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Pokemon DPPtHGSS Tileset

By Lightbulb15
This is a massive tileset that I use to create a lot of my Pokemon deviations!
The tiles were not created by me, a lot of them were created by independent artists: Alucus, Kyle Dove, Dewitty and CNC, and collected together by zetavares852!
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© 2011 - 2021 Lightbulb15
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In case anyone still wants to use this tileset, but get fucked over by the beige-brown tileset background pattern, I uploaded the image with a TRANSPARENT background here:

All in One
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Oh my god you are a life saver. Thank you so much

the image cuality isn´t good

Neither is your spelling

Why did you put the transparent tile on the sheet? No one can use it now

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So it's easier to select individual 16x16 tiles? Just remove the background if you want to use it, not that hard

excuse me how do you do that????

The quality of the objects drop when i convert it to be read by rpg maker, is this normal or im doing it in a bad way?

Can I use this tile set in an commercial project? Am I allowed to alter some of the tiles? (Every creator gets his/ her credits of course and I would tell that some alterations were made)
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Hard to use, please add Shadows to Buildings
I will give you full credits.
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how do I make it transparent?
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Use Photoshop, Select -> Color Range; then click the checkerboard color and hit Ok, then Press Delete to make the Selection Transparent.
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This is public right?
I already used it.

I wasn't able to ask because I only made a deviantart account recently
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Gonna work on fixing into a 32x32 format for GPXP
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Did you ever find a way to format it? 
I have found a way if you are interested
I am interested. Have you found a way to format it?
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I can probably make it into rmxp format but it will take time so does anybody have it in rmxp format?
dirtywiggles's avatar
How do you make it into rmxp format?
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You can use a program like GIMP to to put it in a 256 x (what ever you want) and then add it to rmxp. Obviously you will have to clean it. If you are making a pokemon game then talk to me I can surely give you some advice with my friends.
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Yes I am making a game. I would like advice
MaiKunoichiUchiha's avatar
Good morning :3
I'm planning on using these amazing tiles for my game.
I just need to know: How big is the tile size? 16x16, 32x32?
NarutoObitoUzumaki's avatar
Thank you for sharing this. This is going to help me with a game I am working on.
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