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I decided to reply to one of the criticisms about one of my recently posted AI-generated images anonymously. I would like share my thoughts and feelings to those who visit this site about my position on AI-generated images.

I use Midjourney for all of my AI-generated images.

The prompt used to generate the 2 "Empower" (for the DA June challenge) AI-generated images is this: "realistic 22-year old lesbian woman making 'power to the people' fist surrounded by other lesbian women waving the LGBTQ+ flags". As a lesbian, I wanted something that expressed the word 'empower' for the DA challenge for the month of June, of which everyone knows is 'Pride Month'. Honestly, I liked how these images turned out, and have decided to share them with everyone. I could easily fix the wording, but would need to bring out my Photoshop editor; however, as this is AI-generated and probably someone else's work, I cannot and will not claim this or any other AI-generated image on my website as my own.

Do know that I place watermarks on ALL AI-generated images not so much as to claim them as my own, but to prevent those who download them from claiming them as *their* own. It's not ethical, and it certainly is not fair what other people do, especially to the original creators of the images pieced together from.

TBH, I find absolutely NO DIFFERENCE between creating AI-generated images versus collaged artwork; IMHO, those who create collaged artwork are using the exact same method as someone who creates AI-generated images. To me, it is one and the same - you are using someone else's work as a "derived artwork".

I charge nothing for any of my artwork - AI-generated images, photos (which are done by yours truly), and the stories (also done by yours truly). I want people to enjoy the work that I've produce; and, for AI-generated images, what the AI engines have produced. Prompt-based image generation is fun, especially when you're sitting at home with your loved one and like to try and 'paint a canvas' simply using words.

For me, it's nothing more than a hobby.

I don't profess to be a 'professional artist' per se, as I do NOT sell any of my artwork, nor do I ever intend to. I enjoy creating artwork (with the exception of prompted AI-generated images) as an expression of what I envision, how I feel, and what I am trying to express.

To those who feel the need to criticize me for any artwork presented on this website - AI-generated or otherwise - I challenge you to devise or produce something even better, especially those who feel the need to be critical of other people's creations and who have NOTHING shown on their own websites. This, to me, is hypocritical, and reflects the small and insignificant mindset in which it is far better to criticize someone else's work such that they feel empowered, rather than do something creative themselves.

Remember that artwork is viewed in the eyes of the beholder. 😉


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