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MLP - Timey Wimey page 115/115 End

Timey Wimey is finally finished!

A big thanks to:

:iconchocokangoo: Spirale / ChocoKangoo for her contribution on several pages

:iconequumamici: / Equum for having animated several pages

:iconjycrow:/ Jycrow and :iconprettykitty: / Decibelle for music and songs.

:iconfidzfox:/Fidz for providing great advices.

:iconjadedjynx:/JaDeDJynX and :iconestories:/Equestria Stories for their publicity at the beginning of the project which helped us a lot.

:iconeqdbot:/Equestria Daily for publishing our boards (and we have often put forward)(I know it's not EQD account, but thanks anyway! )

Garthagon for having translated the story into English.

:iconshira-hedgie:/Shira & Rubis for their contribution to Tempora's design.

Sif, Ombriel, Petit Roquet, Therozin, Monochrom Script and :iconmister-saugrenu:/Mister Saugrenu for ideas and translations.

All our Patreon subscribers!

And of course all the readers who followed!Twilight Sparkle (happy cry) plz MLP Rarity (SO FABULOUS) Plz :OhWow: Fluttershy dance Rainbow Dash and Tank (hug) #2 plz Applejack (together) plz Discord (yes) plz  Princess Celestia (laugh) plz Princess Luna (of course) plz

A great, huge and warm thank you to you everybody! ^^

Why posted so early? Lum goes on vacation tomorrow!

P.S .: Our Patreon account is still here! We still have work in front of us ;)


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Writer and story-board by :iconlummh: / Lum
Vector drawing and compositing by :iconlight262: / Light
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An excellent little one and done. Lovely little story, and kudos to making Celestia actually useful for once.

I loved this comic and I hope this story continues on in some way

TrancePony's avatar

Yeah it was such a legendary story ride, awesome!

BootlegAlicorn's avatar

read it all in one sitting. amazing

RoragosArts's avatar

This was a Wonderful comic!! it fits so well to be canon!!

I know my own oc would love to be friends with Princess Tempora!

SaoirseArtz's avatar

that was a great journey! loved tempora's design and magic, I wish this was longer! And pretty much wish this is in an animated form, it'll look magical

Roboking99's avatar

This was a confusing yet enjoyable comic

GumiBwEar's avatar

great comic I loved it

waterpicker's avatar

Fitting her first friend is the Doctor.

LevelDasher's avatar

That was really cool! I can't believe it took me so long to find this story!

WZNGTX's avatar

Hmm... the art style's brilliant, just that I still don't quite get how timelines got messed up at the beginning and suddenly back to normal after Tempora accepted friendship.

BTW there's this... guy in the Chinese Fimfiction equivalent "Fimtale", who used Tempora as one of the main character in his pony-but-stuffed-with-battlefield-plots story, with elements unprofessionally copied from movies and etc... and he also used Tempora as his account name and avatar image with seemingly no permission.

Light262's avatar

Shhhhtt, it's MAGIC ! X')

About the Chinese artist, maybe he will do a better work than Timey Wimey.

BTW thank you to inform me, but inform the writer. Tempora and Timey Wimey is his property, not mine.

WZNGTX's avatar

Hmm he's not the artist of the profile image though, he wrote it and commissioned someone else for the profile image. And... mind to give me a direction about who'd be the writer?

Oh wait it's Lummh right?

Light262's avatar

Yes, about the story, it's him , not me.

I'm just the artist who make pages with the storyboard he give me.

Claps* es hermosoooo

KovuHorizon's avatar
So glorious!!! I can't believe I missed this great comic for so long 😭💔, it's so beautiful and great! ( I don't have any other word to describe how glorious it is 😅) in single words... I really love it 💓 great work!!
2050brony's avatar

Incredible comic, really a masterpiece :D

Darkvader2016's avatar
“Never be cruel, never be cowardly.”
ShockWaveX2's avatar
I really enjoyed this super AWESOME storyline. Very well done job. :Fluttershy Clap Clapping Pony Icon - Complete Mane Six Clap Vinyl Scratch (i liked) plz 
IrisDoesArt14's avatar

That was an AWESOME Storyline, the song was amazing and so was the drawings, though I loved the Drama, it makes us want to read it more, overall, well done!

XenoTeeth3's avatar
Amazing story and comic series , well done:D (Big Grin) Clapping Pony Icon - Sunset Shimmer Clapping 
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