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Hi! My name is Kirsten Jørgensen, but my wife calls me 'Jorge' just to be a tease. My parents and I came from Norway when I was 3 years old. I have dual citizenship for both Norway and the United States; we periodically take trips to see our family back home. My father is an electrical engineer, and my mother is an attorney.

The reason for my reluctance for showing my face came from when I was a late teenage girl; I was stalked by someone on Facebook. He tried meeting me, identified my every movement at the very high school that I went to, as well as times that I was walking about with my girlfriends. Of course, he's now spending time in a state prison. Still...that made me super paranoid about showing my real face, not to mention, my real name.

I've used several aliases over the years (my 'cancer buddy', Bob, has even let me use his, but I've felt guilty about using it despite his permission), as well as using different fake photos wherever I went online.

It is because of that, along with several other recent events, that I have decided to reveal my real face and name. I am not hiding anymore, either through my identity, nor my sexuality (lesbian).

This is me.

Blessings be unto you all. -K

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