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Pony Painting Practice - Vinyl Scratch



So now that my detour into the mastery of the inker pen is mostly complete (at this level), I can get back into doing a bit of painting again.

I like both painting and inking ATM so I'll probably be posting a bit of both in the future.

I was worried I would be pretty bad at this after only doing sketches and inking for a few months but I was pleasantly surprised with how this turned out.

I decided to use the same brush as Cauldroneering as he has some of the best pony shading I've seen. (His stuff is mostly NSFW, so be warned).

Hope to match the early works of Yakovlev-vad, PonykillerX and Cauldroneering in about a years time, but we'll see.

Hair didn't really work to well. Hair hitting hair looks ok-ish(like near her horn), but hair on the background doesn't really work (it looks really cut-out).
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The lighting is so smooth... This is absolutely awesome! I'd love to see a colored version.