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Fire Emblem Awakening Meme

Ahahahaha finally done and it's only 4:30!!


[Edit] Fixed Minerva's color! (Both of her!)

1. Those arms. Yeah. Don't look at them.

2. I actually prefer Laurent, but I wanted an excuse to draw Libra...

3. I also love Brady and Noire <3 But yeah. She's one crazy bitch.

4. I feel bad pairing her up with anyone other than him... (Which gets to be a problem whenever I'm a girl.)

5. What a douche.

6. This is seriously the perfect family.

7. I've actually played both Shadow Dragon and Sacred Stones... But I was feeling lazy... So yeah.

8. Inigo's a killing machine with all those flirting powers!
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In my personal opinion I think Chrom would be the last character I'd let my Avatar S-Support with.

So I....slightly....agree with you?
I married Laurent in my second play through. He's one of my favourite characters, but I was really disappointed by his S-support. :| anyway, I love the way you drew him!

So you hate Chrom too? For all the compliments and ass-licking he gets, he is indeed a terrible leader. Yllise is doomed if you let him marry Sumia. I can picture this catastrophe already in my mind.

Chrom: So there are already five crisises in Yllise and we have to come up with a solution, my dear wife-chan.
Sumia:... Oh, I have an idea! Let's bake pies for everyone in Yllise while I look cute and fall on my pretty face!
Chrom: Sumia, my cute, lovely, smart, pretty, talented, strong, noble, wise, amazing  wife! Ingenious! Let's start baking!
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Minerva come to me why are you flying on your own wait is that my farther on you?
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omg libra is such a babe though
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I love Laurent too~ XD I refuse to marry anyone else (and if my icon didn't already convey this then I don't know what would XDD)
But it's nice to find others who also like him C:
XD and that Inigo and his flirting powers
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Yay! I fellow Laurent lover! <3 
To be honest, I was a little disappointed with how short his S support was, be he's sooo worth it!
Inigo's flirting is magical. 
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I know! OAo but i found out something!
The japanese s support is slighty longer! And he says the cutest things too QAQ why did they cut it ouuttt
XD it is
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Really? I'll have to look it up!
TacticianofFlight's avatar
I know! XD I tried my best at translating it, and i'm pretty sure he says:
"No matter what time, I'll always be at your side! Then you can see my constant support for you!"
xD I find it kinda cute actually
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Aww, that is cute! Why the hecka did they leave it out?!
TacticianofFlight's avatar
I know QAQ XD I draw so much of Laurent I feel awkward sharing it all
oh but yea ono it's so cuuutteeee
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How is that awkward? (Ya know, if you don't mind my asking)
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Little hard on Chrom aren't we? XD
lightfox847's avatar
What? :noes: Noooo... But you have to admit he's a bit reckless!
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Yay!! You're one of the first I've met! *super high five*
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Whooo! I'm so happy I found you! It's like everyone else loves him, and it's so awkward to tell people I hate his guts!
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Yay, someone else who thinks Laurent is attractive! And you're a fan of Cherche, too!
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Haha... Good to know I'm not the only one! ;)
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In my opinion, he's practically perfect. And I have high standards about my romantic life (which is why mine in real life is almost nonexistent... XD).

I almost paired Cherche and Kellam too, but I decided on Cherche x Virion instead at the last minute. I don't think it really mattered for my gameplay, since I don't use Kellam, Virion OR Gerome much in my primary playthrough. She mostly travels around with Henry and Miriel (also a couple) instead.
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Practically? I believe you meant absolutely! And that's funny cause... I consider myself to have really low standards. Seriously, I'm like "Are you boy? When in the wedding?" (No worries... My romantic life is horrible XD I have this huge crush on a guy and all he does is flirt with my sister. Yeah...)

I've also paired those two... It didn't seem to fit quite as well, though. Plus Kellam makes a pretty sturdy Gerome! But that's just how it worked out for me... But yeah. I love HenryxMiriel, but I can't stand the white-haired Laurent XD

(Sorry for late reply... I am bad at this stuff.)
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Okay, yes, absolutely. It's difficult for me to consider anything to be "absolute", and I think that is due to all of the science classes I have taken. Especially biostatistics.
I have an actual LIST of qualities that I want a possible husband to have. Well, two lists, one for mandatory qualities and one for optional qualities. I am ridiculously rational about topics that are generally emotional. Maybe that's why I get mistaken for a man a lot on the Internet... XD

I would think Kellam!Gerome would be a fantastic physical tank, although I don't use Gerome because he's depressing. Kellam was great in the beginning, but he eventually got replaced by Kjelle. My Kjelle does everything my Kellam did, but better and with Aether (and awesome hair!).

I think Laurent looks good with almost any hair color except bright colors like Virion's blue hair or silly pink hair.
Honestly, Miriel x Henry is the closest thing I have to an actual OTP in this game. They're awesome together, produced a fantastic Sage Laurent, and started a family for science. Not to mention that Miriel is SO rational and analytical that she seems to have passed through "sanity" and come out the other side.
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Yes! Someone else who pair Cherche and Kellam! :dummy: Seriously, Kellam needs more love, and I think Cherche's the best one for him lol. So far, beside the Kellam / Kids supports, every Kellam's supports deal with him being invisible to everyone, except for Cherche's support with him! :la: Cherche notices him the first time without speaking about the invisibility thing, not even once!

And lol, you are the first one who has Chrom as the least favorite character, haha! Sumia appears sometimes, but, Chrom is a first! :la: He does make bad decisions, but, hey, he's a lord. :/

I also rarely see Laurent as a favorite character! He's so underrated :C Everyone says he's like his mother. Well, yes in a way, but he's more social and he uses much simpler words than his mom so everyone can understand him! :p
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