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MLP-Together Forever page11 VA by Light262

Heya everybody! Sunset Shimmer EqG (...) plz 2 Sunset Shimmer EqG (...) plz 2 
Here we go the page 11 of My Little Pony - Together Forever.

Sunset Shimmer Hoof Gesturers Sunset Shimmer Hoof Gesturers
Disclaimer: This prologue take place a short time before the great battle against the 3 Vilains, Cozy Glow, Chrysalis, and Tirek on the season 09.
This story is a fanfiction of course and takes place in a multiver. So some story elements will be different of the final of season 9 (and maybe the G5). 

Flag of France /VF:  -soon-

MLP-Together Forever page01 VA

NEXT:       -soon-

sunset shimmer EqG 3 (happy) plz sunset shimmer EqG 3 (happy) plz 
A huge thanks for the support of :icondormin-dim:/ Dormin and :iconjenndylyon: / JeNnDyLyOn to give me motivation to continue this project.

Story-writting, storyboard, art by me :iconlight262: / Light
VA translation and edit by :iconjenndylyon:/ JeNnDyLyOn
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Hello, # Light262 . There are two issues with this page of your comic. First, as # SGDragon has already mentioned in comments, there is "foward" instead of "forward" in the fourth(or rather eights) line of text. Second - "of" word is redundant in second(or rather third) line of text and should be removed. I hope you will fix this, # Light262 .

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there is a typo: it says "foward" instead of "forward" in the fourth line.

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Oh wow you did a great job, I just have to say though that I hope Sonata Dusk appears !

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I would love to see all the villains pieces fully they all look so good!

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Holy hannah, that is beautiful! And I love the way you drew Cozy especially - totally brings out the psychotic in her!

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These two pages were amazing, very nicely done.

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If this takes place before the final Fight, then the trio hasn't betrayed him yet? Also her reining in the windigoes sounds like a plausible reason for how g5 happened since they weren't there to threaten them.

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The prologue start before the final battle, but the story star 5 years after the Final fights against Tirek, Cozy Glow and Chrysalis.

My story don't give any explications of G5 events because I exclude the G5 as a continuation of the G4 in this story.

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Amazing! It looks so beautiful and yet the villains have this terrifying presence, especially Cozy! I really can't wait to see more :D

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i'm pretty sure that in this story grogar (the real one), cozy, tirek and chrysalis will return with the new mysterious villain i presumed?

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You made my girl Cozy look so GOOOOD.

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Great recap and amazing artwork.

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I don't know how you made Cozy Glow more creepy but you did.

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Thank you ! ^^

I just be inspired by Darla on Cat don't Dance and try to do this more like in 80'-90' animated movie ^^

Like her on the gif X))

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I'm guessing the story doesn't take comic events as canon. I can't blame you since its all over the place. Although Cosmos was probably the only good element from it that would fit the rest of the villains.

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Yeah, I don't take Comics event as "canon"... Same for Cosmos, she'not here. Sorry

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Apparently the villain, Pandora here, according to the story description is doing something about the multiverse.

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Thank you very much ! ^^

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Ok - I want pages 10 + 11 as a set of posters for my wall.

And is it me or are those some series Twiggles-Bedroom-Eyes going for Tempest?

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This recap makes the past events look a lot more epic than they were, not that that's a bad thing :v

But for real what really catches my eye is that Pony of Shadows design. Holy frick, I need more, I love him.

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