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for your nails
are the needles
that catch in
the grooves of my back;
it is you who
makes my skin sing.
:iconbleedingprophecies:BleedingProphecies 22 27
in the other side of cliff - Iceland 2015 by PatiMakowska in the other side of cliff - Iceland 2015 :iconpatimakowska:PatiMakowska 130 25
death (n)-
ceased existence within one's own head.
:iconbleedingprophecies:BleedingProphecies 14 9
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Either there's a
restless leg syndrome epidemic
or I'm just
really fucking easy
to walk out on.
:iconbleedingprophecies:BleedingProphecies 16 52
I always
thought it
a sort
of injustice
that all
a kiss requires
is two pairs
of lips
and a willingness
to drown
for the dream
of a raft
you might find nestled
between the hundredth
pair you try;
even more broken
in the pursuit
of a love that
could finally
fix you.
:iconbleedingprophecies:BleedingProphecies 60 36
The White Wolf by xBassxHarmingx The White Wolf :iconxbassxharmingx:xBassxHarmingx 41 0
Time needn't be a linear beast.
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deep silence by arbebuk deep silence :iconarbebuk:arbebuk 1,011 44
|| (Throw Away)
The first time I got a ride
to the clinic
from my best friend,
my old Sunday School teacher
was standing outside
with a sign and a CD player
blasting Christian music
and singing along
with a few other ladies
I recognized from the congregation-
I begged him to bring me home.
I went back on a day
when the ground was covered in snow
and the coast was clear.
they must have asked
at least a hundred questions
and then my 48-hour waiting period began.
I could have sworn
I felt something moving inside me,
through all 48,
inhabiting every part of me.
it made me tired
and I just wanted my body
to be mine
I returned to the clinic with a sureness
stronger than I’d ever known
and in 30 minutes,
my body was empty
and I was free to go.
I was myself again,
back on the path
to being whatever I wanted to be
and that is why
I am here graduating today.
I wasn’t ready for pregnancy,
I definitely wasn’t ready for motherhood.
I’m still a stranger to myself
in too many way
:iconbleedingprophecies:BleedingProphecies 16 10
S T E P S by SoularWolf4 S T E P S :iconsoularwolf4:SoularWolf4 4 0
|| (Keep)
The Cambridge University
Class of 2019
graduates today,
and I am microwaving
frozen waffles
and packing a lunchbox
and kissing a daughter on the cheek
and sending her off
on the school bus.
Among them
who will cure epidemics
while I’m smacking
Band Aids and kisses on skinned knees,
who will unlock
the inner workings of civilizations
before I can teach my daughter
all her table manners,
who will probably never have to
figure out how to afford diapers,
formula, and tiny little socks
on minimum wage,
who’ve never heard
the sound of their baby
calling them “mama”
in a shaky, new voice
for the first time, and
who have never
had a daughter
wobble up the front steps
to proudly present them
with a pebble
the same shade of grey as her eyes
so I guess what I’m saying is
it hasn’t been all bad.
I am the youngest member of the PTA
and I think people forget
how much they grew up
when someone set a baby
:iconbleedingprophecies:BleedingProphecies 17 25
pregnancy only
happens to sluts.
at least, that’s what
I might have said
if you’d asked
how I could snicker along
with the other girls
when an unlucky cheerleader’s
flat figure started to swell
and she hoped against hope
that she was just
but the date
with a little red dot in the corner
on the calendar
tacked to my bedroom wall
was getting farther
farther away-
I tried my best to ignore it
until I was throwing up
nearly every morning
and the internet said
it was either pregnancy
or cancer
and then I thought
maybe I should
take a test
just to eliminate the worse option
of the two
I skipped first period
(damn, enough of that word)
to walk to the gas station
on the corner
and I couldn’t stop
looking left,
and behind myself
because honestly
I was expecting
my old Sunday School teacher
to come strolling in
or something
and when I set
the little box up on the counter
and took my wad of lunch money
out of my pocket to pay
I was so nervous
:iconbleedingprophecies:BleedingProphecies 13 18



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I am completely shocked by the brutality and the stupidity of the attack on Charlie Hebdo. I am fully convinced that satire is an art, and art, as well as free speech, is essential in any society.
Even though I don't speak French, I often had a laugh about the cartoons that Charlie Hebdo published, translated by a local satire blog.
Whatever the intended message of the attackers is, be it religious or not, how can you forbid one to express his opinion in cartoons, and then express your own opinion in murder?


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