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MLP - Timey Wimey page13

Here is  the BD "timey wimey MLP" on which I work with Bharb.

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Possible to change some words of this translation.

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Writer and story-board by :iconbharb: / Lum
Vector drawing and compositing by :iconlight262: / Light

"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" products / arts belong to Hasbro Studios, Lauren Faust DHX Media and all the respective owners of this brand.

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"Let's not repeat the same mistake?" Hope that's not another bit of cryptic babble.  Had more than enough of that from the cartoon.
hero1211's avatar
did he use the mirror pool to copy himself...wait a minute, that pool caused a lot of chaos when pinkie used it...DISCORD YOU CREATED IT!
FrozenStarShimmer's avatar
It's like the two alternative Dan Phantoms from Legendary Destination !
Or in other Words awsome !
LW9510's avatar
Why didnt i closed my damn eyes
Lummh's avatar
It's the karma. You've scared Spike.

That's why we don't see him in the comics. It's all your fault!
LW9510's avatar
😡it was just a prank 😒😳
PixelBlujay's avatar
my mind blew up
templar127's avatar
EmeraldFire909's avatar
This is just confusing lol
Amelia-SquarePants's avatar
Theory: Some evil time traveling pony told past Discord, that he was going to be reformed, and so that created a paradox, by past Discord visiting old Discord, and then he comes and changes everything!! OH THE HORROR. So past Discord is in the present, and is taking Discord somewhere!!! NOOOOO. UNLESS, DISCORD HAS TWIN BROTHERS, OR HE CREATED THEM FOR OTHER DEMENSIONS! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh idk lol
PixelArtLiz's avatar
No! The world can't handle TWO John De Lancies!
Amelia-SquarePants's avatar
Lummh's avatar
Eeeeh! Why not ? That's cool!
For weeks now I've been trying to access "Timey Wimey" from the usual Equestria Daily links to with no success. The URL wouldn't even cough up anything on Google. I didn't realize the last couple of strips had switched to dA links. Now I got some catching up to do!
Lummh's avatar
Eh, in this case, welcome my friend!
I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
kacript's avatar
Hope the two Discords don't warp reality enough to destroy it entirely.
wolfrulez's avatar
*GASP!* past Discord comes to the present to meet his good self!!! btw Discord looks badass in the second panel
ABrightSide's avatar
So, did the evil Discord from the past go to the present? I guess I'll have to keep reading.
I think you mean "I'm just as handsome in 4 dimensions"; as in, "I'm handsome in 4 dimensions as much as I am in other ways" or something of the sort.
Exovare's avatar
Interestingly enough, the universe we are in is the 5th dimension. I guess the show would be in 4th, because they lack possibilities and choices (the writers planned it out).
I think you're using different meaning of "dimension" there.
Exovare's avatar
The dimension I'm using is "the dimension of the universe we're living in. There's 10 dimensions, and we live in the 5th. 1st - length, 2nd - width, 3rd - height, 4th - time, 5th - possibility." Which one are we supposed to be using...?
You're mixing dimensions in the sense of alternate realities, with dimensions in the sense orthogonal axes of space and/or time.

We live in 4 dimensions; 3 of space and 1 of time. There are hypothesis about additional dimensions, many of them seem to make sense, but many others that don't include all those extra dimensions also seem to make sense; we haven't been able to figure out which one is right yet.

Aside from a few ambiguous hints, we don't know for sure if there actually are alternate realities. I am fond of visualizing alternate realities as being arranged along several "possibility axes", but I get the feeling those wouldn't be actual dimensions in the space or time sense, but more like an emergent feature.
Exovare's avatar
I've never been able to find out if it was 4th or 5th given my definition of the 5th, due to our not knowing whether the future is already set. But it's 4 or 5. I got the idea of phase space (possibility) as the 5th from Imagining 10 Dimensions on YouTube, posted by 10thdim. I personally think it makes logical sense, but in any case, we wouldn't know for sure unless we were actually at that dimension.
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