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TF2 Analysis Anarchy 2019

With the release of TF2: Court is Adurred, I'm happy to display my final print for BronyCon, which I will be selling in Print AND POSTER form! So if you'd like your own copy be sure to come on by and visit my Rainbow Table! BronyCon Table Bliss by Lightning-Bliss #203

OCs belong to: :iconantonyc::iconaynwye::iconcosmicchrissy::icondawillstanator::icondrwolf010::icondustypony::iconeliyora::iconfinnthepony17::icongoldenfoxda::iconhenmo24::iconinkrose98::iconjoshscorcher::iconmad--munchkin::iconmlp-silver-quill::iconsweetie-bloom::iconilovekimpossiblealot::iconlightning-bliss::icontyandagaart::icontheabbeyroadie::iconjasperpie: and British Ninja
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I hope this poster will come soon I recently order this from your website bliss

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You ordered the Red vs Blue Poster. This is an older print version. I currently cannot leave my home at this moment due to vehicle restraints, since you ordered it in the middle of the week. I assure you that it will be shipped out on Monday. Please be patient, thank you.

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Ok I will be patient bliss

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I would appreciate that you also respond to my DM on Twitter I sent to you, as it's important that we have an understanding. Thank you.

I wonder if Ty finally got his cookies.

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I'm so glad that they finally have all 9 players on each them :D

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Never come between a deer and his cookies! LOVE that quote!

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This is so epic cool Lightning Bliss and I also love your youtube channel!
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*breathes deeply* EVERYONE IS HERE! :D
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This is fantastic, will it ever be available to order online?
Oliwiakwiatkowska's avatar
hey you are youtuber

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with the pose Lightning-Bliss is in, I wanna give her a yarn ball to play with.
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Now the teams are full, let us see how this will unfold fella thinking ( Reactions ) 
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Hope the keep making videos after the show ends. I’d be soo sad if Analysis Anarchy ends Because the show ends.
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Now I gotta get all the signatures again
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*watches from a window, as it rains outside*
Lightning-Bliss's avatar
Don't make me block you please. I've seen this behavior before, I had enough of it with stalkers. Don't make their mistakes. We would rather fans enjoy the content we put out there, not sulk and make us feel bad for not including them, when the whole point to TF2 is to entertain.
symbiote12345's avatar
I... can't help but feel like I'm missing something hire^^;
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You're comment that I responded to, I'm replying to the context of it. Please don't do it again.
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I get what you're saying, Bliss. And while the "watching from a window" part may can be interpreted as stalker behavior, the "as it rains outside" adds a sorrowful perspective. Pretty much, they're explaining how they're seeing how much fun you guys are having, and wish to have a part in it. You could say that the "window" is the computer screen, allowing us to watch the Analysis Community having so much fun, between the TF2 videos, your D&D series, and you episode reviews themselves! In the meantime, the "rain" could be whatever they're dealing with IRL.

Sorry if I overstepped, I just felt there was a misinterpretation or miscommunication here.
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