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MLP - Timey Wimey page01

Here is the prologue of the BD "timey wimey MLP" on which I work with Bharb.
The first 7 pages are part of the prologue of the story.

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Page01:                         -- here--
FIRST PART:      MLP - Timey Wimey page09

Possible to change some words of this translation.

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Writer and story-board by :iconbharb: / Lum
Vector drawing and compositing by :iconlight262: / Light

"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" products / arts belong to Hasbro Studios, Lauren Faust DHX Media and all the respective owners of this brand.

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The name give me doctor who vibes
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Boooooks BOOOOOKS bra-I mean booooooks

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why not post this comic in tapas?

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This comic is simply DEVINE!
Doesn't know which books to take - take them all! :icontwilightliciousplz:
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Jacob: I like Mlp is Comic AWESOME! :D :D  
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Great comic and lovely look to the art. Just like IDW.
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   Spike :  Wait didn't you telepathically bench press a constellation?

Twilight :  ....Today Spike.
Do people realize how big a plot hole in the MLP universe that this library is?  This library makes Celestia and Luna look like idiots.  We have a library, in the middle of a crumbling old castle, that we know contains some of Celestia and Luna's personal writings.  We also know that books of dangerous magic are stored in this library and that the library is unguarded to a point that even a baby dragon can just walk in and take a book of dangerous magic out of there.

This is a MASSIVE plot hole in the MLP universe.  The writers clearly weren't thinking when they wrote this thing.  They were just thinking, "Oh.  We need a convenient plot device.  Let's put a library in here." and thought no deeper than that.  But The implecations of this place make Celestia and Luna look STUPID.  They would NEVER leave these books, containing their personal writings, and dangerous magic, in an old, crumbling, rotting, castle, in the middle of a forest.  where just any villain can just walk right in and take them.  Don't give me, "Oh the forest is the defense!  It's dangerous!" because a baby dragon could walk in and take that book of dangerous magic out with no problem.  Twilight and her friends walk to that castle regularly with no problems.
Celestia and Luna would have moved their personal writings and books of magic to Canterlot.  They would NOT leave them in this "Plot Hole Library".

The very existence of this stupid library since they introduced it has irked me with how stupid it makes the Princesses look.

By the way, this isn't bashing the comic I love the comic so far.  This is just an observation about the show.
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they got away with elements of harmony just been dusted there, They are just lucky that Daring Doo didn't went exploring
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Well Luna couldn't do anything because she was trapped in the moon just prior to this castle's abandonment.  So that just leaves why Celestia left things here and honestly, it's pretty easy to imagine why.  Not only did Celestia leave the Library (with Celestia and Luna's personal books and artifacts) she left the Elements here too.  Why?  Because this was the place her sister was corrupted by the Nightmare.  Where she fought her sister.  Where she banished her.  She never wanted to come back here and didn't want anyone else to either.  This is a horrifying and terrible place for her.

You mention repeatedly that "a baby dragon" could get here but really the forest wasn't that safe for the past millenia.  There were Manticore, Basilisk, Hydra, Timber Wolves, ect...  Spike only really went in after the forest's dangers had been tamed significantly by the Tree of Harmony getting its power back (not to mention the Mane 6 and Zecora dealing with more than a few of them).  No pony wanted to enter anyway as it's "not natural" and there aren't exactly wandering super-villains roaming the countryside purposely going into strange and deadly forests on the off chance magical artifacts might be there.

It doesn't make Luna look like an idiot, she could do nothing at all.  It doesn't make Celestia look like an idiot either, it makes her look like an emotionally damaged and grief stricken ruler.  Someone with far too much on her plate (you know with controlling both the sun and moon, ruling a kingdom that had just lost one of its rulers resulting in unknown damage, and so on) and no desire to revisit a ruin that no one was going to mess with anyway.
good point the everfree forest is NOT someplace to venture alone . I think even after the tree of harmony was discovered the timber wolves still lived there remember twilight and spike running to the castle to escape the timber wolves (and right into nightmare moon) so there are some villians there 
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I have 1 word for you in respond.


this show is about tois and (for the most part) NOT about fixing a giant plot hole from season 1
I mean let's face it. Remember lesson 0?
Tirek escapet on that day. What the heck was he doing 2-3 seasons?
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He actually escaped during It's About Time. Not Lesson Zero.
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I don't recal episodes by name.
about time was the timetrave one correct?

the orriginal one?
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than, yes that one
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Maybe he healed himself until he would be stronger to steale magic from ponies
LadySolonna's avatar
that's a headcannon
as far as I know
he went home, killed his brother (if he was still alive)
and than stayed there till he finaly felt like doing some s***

sorry for the darker headcannon
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I don't think he could back home. He was bannished if my memories are correct =o
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You are correct in that part
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I've never thought about that. You make a point!
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I love the background! Did you do all of it?
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