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One of the reasons why I haven't been crankin' out the stories like I used to is because I am sick...again.

To make matters worse, I have cancer...again.  This time - it's my breasts - found shortly before Christmas.

Between working (in what little capacity I have while working from home), chemo, and other forms of treatment, I've been (pretty much) busy.  Already, I've lost about 10 lbs, along with some thinning of my hair.  I have encountered this before when I underwent both surgery and chemo/radiation therapy for my cervical cancer several years ago.  Quite truthfully, it wasn't fun.  If I wasn't nauseous all the time, I was loosing it.

My wife and a gent named 'Bob' - who paid (and continues paying) for my account access to this site - have been my biggest supporters.  Bob and I met at a cancer recovery center together and just hit it off.  He is a colorectal cancer survivor (6 years as of December, 2019).  Anywho...we've become best friends, with my wife also taking a liking to him.  From time to time, he and his wife would come over to our apartment for dinner.  Honestly, if it weren't for him and my wife, I doubt that I would be here today.

Nonetheless, I thought that I'd share this with you all, and when I have some free time, I will continue with the writing.

I have to keep positive and look forward to living.  Between the regular calls to Bob, the sobbing in my bed with my wife, along with periodic calls to a few friends, I have realized that I still have something to look to.

Until the next update, may you be blessed.  Blessings be.

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EllaV323's avatar
Oh my God...
I'm so sorry to hear this really 
This must be a hard thing to go trough
I wish I could tell you to just stay positive but Ik it's not that easy 
I hope everything will be ok and that things will get better...
I really don't know what else to say 
I'm praying for you 
lighthousesociety's avatar
Thank you.  Blessings be unto you for your concern and kindness.  😊