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:The Madness of Rose Quartz:

By LightBell
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Tiny fanart about a SU theory  I saw month ago in tumblr 

//hope to not be true <<
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Beautiful artwork!!! 😍😍😍
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Beautiful image, and an equally amazing concept!
Did you watch the latest?
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Thank you~

Sure I did! I'm still in shock about it xD
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You're welcome!

And same here. But it makes a ton of sense....
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Hello! I'm here from ProjectComment and ready for some comment tag!
The tag word I was given is "Princess" and the reason I chose this piece was because of all the pink and majesticness you put into her character made her look like royalty, or in this case, a princess. 

I want to say the I really like the composition of this piece! Though a lot of pinks are used it's really easy to see what the focus of the image is. Another thing is that I really liked how you portrayed the emotion. From her facial express to her body language it's clear to me what emotion you're trying to convey (to me it looks like grief, sadness, or mischief...Or I could be completely wrong and it could be like joy or pleasure). What gives me kind of  an edgy feeling is the tears. It took me a few seconds to interpret what they represented. I guess this piece could represent multiple things, it just depends on the person. What were you trying to convey?

Your tag word is 'Magical'
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Thank you! I'm glad that you liked it! I even was thinking to make re-draws on some pics of my gallery -w-)  
Well about the tears and the theme, it was all about a fan theory I read long time ago about the serie "Steven Universe", the text was so sinister, sad, etc... and I tried to protrayed that feel with the expresion of the character xD; so yeah, you were right
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If this was true; I would flip out! Imagine all of the Crystal Gem's problems was caused by their own leader, that would be a good twist!
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Yup! But maybe that could be done by another Rose, since there are more gems
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Yeah; it would be cool!
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Aaaaand another reason to hate homeworld.
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OHHHH PERO QUE GENIAL!!! Free - Heart Icon Free - Heart Icon Free - Heart Icon  te quedo de maravilla!!! humm.. ni enterada de esa teoria voy a averiguar mas,sigue asi tus dibujos son fenomenales!! (a mi no me engañas puedes leer en españolLenny face extreme ultimate Pearl Emote 20 ) 

Iloveyou,rosequartz (?????
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Gracias!! x3 Y pues era una de esas teorias raras de tumblr, bastante creepy y dramas por todos lados D: no es la única y habían de más personajes también Pearl Emote 1 

Rose pa ti, y Jasper para mi(?)
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XD... lo se!! la que me intriga es la teoria de "la raza perla" sera cierto que habra mas de ellasSteven Universe Pearl (Freaking Out 2) ...ahhh pos con mi amiga estabamos hablando sobre los 4 diamantes...y pos sus supuestos ejércitos claro que Jasper y peridot sirven a diamante amarillo Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle  (los simbolos que tienen en sus trajes y la serie lo aclaraRaptor La Icon Raptor La Icon ) y bueno...lapis tiene un diamante azulLapis Lazuli Icon Lapis Lazuli Icon ...crees que ella sea parte de su ejercito????
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Even if rose was evil, I still would have her as one of my favorite characters.
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puedo pensar muchos motivos por lo cual no es verdad xD 
pero seria un buen plottuistttt (?) 
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Dime entonces xD porque tambien preferiria que no fuera asi djgjb
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Oh fuck, this picture is scary and that theory is terrifying, but it does make sense e_o Boy I hope it isn't true, geeze x.x
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