, the Benirus Manor, found memories there.
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Yeah, I especially liked the hidden room.Hey, if you had the Battlehorn Castle plug-in, did you find the hidden rooms there too?
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I mostly ended up using the mods that fixed texture issues.
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Sega killed us fans(sonic and the secret rings)
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That's my fav game....But oh well, If you dont like it i understand
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Nah. I don't take down other people's opinons.
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Wow,2 understanding sonic fans in the same place? What world have I landed in? XD. It' so hard to find sonic fans like you these days
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