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Princess Tempora by Chocokangoo

Another picture of Tempora drew by :iconchocokangoo: Chocokangoo for the fun~

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who's Tempora? :o
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Who's she exactly? If possible, pls tell me :D
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This is so badass. You really got he facial expression down.
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Beautiful, majestic, regal, epic... Instant Fav! :D :thumbsup:
Lunar-White-Wolf's avatar
Awesome! I really like Tempora's design.
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she is so beautiful! and i can't wait to know more about her history!
starlitgalaxy's avatar
Why are you design her horn that way? Like...fading away?
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Is she a true alicorn though?
Those wings are artificial...
She is indeed a beautiful, mysterious and impressive Time Princess. But I am picky about details.
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Tempora is a great name to a great Alicorn OC, very nicely done.
LoneLostPony's avatar
Princess Tempora? AS i remember there was no name on comic ._.
And wow, she looks so cool here, in her "healthy" form
IBAIPshow's avatar
Magnificent /)
heathfiedler's avatar
She looks rather unhappy..
Phaedrolous's avatar
She don't look social.
Imagine if she were a canon character.  After the season finale, she'd be all over Starlight's flank for what she pulled.
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Nice armor/ accessories 
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