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The Temple of Ponhenge - Background by Light262

Background made in MLP the Movie style for Heroes EP CD Cover for :iconjycrow: / Jycrow.

And I remind that I don't like to make the backgrounds because I am not patient and fast enough to realize themMLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Angry Mad Upset MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Cry Sad ! But I'm still pretty happy to have realized!Twilight Sparkle Cute Face plz #2 Twilight Sparkle Cute Face plz #2 

You can either pre-order the digital version of the EP, or you can pre-order the CD.
There're two choices for the CD: jewel case or jacket. I strongly suggest the jewel case... Light did a great job on it. :p (Lick)
Here the link for pre-ordering (appearing on the upper right of the video too):

Artwork and animation by :iconlight262: /Light
Music by :iconjycrow: / Jycrow

Here's the tracklist with the release date (and, in the future, links) of each track of the EP!

1) STRENGTH:     Heroes EP- Strength - by Light and Jycrow
2) BRAVERY:       Heroes EP- Bravery - by Light and Jycrow
3) HEALING:       Heroes EP-Healing - by Light262 and Jycrow

6) SORCERY: (link soon - release on June 15th + EP release)

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This looks so awesome it gives me chills.
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This is simply beautiful!!!
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Thank you! ^^
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Nice work, I've always wanted to go see the Henges, but plane tickets, alas, are not cheap.
tigreanpony's avatar
Very nice Background piece.
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Thank you very much! Twilight Sparkle Cute Face plz #2 
Rozbojnik2's avatar
I bet everyone are superb Hyped for last of epic Saga of the songs, i cannot wait to hear the Mysterious Sorcerry song with amazing animated mystic Wallpaper behind it, i am 1000000% sure it will be Absolutley Brilliant!
Light262's avatar
I hope you will like the specifi animation for and artistic choice for the next music! ^^
And thank you BTW! ^^

tehwatcher's avatar
1st ahhhhhhhhhhhh this is fantastic

2nd what beautiful work

3rd you draw that place so well
Light262's avatar
Heheh, thank you very much!
Riverfox237's avatar
Oooo, lovely job! Always love your colors! Very atmospheric.
Light262's avatar
Twilight Sparkle Cute Face plz #2 thank you very much dear! ^^
I very ladore to work on atmosphere of scenes!  ^^

TTCCD's avatar
Whoa, pretty
NicolasDominique's avatar
Looks lovely.
Your all works for Jyc are lovely ^^
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Hehehe, thank you very much! Twilight Sparkle Cute Face plz
I'm glad if you like it! ^^
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