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Crystal Roses



Gift art for :iconsmittyg: because he is a great artist and inspiration to many.

I had wanted to do a pic for smitty for a long time but never really felt I was good enough, but when the Crystal Empire came out I wanted to try.

Which leads to a failure on my part, as some of you might be able to tell this pic is actually a work in progress. I really don't want to post WIPs and the fact that I made this as a gift art just hurts even more, but I'm tired. I spent many days just on this (were talking easily 50+ hours), but the list of things to do on it just never ended.

Worst part came when I thought I was finished but the background was terrible, so when I finally found a background I wanted to do a lot of the lighting on the foreground was out. (The background is currently a bunch of photos). So I hope smitty can forgive me for this but I need to move on for a while. I plan come back to this in the future and give it the attention it deserves and upload it in its proper size.

Lastly I suppose you could call this my first proper piece (well since this is unfinished I suppose its the first colored artwork after this).
The line-art, coloring and shading is the best I can currently do, unlike almost everything else I've posted to dA which is months old, experiments or crappy speedruns.

So no more of that, I want to get my stuff down from about 2 weeks to 2 days, so I'm going to lock in the way I draw things and get a routine going and we will see how that works.

(C) :iconauranite:
MLP (C) :iconfyre-flye: / Hasbro
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the mane six so often done great in crystal form. great job