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MLP - Timey Wimey page 113/115

Would you be able to know which book Twilight is quoting?

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                            Tome02 p114-Illustration by Light262
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Writer and story-board by :iconlummh: / Lum
Vector drawing and compositing by :iconlight262: / Light
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MadiO-ONotFound's avatar

i actually like the future twilight design

redcat57868's avatar

That quotes from fahrenheit 451 right?

SarahMyriaCarter's avatar
I know I am forever late to this comic but this is better then any MLP episode 
k, i just LOVE twi's new look
OddEyesDragoon's avatar
Truly a Spectacular comic. :)
LeDieuDragon's avatar
Beautiful, truly the best fanmade that I ever saw.
Lummh's avatar
To this comic.. 
A soundtrack: Castle of Time was made.
To This Comic...
A Beautiful Song, Tempora's Requiem... Was made.

Due to the comic, the soundtrack, and the song..
I made my OC.
NightTime Serenity, exists only due to the combination of that, and the universe in which Nightmare Moon rules in.

Still.. You guys started my inspiration to make such a beautiful character. And when i start releasing my art, i hope you will feel proud over that a very personal OC, was made due to great inspiration of Princess Tempora herself. And the lovely comic, Timey Wimey.

Im sad the comic is so close to its end..
But im more the grateful, for what you have given me.
A character, a piece.. I never knew was missing. 
Time has given me a piece of myself..
Im glad im here for the comic's last pages.
Lummh's avatar
Well I'm glad, it means we've managed to do what stories are made for in the first place: inspiring!
princebluemoon3's avatar
Twilight Sparkle won't live forever as a member of the show did say she wasn't immortal. But who knows, maybe she will look like this in the future. That's the beauty of fanfiction
Lummh's avatar
Ah, yes. McCarthy said Twilight won't outlive her friends. But it doesn't mean she isn't immortal. She could be immortal and will just give it up.
I don't say it's the life of this current Future Twilight on this page but personally, I prefer imagine Twilight outlives her friends and still be happy because every creatures of the world are her friends. She wouldn't replace her first friends but they could be a powerful inspiration for her and for the world.

The only one who could create some troubles, in my opinion, would be Cadance. Even if she could have and bring love to her daughter, it would be REALLY hard to outlive her husband. In my opinion, it would be more interesting than another "Oh no Twilight is sad" story.
But she could possibly find another husband, eh. Overcoming grief would be more interesting than just being mad.
DreamstarMoonlight's avatar

Well, your theory and headcanon about Twilight outliving her friends came true after all!

JoeMavro's avatar
Honestly, I think (as a casual reader) that this comic could have easily ended with page 102.
Getting a little "Return of the King" right now.
Lummh's avatar
I see your point and I'm agree, but there was so many questions that needed an answer. Even if originally, I haven't planed to answer it (like mane 6 from the past and future Twilight, for example). But I've seen nobody found those, so it needed help.
Or a less complexe story in the first place, ah. That's for my next works.
Pristine1281's avatar
Um, so is this Twilight the one from the future or S4 finale?  Also, I don't quite understand that quote either, even though it sounds lovely.
Light262's avatar
It's our version of a futur Twilight Sparkle.
And in the logic, the story of MLP Timey Wimey start between the season 4 and season 5.
K4nK4n's avatar
A pretty page.
Light262's avatar
Thank you there ! ^^
K4nK4n's avatar
You're welcoooome.
HaloArt117's avatar
Without even checking...I remember hearing that quote from Fahrenheit 451, but it definitely comes from James Boswell from one of his biographies. :D.  Had to read that during HS, lol
Lummh's avatar
Ah, perhaps. But here it's definitely a quote from Farhenheit 451 =)
wizardelfgirl's avatar
To be honest I'm thoroughly confused at this point. I sorta get that several alternate versions of the Mane 6 somehow learned about Tempora and tried to help her but she refused? And one of those versions was a future Twilight? But why did Tempora have some of them sort of in suspended animation or something and why was Twilight still there too?
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