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Together, Against the Sister - by Light262

By Light262
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Commission for :iconjycrow: / Jyc Row for the new PonyatDown

Jyc Row & PrinceWhateverer - Together, Against the Sisters (feat. Celica Soldream)

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Have a nice day and stay awesome guys! /)
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If they combine their powers it can form a eclipse like power

The Eclipse of Solar Shadow

The Eclipse of Lunar Blood

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TheEnderRebelHobbyist General Artist

God I love this, and I love the song as well!!

RoyalSilver2010's avatar

3 Guards teaming up to fight against the corrupted rulers who they once served? BRING IT ON!!!!

Ljda9's avatar

Just amazing

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Culu-BluebeaverHobbyist Digital Artist

Stunning :wow: :+fav: :clap:

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Makes you wonder how things will go for poor Cadence with there being no good alicorns in history and how people will treat her.

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randumchris1Hobbyist Writer

The song was pretty dope too.

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BaronVonSteamHobbyist Digital Artist

This is totally awesome! Keep up the good work!

Grayphus's avatar

This is amazing gorgeus. I loved the colors and the composition of the image.

Both radiant, confident, regal and intimidating.:clap:

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FireHeartDrawsHobbyist Digital Artist

The artwork is incredible !!! And so is the song that this is used for. you all got a fan XD

gamma102's avatar
Is there a fanfic to this?
SolarianKing's avatar

This is epic if only hasbro treated this item like an anime the gen 4 final season could have been about the entire planet against these two

marinus18's avatar
Would Nightmare Moon and Daybreaker really team up though? They already sometimes struggle in their normal forms to get along and this would be magnified in their corrupted form.
Jycrow's avatar

It isn't really a proper "team-up" though, they just made a very brief pause to erase those who disturber their fight

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PlatypusrocksHobbyist Digital Artist

The song and the art are both epic.

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X-Force02rangerStudent Traditional Artist
MisAnthroPony's avatar
Laying the smackdown.
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Just came here from listening the song! All I can say that this is just AWESOME!  Heart La la la la Clap 

Now this is some really interesting story ideas, as how these two could work together, how other creatures of Equestria could beat them? I hope someone will pick this up and makes an awesome story out of this!
Jycrow's avatar

Oh, there are still a lot more songs and story I need to tell, so worry not, it's far for being over. :p

Though, it'll take time as this isn't just "writing a story", but also having artwork, music and singers on it ahah xD

LightKitsuneTails's avatar

i hope so too ^^

ijones12's avatar

Do you have a version of that nightmare moon head without the transparency?

Looks like it'd make a wonderful pfp.

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ShadowRen817Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wait I thought day breaker and nightmare moon hate each other??

(Or this is just a art idea chu made they start working together )

it looks tremendous by the way. The shading and the coloring its so cool owo
Jycrow's avatar

It's actually an artwork for I song I've made with two friends, and it's inspired by an AU fiction I'm working on ^^

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