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MLP - Timey Wimey page74

She didn't know she was on her own.MLP Derpy Hooves (Sad) Plz
A surprise awaits you for the next page!Twilight Sparkle Ooooooo Emoticon. 

MLP - Timey Wimey page75

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Vector drawing and compositing by :iconlight262: / Light

"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" products / arts belong to Hasbro Studios, Lauren Faust DHX Media and all the respective owners of this brand.

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so she never felt alone before? and that's what the magic of friendship revealed to her? that she is alone?
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 this brings two things to my mind. 

"don't leave me alone! the cry in the night. of terror heart striking , or soul killing fright" anne mccaffrey dragon riders of pern 
"no one wants to be alone, if your touched by the words of this song then you got it you got it bad" Usher
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So the Mane 6 have stopped Luna's dream of Eternal Night.

Even though she wasn't really Herserlf anymore, during her time as Nightmare Moon.
Not to mention that letting NMM fulfilling this objective would have brought ruin to all of Equus.

So tell me, Tempora, WHAT kind of problem have the Mane 6 caused?!
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I don't understand exactly what Tempora means by what she said; can someone help me out?
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I've read you haven't understand exactly but in your opinion, what did she mean? Try an explanation!
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Sorry for sounding confusing.  So as I understand it, the Mane 6's magic of friendship "corrupted" Luna and prevented her from fulfilling her vision as Nightmare Moon, which has also somehow caused changes in time that Temporary cannot mend by herself, but she didn't believe she was on her own until now, which is why she initially refused help from the Mane 6.

Is this right, or am I still missing something?  Sorry for being so analytical, I just want to understand so I can fully enjoy the story.
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You're missing something, a link between what you said about Luna and about Tempora.
Unfortunetly, I can't help as I the writer, so if you want help, you still can see the others comments, they have nice theories!

But don't worry, everything will be explain simple and clear.
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I actually just figured it out after reading some of the featured comments.  Thanks for the advice!

I think what I was confused about was that she kept saying "we", which led me to think that she had this whole army fighting with her, but i now realize that she's saying "we" like how Luna did in Season 2, in which she really meant only herself.
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Ok, thanks!  I will check those out.
Twilight, do you know time magic? No? Then perhaps you should stop distracting the only pony here who does, at least until the timeline isn't collapsing so rapidly.
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I think Twilight knows some basics about Time magic (she has already practiced it by the past afterall) but not enough to do the job of Tempora, obviously.
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This is getting good. cannot wait for the next page.
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So you have to choose between Order that makes thing run smooth for the apparent timeline over whats right
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Aaand that's the downside of friendship. It's, well... kinda like a drug. The less you had of it and the better it feels, the more you will want it once it's gone.

Then again, blaming them doesn't really solve the problem. If they offer to help and they're halfway decent people, take em up on their offer. Start talking and make some friends.
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time and space clashing on.
actually i can see it from tempora's side. it's like when i have something simple but a little bit straining like lifting a heavy fridge or freezer and some young guy comes near and says that he can help and before i can answer back he ends up totally setting me off balance and making it ten times harder than it is when all i want to is lift the thing i am lifting onto the truck or flat bed. usually i have to have a talk with them on just jumping in and messing people up in mid lift.
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That's kinda the idea.
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Stop being so stubborn, and just accept their help. Really, I have no Idea what her REAL problem is, but me thinks she just too freaking stuck up to accept... friendship? Nah, there's something I don't see yet. She had friends, but was betrayed? Dunno, I'll probably understand it later...
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Why do I get the feeling all Nightmare Moon wanted to do was talk to her big sister, and tell her how she feels.
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Tempora, stop to being a jerk, YOU NEED HELP!
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I wish the official comics were made this well... This is superb!
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