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Today is a important day. Happy important day.

Off the EGLX day to as well.
Check out my friend Zeekayart as Joe from Digimon.  This shot was taken at Con Bravo 2015.

Joe Kido Digimon Adventure 01 Cosplay at ConBravo by ZeeKayArt
Happy Birthday Asuka Langley Sohryu.


Here is the list of events I plan to attend for the month of July.


1: Toronto “Center Island” Cosplay Picnic 2015 on July 4th .…


2: The Toronto Cosplay Beach Party Gathering! On July 11th .…


3: Atomic Lollipop 2015 on July 17th to 19th.…


4:  ConBravo 2015 on July 24th to 26th.…


5: Unplugged Expo 2015 July 31st to Aug 2nd .…


See you in 5 days. by Lightning--Baron

Gearing up for Anime North 2015.  I will be running the Evangelion Photo meet on Saturday at 12:00 at IP1 that is is green space in front of the International Plaza (aka the Double Tree hotel). I will also be at the Saturday League of Legends meet at 1pm. I have quite a few shoots lined up as well so I am excited to see what comes out of them. See you all this weekend.

I guess my DeviantArt Page has reached a few milestones.


This page has received over 20,000 page views.

I have recently submitted my 1000th Deviation.

I now have 206 watchers.


Thanks for your support everyone. My next event is Anime North 2015; hope to see many of you there.

The March comic con was really fun and I got to shoot with quite a few people this year. The event got me all excited for the up coming Conventions this year and I can't wait to share my photos.

Also incoming Asuka Spam!
Hey everyone! This weekend I will at The March Toronto Comic Con/March Toronto Anime Con (March 20 to 22). I will be doing shoots so send me a message if you would like to meet for photos. I think I can take on a few more. Anyways check out my photos from last years Comic Con in 2014 and 2013.

MTAC 2013:…

MTAC 2014:…
Frost con was really fun and thank you to everyone who I did shoots with. It was great to work with you all.  The people I missed at Frost Con, we will shoot next time. Speaking of next time, the next major event I will be attending is the March Toronto Comic Convention aka March Toronto Anime Convention (MTAC).

In the mean time check out some of my awesome Videographer friends Frost Con Videos!

Red Planet Productions!

JJ Cam!
Just wanted to mention I will be shooting at FrostCon Today!
Hello everyone! I will be attending the December Toronto Comic/Anime Con aka DTAC on Sunday December 14 2014. I would like to offer my services for paid shoots this event so please contact me to set up a time and work out the details if you wish to do a paid shoot with me. You can message me here or on my new Facebook Photography page at the bottom.…


Message me at my Facebook Photography Page.…

Anime North 2014 was a total success this year.


    To my favorite cosplayer, your Dryad Soraka cosplay was amazing. You totally knocked that one out of the park. Also you Milky Ange maid cosplay was super cute and those cakes props were so real.

           Thanks to everyone who came to the Neon Genesis Evangelion official Anime North Photoshoot meet.  We had a great turn out, with School uniform, plug suits and Evangelion Units to. Hope to see you all next year.


            Also it was great to see and shoot with new friends and old friends again. Going be slowly posting Anime North Photos so stay tuned.


Happy birthday to the best Asuka Cosplayer I have had the privilege to know and to work with.
So I though I should make Journal about this.
Here is the list of upcoming conventions/events I plan to attend and will be shooting at.

1. Con-G
2. MTAC / March Toronto comic con (on Saturday I hope to organize a Evangelion Photo meet up. THIS IS FAN RUN AND IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH THE TORONTO COMIC CON/MTAC FAN EXPO OR HOBBY STAR)
3. Fan Fare Geek Fest
4. Anime North (I will be running the Neon Genesis Evangelion photo meet up at 12:00 at DT1/IP1 on Saturday of Anime North so all you Eva Geeks come on out!)
5. Atomic Lollipop
6. Con Bravo
7. Fan Expo

If you want to do a shoot feel free to contact me.