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See? It's not a time paradox! Your mind is safe!Rainbow Dash (salute) plz 

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Writer and story-board by :iconbharb: / Lum
Vector drawing and compositing by :iconlight262: / Light

"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" products / arts belong to Hasbro Studios, Lauren Faust DHX Media and all the respective owners of this brand.

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Horizon-Glide's avatar
Is she mistaking Twilight for Shadow? Or is Shadow actually with them somehow?
Lummh's avatar
Who's Shadow?
Horizon-Glide's avatar
In the comics, it's the dark entity that possessed Luna and made her become Nightmare Moon. Then again, I'm pretty sure the comics aren't canon, because they keep messing the timeline up, even in their own continuity.^^'
Stuntpony's avatar
Not exactly. Comics are based on canon, that was given in the show, but it's a fan project, so every now and then show makes NEW canon, that messes up the comics. And I think you weren't talking about SHADOW, but MIASMA, no?
Lummh's avatar
Oh yeah, it. Well, I'm not a big fan of this story, so, nope.
mickey16's avatar
Wow. The story, the expressions, the BACKGROUNDS. All of this is incredible. Some of the absolute best artwork, MLP or otherwise, I have ever seen in my life. Truly amazing. What a gift!
Kaykayfeddes's avatar
love the constellations in Luna's hair 
Light262's avatar
Yay, thank you very much! Luna also appreciates! MLP Emote Princess Luna Cute Face Princess Luna Like a boss Emoticon 
DrWhoFan611's avatar
This kills me how I can only read one page a night! I wanna keep going! This is seriously getting suspenseful!
Zarcan's avatar
weird to read description saying bi-weekly, and being two months +half a week later from this current page ...
Chaotic-Shots-0's avatar
I blame the time warp.
Tyraka628's avatar
...The Elements of Harmony. I think THEY'RE what she's talking about. Every time they use the elements, something happens to the space-time continuum. That's my theory, anyway.
Chaotic-Shots-0's avatar
That's what I was thinking. When you think about it, the elements don't seem to be a conscious or even omnipotent force that actually maintains balance. If Harmony got up from its lazy bum once in a while, maybe there wouldn't be so much evil in the land running amok every time someone thinks life is unfair.

As for how it could effect the space time continuum, think about how it operates. Harmony needs 6 vessels to operate, which outputs a magic apparently stronger than every other magic source that exists. When that magic is released, it seems to 'reset' an individual back to a certain state before they became corrupted. Think about it. The Nightmare was drained of her magic and 'restored' back to a supposedly younger version of Luna, unless she was the same age. Discord was returned to stone, a state that would be considered innate or 'without chaos'. Assuming that he has always existed and is therefore completely immortal under all circumstances, there could be no 'state' to return to. Perhaps he was just either drained of magic or returned to a state opposite that of what he was before Harmony came into play. And then you have Tirek, who was returned to the state before he escaped, exactly.

But, I could be wrong and Harmony could simply be a force that drains magic from an individual.

But how could that affect the Space Time Continuum? I think by A) simply having a power more godly than time itself is bound to cause issues, B) altering time to destroy targets, C) causing instability in time by causing events in history to change from what they should have been, or D) another reason yet to be explained by the creator of this story.

I know I should not come to a conclusion like this, but we'll time. Sans Icon 
ShoobaQueen's avatar
is the next page out yet?
CassieAlicorn's avatar
You make Luna look more prettier than she is, which I didn't think would be possible. Her mane is elegant!
oprime's avatar
I agree! It is beautiful!
Kyoshi001's avatar
how exciting. tis be true about croping time and space. Hang in there Wimey ye used too much of your chi time for rest is now. 
Oi vey again with the vague half explanations. Why can't these ancient Deities just be straight with folks for once?
Phycodeath's avatar
not a time paradox.... DAMIT!!

also is the "corrupting magic" the elements of harmony?
Treforce's avatar
that, or someone have managed to make Tempora think it is.
Chaotic-Shots-0's avatar
Could be. It seems likely. When you think about Harmony, it seems to literally have no equal. It far surpasses Discord, a god equivalent with the ability to turn nothing into a block of cheese whenever he wants to, or really any magical creature.

Perhaps though, it could be something else, but after that clue, Luna was not your first victim, it seems very leaning towards the Elements of Hermagerdy.
Krekka01's avatar
Will Tempora explain herself more clearly in one of the few pages until your break? It's getting super annoying how vague she is, and yet expected to be taken like she's speaking like everyone should already know the answer.
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