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APH OCs - Alaska and Texas

OMG Yus! Finally! :happydance:
Anywho~ Welcome to dA, Alaska and Texas!

Name: Mia Jones
Height: 5'8"
Personality: Quiet, kind, caring, incredibly strong
History: Alaska used to be in Russia/Canada's care until America "adopted" her, making her America's 49th child. Her shy demeanor made her an easy target to be picked on, but her older sister, Texas, proudly took Alaska under her wing, the two becoming the best of friends.
Favorite Pokemon: Litwick. While others are captivated to death by the Pokemon, Alaska thinks of Litwick as a beacon of hope and life.

Name: Kat Jones
Height: 5'5"
Personality: Loud, Adventurous, Fiercely Loyal, Fierce Temper
History: Texas used to live with little Mexico at his house until they both grew up and Texas realized that she has to part with her long-time friend, resulting into a war that Texas won. She tried to live on her own, but ended up getting sick soon after her independence. Therefore, America "adopted" her, making her his 28th child.
Favorite Pokemon: Herdier. It's a loyal Pokemon, and helps Texas take care of others in her home, especially in wars she participates in.
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WOOOO!!! GO LITWICK!!!! (I like saying litwick with a german accent :) would that be Leetvick?
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