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She's wearing that one outfit that she wore in the begginning of "The Price of Freedom", cept I changed a few minor details. It was a shame that she only had that on for a minute in the ep, coz I LOVED that outfit. T_T It's better than her girly one. XD *shot*

Sonia is DiCs.

Edit 3-13-10: Yes, this is the picture in which an element of it has appeared on the floor of the casino track on the Wii/Low-res PC version of Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing. Don't worry about it though; everything's been resolved. [link]

Edit 8-15-12: If anyone's interested I redrew this 5 years later! Check it out!! [link]
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NO she is not... I think so...
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You sure? because this Sonia fanart has appeared in All-Stars racing sooo..
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Princess sonia  is awesome
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now you art is canon in the sonic franchise xD
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You're Super lucky to have your art in an actual Sega game
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This Was In The Wii And PC Version Of Sonic And Sega All Star Racing sanic the hedgehorg 
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You should have let them keep it in All-Stars Racing.
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(this is a joke even though sonia sounds like a gender-bent version of sonic):confusedvincent: 
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your art is in sonic all star racings sega
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It's funny how this appeared in a casino track, because you hit the jackpot!!! XD
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It's really good art! :)
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Congraturaturations! Sumo Digital fugged up and now your art is canon! Yaaaaaaay!!!
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*Sonic Boom I meant. =P Sorry...
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Why does she look AWESOME for SOonic Boom? =D
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It's cool to see a deviant artwork in a game.
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She looks so good
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