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MLP - Timey Wimey page41

Come on, and follow my lead! Literally, eh.

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PROLOGUE:       MLP - Timey Wimey page01

Possible to change some words of this translation.

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Writer and story-board by :iconbharb: / Lum
Vector drawing and compositing by :iconlight262: / Light

"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" products / arts belong to Hasbro Studios, Lauren Faust DHX Media and all the respective owners of this brand.

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And they meet---------Zecora who lives in a tree.

Oh wait Zecora is female.


eemoo1o's avatar
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Meanwhile in the background chaos is going on XD

I can see that Celestia is useless...always hope for twilight and her friend rescued the equestria...even in the real episode..hmmm
ShadowFireOptimus's avatar

She's not useless. Neither Princess' are. If they followed, or lead the way, the four big baddies could escape. They have to stay for once, cause otherwise, it could spread further. They have to give the main six some breathing room to find the issue, and correct time itself.

she makes sure that no villain takes the advantage and starts to leave the canyon to ravage Equestia. How can that be considered useless? in addition it is she who guides Twilight to find clues on how to stop all that. it is not useless.
AustralianFox's avatar
HE'S COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Americaiuno's avatar
Knock four times...totally a doctor who reference!
Summer-Lime's avatar

Yes? No? Wrong timeline? Okay then.
lizzymae17's avatar
"He"?????? I think the help they're looking for is Time himself!!!!

Time: Stupid me-shaped doorway...
katarjin's avatar
EEEEEEEEE ALL THE BATPONE! ......anyways the comic art is too damn good.
DrWhoFan611's avatar
Wooooah.... this is gonna be awesome!
Rassiliana's avatar
*drum beats echo in the deistance*
LadySolonna's avatar
I only so them once in one episode
do they ever apeare again?
Lummh's avatar
Of couse they do!
LadySolonna's avatar
Lummh's avatar
Oops, my bad, I read wrong your message ><

No, they don't ><
11LetsDrawPonies11's avatar
It's going to be Starswirl, I just know it.
T8B2001's avatar
Skyrim anyone?
Death2gaming's avatar
Knock four times, now doesn't that sound familiar 
Drangelu's avatar
This story is awesome!!!

Loving the artstyle and backgrounds too :wow:
kingofraggedy's avatar
My previous position of claiming that every panel in this comic series is capable of being a separate art piece... still stands. The consistency in quality of these pages has been alluring, to say the least, and I honestly have to drop everything whenever I come across a new page. With already 41 (42 now) pages out, I feel that this series has gone past being a lone masterpiece, and is slowly reaching the level of a monument for art in this fandom. I will certainly one day go through all the pages again, once the series has been completed, to bask in the wonderfulness of all the details (crazy depth-of-field, good shading, awesome choice in colors) once more.

This comic is certainly... timeless.
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