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MLP - Timey Wimey page 90

I want to remind you that this story happens between Season 4 and Season 5 (and was written before Season 5 was broadcast (although some editing was done)). Sorry if this revelation seems obvious to you after all that time. MLP Twilight Sparkle (Huh? 2) Plz

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                            Tome02 p91-Illustration by Light262
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Writer and story-board by :iconbharb: / Lum
Vector drawing and compositing by :iconlight262: / Light

"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" products / arts belong to Hasbro Studios, Lauren Faust DHX Media and all the respective owners of this brand.
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I genuinely thought that was twilight calling discord out and I was really excited for a moment

NebulaNyx1's avatar

Holy shit u called the fact that they dont need the elements. Nicely done.

If this doesn't work... well, I've always wondered how possible kissing my own butt goodbye was.

marinus18's avatar
I thought that power came from the tree of harmony.
nah, not really, it  was the magic of the friendship.
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That's the one thing that really bugs me. The Mane6 didn't discover that until much later during S9 that they don't NEED the elements. If they had, they wouldn't have made all that fuss when a resurrected Sombra destroyed the Tree of Harmony in "The Beginning of The End".

Yet in this comic (whose events take place much MUCH before S9), they already learned that they don't need the elements....because they ARE Harmony.

Two very contradictory statements.

The only explanation I can think of is that once the fractured timeline was restored, it became as if the events of this issue never occurred, and the ponies resumed their normal lives. It's like nothing ever happened.

Then again, at the end of this "Timey Wimey" comic, a future Princess Twilight visits Princess Tempora. How could she have done that if the ponies had forgotten this ever happened in the first place?

Again two conflicting situations.

It's very difficult to form a coherent timeline of events. Any ideas?

maybe you shouldn't tried to relate this comic and the serie too much XD

DreamstarMoonlight's avatar

I know - but I must do something to keep myself occupied otherwise being locked up all day for months during this quarantine will drive me crazy!

have you tried video game? it's very entertaining XD

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it was just ordinarily water
Shenronn's avatar
There is no secret ingredient, it's just you
ZanarNaryon's avatar
Wow, we knew Discord was powerful enough to warp reality, but I had no idea he was powerful enough to actually maintain and possibly create his own reality, however limited it may be
nightshadowmlp's avatar
Why does Discord have three colored color schemes on his cheek? (one is green, dark red and brown, while the other is pink, purple and blue)
Light262's avatar
Because it's one of the three timeline version of Discord!
One for the past, the 2nd for the present and the 3rd for the futur!
MLP - Timey Wimey page 86

nightshadowmlp's avatar
Ohhh okay that makes sense now

MaxtWolf's avatar
This was refused by accident, please resubmit to Brazilian Bronies, please. :(
Pristine1281's avatar
Yeah I didn't know which timeline this story took place in.  Thanks for the notification.
LoneWolfIcy's avatar
"Tempora, can you hear us?"

"Nah, I'm too fuckin' busy knitting a sweater. WHAT DO YOU THINK!?"

I mean, it's not like she's going anywhere.
>Tree of Harmony is the where the elements came from
>Tree is harmony
>Flutters becomes element of harmony to help defeat Tyrone
>Tree is harmony
>Flutters wanted to be a tree
>mfw Flutters is a tree now through the elements of harmony and she's getting revengeance on me for messin with her

(',O_o,').... she knew...

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nice!=made twilight a alicorn is not a mistake and a long twilight live the harmony will never die and the friend of twilight will reborn and reborn but one her will become alicorn to
and get the first look of the hers first live but with the memory of all the live thos pony get but twilight will not reborn the she not die and she see her friend live and die and she
know her friend will come back to her no mader the look but the friendship is the same. so twilight will remenbre all this! note i prefer all the mane six become alicorn and this
way twilight will never see her friend die and is the best way and for discord two! discord will never see his friend die but mosely fluttershy and this way the princess of friendship
will not be sad like celestia were she lost luna...i thing celestia and luna got a plan for this....
No, Twilight, you are the harmony. And then Twilight was a tree.

Wait, no, that's not right at all.
gutgutgut's avatar
Finally someone addresses this!

The Rainbow Power was only used once in the entire show, and since then it wasn't mentioned ever again. I also got the impression that there was no need for physical elements for the Elements of Harmony to work its magic.

Great work! :) (And to Bharb as well, of course)
omnimon11's avatar
Technically it was used twice. Once in the season 4 finale, and once in the Tantibus episode.
gutgutgut's avatar
Yes, but on that episode it happened in Luna's dream, and they were already in RP mode, so to me it doesn't really count.
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