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MLP - Timey Wimey page77

Nightmare Moon grin   Nightmare Moon is a bit angry.

MLP - Timey Wimey page 78-79 + Song
                            Tome02 p78-79 Illustration by Light262    
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Writer and story-board by :iconbharb: / Lum
Vector drawing and compositing by :iconlight262: / Light

"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" products / arts belong to Hasbro Studios, Lauren Faust DHX Media and all the respective owners of this brand.

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The colours in this! I'm actually speechless. It's gorgeous.
Light262's avatar
Thanks a lot! ^^
JustSomePainter11's avatar
Is that what Nightmare Moon looked like without her helmet on?!
mickey16's avatar
Nightmare Moon: Celestia, I've got it! This time, we're going to beat those changelings to a pulp!
*sees Luna*
*does a double take*
Nightmare Moon: BHAHAHAHAHAHA! Celestia, that's the best double you've made of me yet!
*turns to a Lunar Guard*
Nightmare Moon: Assemble my generals! I'm calling a war meeting!

Reply if you know where the majority of this is from.
Hint: Hayao Miyazaki
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
A double? This is just the real you, you doofus!
HeadlessRainbow's avatar
It's weird that the first thing I thought when seeing this was "Wow, they really made Nightmare look hot in this"
JediMoonstar's avatar
Well now whatever hopes that you could accept her that she had is now gone.
How would you feel if your family replaced you with someone else probably like that!
RMZERO's avatar
she's diying.
LuciusAppaloosius's avatar
"Folks, as you can see by the way this clock over here is behaving, Time.... is of Affliction.

"Now, this might be cause for alarm, as from a portion of you by a certain experience might tend to proclaim,


(quoted from Frank Zappa, "The Adventures of Greggery Peccary")
Redfields's avatar
So there is some sort of time problem where future, past and present selves are able to meet eachother? That was past Discord abducting present Discord? And this is NMM from the past attacking present Luna and Celestia? Is princess Tempora also a princess Luna from future?
KieDough's avatar

^^; epic job!
Light262's avatar
Thank you very much! ^^
For an epic scene! Yeah!
omnimon11's avatar
"Tempora, are you okay?" She Is Disappearing Right Now. DOES THAT REGISTER AS 'OKAY' TO YOU?!?
Maverickwolfzx's avatar
This could only be better with 3D glasses…
I'm. So. Confused.
LoneWolfIcy's avatar
Twilight: "Tempora, are you okay? Tempora? Hey, do you hear me? I know you kinda need all your brain power and concentration for this, but would you mind answering my somewhat redundant question anyway? Hey, are you listening to me? It's rude to ignore people."

Tempora: "... I could smite you. Right now."
Lummh's avatar
Hahahahaha! x)
LoneWolfIcy's avatar
And then time collapses and everybody dies, The End. Good show, 10 outta 10, would watch again. XD
Twilight, have you not picked up on the fact that Tempora has neither the time nor the spare brainpower to answer stupid questions? Obviously she's not okay.
TheMerryWolf's avatar
Orin331's avatar

You just make Nightmare Moon so coooool.
Riverfox237's avatar
Twilight, I mean, I think we have established quite a bit that she is VERY MUCH NOT OKAY, I know it's a reflex question but come on.
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