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   Dipper and Mabel were packing for the long trip back to Gravity Falls, their parents were called by the president, who demanded the twins be taken to the little town. While the family was getting into their car, a helicopter bearing the Northwest logo landed nearby and a disgusted- looking Preston Northwest stepped off. Dipper grew angry at the sight of the conceited jerk that he believed was to blame for Pacifica disappearing, but before he could yell at him, Grunkle Stan and Ford stepped off also.
   “Grunkle Stan! Grunkle Ford! We missed you!” Dipper and Mabel shouted as they rushed to their Grunkles and hugged them, but the sweet reunion was broken when Preston snorted in disgust and loudly cleared his throat.
   “Yes yes just sweet, but now that you have the brats back, we need to start on the matter at hand.” Stan gritted his teeth and Ford just nodded, but also had a angered look on his face.
   “Hey wait,
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   Pacifica was resting against a tree, sweating and scared. A swooshing sound came toward her and she jumped to the ground, avoiding several strange needles implanting themselves into the tree.
           “It's over Ms. Northwest, I win!”
           .   .   .
           Two hours earlier… Pacifica was rushing back to Gravity Falls by taking every shortcut she could. However, no matter how fast she was the Falls were still days away and Bill mentioned the time limit every time she tried sleeping. If they didn't stop Dipper, Mabel, and the others than something bad would happen. She had tried calling them, but every time it seemed like something was blocking her from doing so. Even now it said her phone had no service.
          Pacifica stopped to catch her breath and scorned her small lungs. “Come on, I have to keep going! Not o
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           (Chapter 2 of The Setting Sun)
           It wasn't long until Crona and his friends reached their destination, and since it was barely noon he decided to stop by the police house to see if there was any work. he was just about to push open the door when something purple flew into him, knocking him to the ground.
            “And stay out you Slewer! I don't give a shit about that shack! You tell that Sossle that I refuse!”
            Crona opened his eyes to see a purple cat on his chest, hissing and sticking it's tongue out at the sheriff of the town. The sheriff was a man in his 30s, he had a bland tan skin tone, a dirty black hat, a rusty sheriff's badge, and a metal necklace. His eyes and hair color were that of a calm brown. His hair had spikes resembling a series of blades. His most noticeable feature however were his sharp teeth.
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            In the days of old, there was a western tale of the greatest heroes of the then Reaper Town. These special people saved the town from its biggest crisis and gave it the ability to grow into the place you know now as Death City. The story starts with a pink-haired boy riding into the town, under the light of a full moon…
            Crona was leaning back relaxing, while he let his old friend walk at her own pace. Crona knew many men who lost good horses from their baking them, that is why he learn to be patient with old Lass. He was in no big rush to get to Reaper Town anyway as he heard there wasn't really much out here, but he had also heard they have had a problem with bandits lately. Crona moved the hat that covered his face and guessed it was getting to be around midnight from the position of the moon. He looked at the town in the distance, hoping to see a saloon for him and his horse to take a breather
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Broken Limits
Trust in my voice
Take my hand
We'll go on a journey of discovery
Think of those that you love dearly
All the protection you have given
They threaten it all
We must fight
We can't be allow to die!
Unleash the demons of your past
Find your inner hate
Use it all and surpass your limits
Monsters, demons, gods
We will fight for this world
To end this war
We have something worth fighting for
Worth dying for!
Please trust in us
We will prove our love and heart are strong
We are no heroes
As blood rains from the broken sky
Hope lays shattered
Good is dead
You will face the one inside
The one above pain
The one who will survive
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Malakis Song
I have to let go
That was the past and I know
The hardest part is now over
Every time I tried to help I hurt someone
Nothing I can say can change the things I done
I can't hide my shame
I wanted anything to take my pain
Then they came
These are my friends
My new family
No matter the twist and turns of Fate
I won't fall to the hate
Past and new allies, we found in that old town
That damn girl can really drag me down
When I'm near her, I can feel my walls falling
my heart starts racing
I don't want to run out of time
It scares me, the storm in my mind
But you all clear the sky
I refuse to say goodbye
We start the new day
Find a new way
We may not all shine
But it is a truth that life isn't a straight line
Our united destiny
Listening to life's beautiful melody
We won't always win
I know when I look within
But I don't care
What we have is rare
I swear that I will protect them all
Until that day I fall
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A room full of the world's top leaders all became silent as a spotlight illuminated a nearby stage and a woman walked on it, clearing her throat. She faced them and spoke with a powerful voice that showed her control.
"Hello everyone, I hope you all have been fine but we have no come here for a simple hello. Since the fall of the company of Umbrella and the reveal of the United States of America's involvement in the destruction of Raccoon City it seems the world has faced many biological weapons from enemies and allies alike.
Now I have studied all the incidents with bio weapon involvement and have come to realize that there has been a pattern to those incidents. Every time we have had incidents there has been the same individuals that have involved themselves into those matters, even if it doesn't concern them. Strangely it always turns out that those so called heroes solve those incidents the area explodes leaving no proof of anything that happened except for their accounts. Do you r
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   It’s Ran! And... Edogawa Conan. He looks just like I remember. Those sharp, piercing eyes that are trying to deduce my every secret. That familiar frown that clearly indicates it wasn’t his idea to be here, his stance that displayed his power and confidence, and his suit that must be filled to the brim with new and old gadgets.
   Ran rushed up to the two and waved with a friendly smile, “You must be Kaito’s sister, Kuroba Maya! I have heard so much about you, and you must be Konosuke Miroku, you both really are cuties!” Ran laughed while the Maya became flustered and Miroku chuckled. “Well I’m Mouri Ran and Mr. Serious over there is my brother, Edogawa Conan.”
   Maya walked up to Conan, staring into his eyes, and after making sure her poker face was perfect, she let a grin spread across her lips “I remember now, you’re in that famous detective group, right?”
   Conan’s l
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Azraels Hunt
A man began to wake and felt a throbbing pain on his head. He reached up, but found his hands were chained to the wall. Panic slowly grew inside the man, but he took a few breaths and looked around to get his bearings. He was in some kind of dark abandoned factory, strangely it felt familiar.
            “Such a beautiful blast from the past, isn't it? Knowing you like I do, your precious little mind probably doesn't remember this place or my voice.” The man looked up and saw a figure lying high above him in a hammock made of rusty old chains. “The mind tries hiding away painful and guilty memories doesn't it, doctor? Did you honestly believe that becoming a teacher would clear you of everything you did?” The figure’s calm uncaring voice echoed throughout the room, leaving the doctor with chills.
            “I-I have no idea what you're talking about! Free me from this you f-f-freak!”
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(Chapter 5 of The Swap of Destinies)
Far from Death City, a young girl was hungrily eyeing a hotdog cart in New York City. Her name was Maka Gorgon, daughter of the witch Medusa. She was dressed in a loose black t-shirt, a black belt that had a beat buckle reading you can't deal with this, torn black, jeans, and old black sneakers. She smirked and spoke to herself, "So Ragnarok you in the mood for hot dogs?"
A deep voice originating from nowhere answered her: "Course I am idiot! Why didn't you feed me any souls last night!"
Maka moved her long straight blond hair out of her eyes "I didn't feel like listening to Mother so that's why, but that which made us have to go without dinner. Ugh! I'm starving! That's it!"
Maka ran forward, and threw a stone at a man that was walking behind the hotdog seller. When the man cried out in pain the seller turned to help, and Maka jumped on the cart causing it to quickly roll away. "YAHOO!" Maka dodged and pushed over random citizens till finally she r
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Brawl! by LightDrksoul Brawl! :iconlightdrksoul:LightDrksoul 1 0
"Each generation on this planet of Pamose has their own story of my work, tales of Fate’s chosen ones. Each one of the other weak Diopaku have had a hero or a story here and there, but the only one who truly mattered in history was me. Those destined to be great, heroes of the light and the villains shrouded in the dark whose names will live till the end of time, all because of my mercy and help. I made the paths they would take, paths of peace and chaos, paths of life and death, good and evil. I controlled their lives and deaths, like putty in my hands. No mortal could resist my powers, except for Them! All my careful plans started to unravel, when they would interfere! A race of people whose souls were beyond my touch! They were not swayed to the dark or the light, they were The Greys.
That pathetic mortal race truly believed that humans should be able to control their destinies, just because they were touched by her power. So much that they began to influence people and even c
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(Chapter 5 of The Grey Tale!)
It had been a week since Ash, Airi, and Rosalie had met Manuel and encountered the village of the undead, and were still traveling through the flat green plains of Avalon. They were fine sleeping on the ground, Rosalie slept on her cloud Fluffy, and mostly spent their time talking, planning their route, and examining the stars at night. Rosalie told of the endless number of worlds that supposedly were out there.
           They were attacked on the fifth day by a pack of small, orchid colored cat-like-scavengers with big ice blue furry ears. They were called Zetans. In their hurry to retreat, they were forced to leave some of their provisions behind. While Airi cursed the loss of food, Ash was mopping the loss of his pillow.  Thankfully, the group discovered that, according to Airi’s map, they were finally nearing a town and not just any town, but one of Rosalie’s favorites. As much as Rosalie was ecstatic to
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(Chapter 4 of The Demon of Death City)
On the second day of the festival, the children and adults returned to the jester for the continuation of his tale. However in his place, there was now a woman with long black hair and dressed in foreign clothes. The girl smiled sat at a stall with many strange items such as, a golden arabic lamp, a rusty sword that looked medieval, a golden shell with the name Melody etched into it, a perfect red rose, a red apple with a bite out of it, and more strange items.
   “Hello you all! I am Tsubaki and I heard my friend Black Star had started a tale for you all yesterday. Allow me to now continue it, where were we? Ahh yes the tournament of freaks…”
   Crona had spent the last few minutes looking for a weapon to compete with, but he couldn’t find a weapon that felt right in his hands. Ragnarok was boredly leaning off Crona and play with one of the shields that was too heavy.
   “These are all o
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(Chapter 4 of the Swap of Destinies)
The group of friends stood in front of a strange, stitched up house located outside of Death City. It belonged to Doctor Franken Stein.
Soul looked around with an impressed quirk of his lips. "Damn...this house is trippy. I mean who would stitch their house up? And how the hell did he manage to do it?"
Crona tried to stay on the mission, but even he was confused. "This seems like a pretty messed up guy. We better be careful, we don't know anything about him, got that Star?" Black Star turned from him. "Oh please Crona. Stop being such a mother hen. I'm a god! No one can defeat me!"
The doors to the front of the house flew open as they spoke and a distant rolling sound could be heard quickly approaching our heroes. Tsubaki got herself ready quickly, "Watch out everyone! Something is approaching!"
A tall man with silver-gray hair, large round glasses, a handsome face, and he wore a black zig-zagged stitched upshirt and a equally patched up, white lab
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(Chapter 4 of The Grey Tale)
Our group of heroes were off to a good start on their journey, if you counted being hopelessly lost as a good start. Airi and Ash were not in the best of moods as tonight was the night of the blood moon. Their parents told of the blood moon’s immense power to increase the abilities of the evil beings of the world, but Rosalie waved their concerns away as childish tales that adults tell their children. As much as that reassured Ash, Airi believed that Rosalie was talking that the power increase and the monsters that appear are nothing when compared to her.
“She is a goddess so of course she’s not scared! We don’t have that pleasure!” Airi grumbled as she looked up at Rosalie who was laying on a cloud relaxing. “I can’t comprehend the fact that the two of you lost both of our maps. How is that even possible?! It’s getting dark, and we still don’t have a proper place to set camp!” Airi shouted as Ash
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   Dipper and Mabel were packing for the long trip back to Gravity Falls, their parents were called by the president, who demanded the twins be taken to the little town. While the family was getting into their car, a helicopter bearing the Northwest logo landed nearby and a disgusted- looking Preston Northwest stepped off. Dipper grew angry at the sight of the conceited jerk that he believed was to blame for Pacifica disappearing, but before he could yell at him, Grunkle Stan and Ford stepped off also.
   “Grunkle Stan! Grunkle Ford! We missed you!” Dipper and Mabel shouted as they rushed to their Grunkles and hugged them, but the sweet reunion was broken when Preston snorted in disgust and loudly cleared his throat.
   “Yes yes just sweet, but now that you have the brats back, we need to start on the matter at hand.” Stan gritted his teeth and Ford just nodded, but also had a angered look on his face.
   “Hey wait, what’s going on here?” Mabel asked.
   “Is it Bill? Is he back?” Dipper questioned also.
   Ford and Stan said they would explain in the helicopter, but before they left Mabel and Dipper hugged their parents. Both parents grabbed one of the Stan twins and whispered in their ears. “Keep your eye on that man, he doesn’t seem right. You two keep our kids safe, before he passed away, my dad told us all he ever wanted was to get to know his family. You two never gave him that chance, but we know that if you were any ounce the man he was, you will take care of them just fine.”
   Both Stans were hurt by their words of never really paying attention to their little brother, with Stanley always committing crimes and not wanting his brother to be the same, and with Stanford never seeing anyone after discovering Gravity Falls. They were right, so much had happened between them that they let that overshadow the one person in their family that went out of their way to get to know them. They both nodded and got onto the helicopter as it began to rise. The first five minutes of the ride was spent in silence and while Mabel could let the adults have their thinking time, five minutes was asking for a lot from the hyper girl.
   “Grunkle Stan! Grunkle Ford! You never told us what was going on!” Mabel said with a pout and an annoyed expression. They both snapped back to reality and decided to explain.
   “It seems that since we were able to get Stan’s mind fixed after weirdmageddon, that may have somehow also allowed Bill Cipher to return in some way. He is not in the physical world yet, but something is triggering weirdness all around the globe.” Ford explained before his brother began to talk.
   “This nut job,” Stan began, pointing at Preston. “Actually sent the government out after us and we are rebuilding that dumb portal Ford built, so we can go to Cipher’s dimension. There maybe someone there with the power to finish off that demon once and for all.”
   Dipper nodded, eager for adventure since they left the little town, but he questioned why they needed him and Mabel for this. Ford explained that he wanted to have the zodiac signs, just in case they were needed. Dipper glared at Preston, who just glared back. “Where is Pacifica? I heard the news that she has been missing, that can’t be good for business.”
   Preston sneered at the boy and waved him off. “After you two brought her down to your level, she ran off to find herself or what has you.”
   Dipper stood up, but Mabel put a hand on his shoulder to calm him. “We brought down to our level?! After the years of abuse you forced on her?! I’m happy she finally got away from you! I would have thought that you would have learned some manners after what Bill did to you, but I suppose someone like you never learns.”
   Preston looked ready to retort, but stopped when he saw the glares of the Stan twins. He would feel much safer were they not five hundred feet above ground.
   .   .   .
   Robby ran to the Mystery Shack after hearing the voicemail left from Wendy saying that she need him to get there fast. Wendy was not one to be overly serious, so if she needed him to get there fast then the only reason Robby could think of was it had to do with Cipher. Robby shivered at the memory of being captured and turned to stone, nightmares of the one eyed demon turning him into a flag resurfaced and nearly made him turn and run away. However this time they will be ready to fight and things will be different.
   Robby arrived at the shack and was immediately grabbed by the government agents there. They walked him to where Soos, Wendy, and Old Man Mcgucket were standing and let him go. Robby fixed his hoodie and glared at the agents, before looking at the others. “What’s going on here? Why did you call me?”
   Wendy was reading a magazine and answered him. “From what I heard, there has been things happening everywhere since weirdmageddon and I think the government wants the zodiac signs here.”
   Robby crossed his arms and sighed looking around. “So the pines are coming back? Even with them we still need Northwest and Gleeful, and I heard the rumors that Northwest is gone.”
   Before anyone could answer, Gideon Gleeful entered handcuffed with the agents behind him. They tossed him to the group with the key to the cuffs, as the others helped Gideon, the agent rolled his eyes. “I can’t believe I’m here babysitting you all when there are real troubles out there, all this talk of demons and monsters is just stupid.”
   They ignored the man and uncuffed Gideon, who threatened to curse him. The agent walked away as the group went back to killing time, but an hour later the Pines family and Preston Northwest entered. “Okay it’s good to see you all here, but I hate to ask you all to put yourselves in risk when you don’t have to. We are going to Bill’s home and find the one who can fully destroy him once and for all. After Bill and his influence is gone, hopefully the world will heal from this wave of weirdness that has been spreading. If you all are ready to put this behind us for good, I hope you will come.” Ford gave his speech and left with Mcgucket to finish the portal that the agents were making with their blueprints.
   DIpper looked around and noticed that they were still missing Pacifica, but Mabel smiled at him. “Hey Bro Bro, don’t worry about her. If I know Pacifica then she’s just fashionably late. She’ll be here.”
   Dipper looked at the portal as it began to glow with blue energy. “I hope you’re right Mabel. I really do”
   .   .   .
   Pacifica was running toward her hometown, but she was still a good thirty minutes away when Bill Cipher appeared in her mind again. Growing used to the demon's antics, she just continued to run as they spoke to each other.
           “So Llama, you understand the plan right?”
           “Yeah yeah, get to the portal, stop the others from awakening your enemy, destroy the portal, and find a way to get rid of you.” Gobby chirped under Pacifica's hat, which she guessed was a laugh. Cipher rolled his eye and floated next the the girl, ready to get back to the falls. As they neared the town, small bursts of energy were occurring making then float and fall.
           “IQ is almost done with the portal, they must be under that old shack. I feel a strong ancient power, the other zodiac signs must be together as well.”
           “Dipper and Mabel are back? Are they being controlled by the enemy? Mr. Pines and the others are smart enough to not do things without thinking them through.”
           “Someone near them is allowing themselves to be controlled, but I can't tell who. As for the others, they aren't thinking. After what I did with weirdmageddon you can understand that anything to do with me won't be taken lightly. IQ, Stanley, Shooting Star, and Pine Tree would be blinded by their hate for me and the others by their fear.”
           “Which they are right to feel, after all you turned us into flags and everyone we ever cared about into stone. I see it! Gravity Falls! The Mystery Shack is nearby!”
            .   .   .
            Dipper and the others were standing in front of the president of the United States, he was sending several soldiers with them for protection. He deemed them as heroes and saluted them as the portal was finally finished and they were getting ready to enter it, but right then they heard a familiar voice. They ran outside and saw Pacifica running toward them, causing Dipper to innerly cheer. He thought she looked good for someone who has been missing lately, but as she got nearer, one of the blue shield activated and threw her back.
            “What the hell? I'm not near the shack!” Pacifica said as she got up and knocked on the shield.
           Gideon walked towards her, looking confused. “This was the portal I made over Gravity Falls to protect it from Cipher, it should only affect him.”
           Ford and Dipper approached, looking at her in shock and dismay. “Pacifica have you been interacting with Bill?”
           Pacifica turned from their gaze, telling them all they needed to know. “I know this looks bad, but we need to listen to him. Something worst is on the other side of that portal, please you have to hear him out!”
           The others all walked toward her, each with their reasons to not trust Cipher.
           “He turned me and my parents to stone!”
           “He made me dance for hours!
           “Because of him, I lost my mind!”
           “He nearly got rid of Mr. Pines!”
           “I'm sorry Pacifica, I spent enough time with Bill to know that he never helps anyone but himself.” Ford said as he and most of the others turned toward the portal, causing Bill to make a drastic action.
             Pacifica's eyes turned gold and she slammed her fists against the shield. “You fools! You'll doom every dimension if you don't listen to me! Don't you dare wake that thing up, or so help me I swear I'll-” Bill’s rant was stopped when Mabel punched Pacifica's body in the stomach. She looked shocked at her actions and covered her mouth in regret.
           “I'm so sorry Pacifica, but I couldn't take seeing Bill take your voice. You're one of my close friends and I promise we'll get rid of Bill. Grunkle Ford and Dipper will find a way.” Mabel ran inside the shack in tears at having to hit a friend. The others joined her until only Dipper was there.
           Pacifica looked up, her eyes back to their normal color, and saw Dipper sadly shakes his head and turns. ”Dipper… please… you have to trust me…”
          “I trust you Pacifica, but I can't trust Bill. I'll save you and get rid of him I promise.” Dipper said as he joined the others.
          “Who is going to save you?” Pacifica whispered and lowered her head as Bill made himself appear, looking depressed and angry. Pacifica dumped out her book bag, hoping for anything that could help them.
          “It's over Llama, nothing can break one of these shields and the others will get there before we can.”
          “There has to be something I know it!”
           “It's over Cipher.” Preston Northwest stated as he looked down at his daughter with a red tint to his eyes. “Soon this world and all others will be mine again, and this time all the ones able to beat me are gone thanks to you. Now I also have all the zodiac signs, well all except for you. But don't worry yourselves Llama, after they are gone you won't have the power to save anyone!” Preston laughed and walked away, leaving Bill and Pacifica helpless.
            The two had given up, their allies gone and in danger, the worst demon in the universe about to escape, and being this close and no way to stop it. Pacifica took off the pine tree hat and hugged it, scared for her friends. Gobby jumped off her head and, after failing to make her smile, started playing with Journal 4. The little rock monster opened the book and messed with the pages, eventually finding a page it liked. Pacifica looked up and noticed the word origin. She read the page and grabbed Gobby, hugging him close and calling him a genius. Bill asked what was she doing and Pacifica grabbed the demon by the hat, running off toward the cliffs just outside of Gravity Falls.
           “I found a way to get in!”
Chapter 6 of Pacifica's Journey is also done so I really hope you all enjoy! Sorry again for the enormous wait.
   Pacifica was resting against a tree, sweating and scared. A swooshing sound came toward her and she jumped to the ground, avoiding several strange needles implanting themselves into the tree.
           “It's over Ms. Northwest, I win!”
           .   .   .
           Two hours earlier… Pacifica was rushing back to Gravity Falls by taking every shortcut she could. However, no matter how fast she was the Falls were still days away and Bill mentioned the time limit every time she tried sleeping. If they didn't stop Dipper, Mabel, and the others than something bad would happen. She had tried calling them, but every time it seemed like something was blocking her from doing so. Even now it said her phone had no service.
          Pacifica stopped to catch her breath and scorned her small lungs. “Come on, I have to keep going! Not only is Dipper counting on me, but the whole world if Bill is telling the truth. Gobby how are you doing up there?” She checked under her hat to find her little friend was still shivering, he had been too afraid to come out since they entered the woods.
           Gobby loudly yipped and bit Pacifica's ear, stopping her from walking into a falling tree's path. “Damn I have to be more careful or I won't be in one piece to save the world. Thanks Gobby, you saved me big time.” Gobby rolled down from her head and to her hand, where he nugged the ring. The ring she had gotten from the fortune teller was half blue and half black. Suddenly the black began filling the ring and Pacifica jumped to the right, just as a tree branch swung down where she just was. The blue filled the ring again to show she was in no danger.
          “I see now. We're not alone in these woods and the ring is telling me that if this thing gets what it wants, it's all over. I can't tell where this thing is, maybe the journal knows something.” Pacifica ran the direction she was heading and pulled out journal 4. “Okay okay, Goblin? No. Alien? Unlikely. Bloblets? This is useless I can't think like this! I need to clear my head.”
            “Allow meee to help with help you with that Northwessst!” Pacifica turned and swung the large book at the voice next to her, the creature stopped it with one hand. “How niceee to finally see those eyes up closeee. This book is wanted by my bosss.” The creature was snake-like and a dark green in color. It had long thin legs that made almost no noise, and it's arms were also thin but very strong. Strips of many different clothes were hanging from its body, but it's worse feature were the sickening yellow eyes. The creature knocked Pacifica off her feet and took the journal.
            “What are you? Why are you doing this to me? That is mine and I have to get back to Gravity Falls!”
            The creature smirked and pointed to itself, adding a little bow. “I am a Skulker or one of the snake hunters, my name is Rever. According to your little book here, this Stanford Pines had actually captured and dissected one of my own. After finishing with you, I may visit him.”
           “Who hired you to chase me?”
           “Well someone quietly hired me, but who hired him were just a pair of sad hurting parents. They just want their rebellious daughter back to the safety of her home.”
          While he explained all that, Pacifica grabbed a branch and hit him hard in the groin, causing him to drop the journal. She grabbed it and ran, leaving him cursing in a heap. How the hell could they send a monster after me?! Is protecting their precious reputation worth all this?!
           She slid and hid behind a tree as the softest sound of crushing leaves was approaching fast. “Come out come out wherever you are Goldilocks. My orders are to bring you back alive, they didn't say in one piece!”
           Pacifica quietly checked the book and found his species. The only near weakness they had was towards fire, but there wasn't any around and Pacifica's parents never took her camping. She put the book away and found the gold knuckles that Stan had given her. She put them on just as Gobby made a loud noise, signaling danger!
           Pacifica began running again, listening to whenever Gobby would make a loud noise and moving to avoid whatever Rever was attacking with. His voice came from the trees and was taunting her with promises of pain. He jumped down in front of her, kicking her to the ground. He threw needles at her as she was recovering, luckily Gobby was able to hop in front of them. They bounced off and Gobby jumped onto Rever’s face, biting him as hard as he could.
          He screamed and threw the little rock at another stone. “You stupid little creature! You hurt me! I'll ground you into dust myself!”
            Pacifica ran up to Gobby and punched Rever with the gold knuckles, buying enough time to get Gobby and run. She ran and ran, until she was forced to rest against a tree. Gobby made a noise and she jumped to the ground, dodging several more needles. Rever dropped in front of them, preparing to slash at them with his long sharp claws. “It's over Ms. Northwest, I always win!”
           Pacifica flinched, but found that everything had frozen in place. Bill Cipher flew in, stared at the position Pacifica was in, and whistled. “Damn Llama you sure can pick your fights, next time pick one you can win. Well I can't very well let your mission end here, so why don't I help you out?” Bill said as he stretched out his hand and it became enveloped in sapphire flames.
           “What would you get out of this deal?”
           “Consider it on the house, for helping me fix the little problem I caused. So do we have a deal?”
           “I have no real choice do I? Any funny business and you're done Cipher,  remember that.” She shook his hand and felt her control leave. From that moment she was an observer.
           .   .   .
           Rever’s hand was grabbed and stopped in it's place by Pacifica, and she proceeded to break it. Rever screamed in pain and held his hand. He looked at the girl as she stood and began to chuckle. She looked as though she was testing her body, and when he saw her eyes he realized what happened. They were a madness filled gold.
          “Oh my gosh...Bill Cipher! You're supposed to be dead, every creature knows you were killed when weirdmageddon fell and the Pine family finished you off!”
          “Don't believe everything you hear, now do try and make this fun for me!” Rever ran away as fast as he could, but he heard that voice chasing him. “You honestly thought you were the monster here, how sad. Time to learn your place, you're only just a lad!” Rever began to panic at every shadow as the gold eyes seemed everywhere. “Taken a thousand lives have you? A common boogeyman you are it's true. Let's see if you're all just bark and no fight!” Rever screamed and looked around to see those eyes everywhere. “Cowards like you always run alluded take flight!”
            “LEAVE ME ALONE YOU DEMON!!” Rever suddenly felt a sharp pain in his gut and looked down to see that Bill had tied his own needles to the gold knuckles and stabbed him with them. Rever held his bleeding chest and fell to his knees as the paralyzing agent he put on the needles took effect. Bill smirked and prepared to finish him off, but Pacifica held his fist back.
           “It's over Bill, he's done! We can't waste anymore time! The deal is done!” Bill sighed and began walking away, allowing Pacifica to get back control.
           “Bloodlust is in every creature girl, even you. I gave into mine a long time ago, if you want to save your world and friends then you might have to embrace yours.”
           Pacifica shook her ear and checked how Gobby was, after making sure he was okay, she put him in her hat. “Okay next stop Gravity Falls!”
           .   .   .
           Gideon had just gotten the last of the unicorn hair he needed and put and connected it to the first strand he had sat down. “Now this will make sure that Cipher can never enter town again!” He smiled as a blue force field surrounded the entire town of Gravity Falls...
Sup everybody? I'm sorry to say that I won't really be able to work on any story for at least a week, because of finals. However, as I'm working on school I wanted to ask if people would send me ideas for whatever story you like and how you want it to progress. I also ask if anyone knows how to draw or have ideas for characters/landscapes/ or monsters I would be very glad to talk! Anyway thanks everyone for all your support for me!!


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