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MLP - Timey Wimey page 109/115

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                            Tome02 p110-Illustration by Light262
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Writer and story-board by :iconlummh: / Lum
Vector drawing and compositing by :iconlight262: / Light
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Let me see if I understood correctly, Tempora again and again I warn those fools of Mane 6 the dangers of making excessive use of the elements of harmony, which had the effect of altering the space-time tefido, and everything the disaster was solved using those elements that had caused the disaster in the first place? What?!
nah nah, the elements of harmony have nothing to do with it. When Twilight and her friends defeated Tirek, they did it with the magic of friendship. This magic spread all over the kingdom of Tempora and it revealed to her that she was all alone forever. it made her feel lonely and miserable and her concentration suffered. And because she was distracted from her task, time began to crack around her.
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Magic is still magic, dumbass. And that excuse does not work, get yourself another one.
they are different sort of magic. The magic of friendship comes from the mane 6, not of elements of harmonies. And please, it's not because I say something that you do not like, that you have to be unpleasant.
Fuego-fantasmal's avatar
I'm sorry, but that explanation is very stupid even for something like this. Find another excuse.
ok: the author needed something to put his plot in place, namely that Tempora suddenly realizes that his existence is empty and lonely. The Mane 6 symbolizing the friendship and the tree of harmony being a source of powerful power, they were thus the perfect vector to put his plot in place. For the rest, it is SUIM.
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In this comic page, which was translated into Spanish, I wrote what is wrong with this comic, what should have been done in his place, and so on.

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I know this is old but you do realize the entire show is about the magic of friendship right? Tempora is used to the villains being defeated by being trapped and isolated like her but since the mane 6 used the magic of friendship it’s completely different in her eyes, she saw Nightmare moon become good and Discord become good because of the use of the magic of friendship. Tempora saw that as the world ending because she’s used to villains and bad people being defeated and isolated and alone like her instead of being redeemed with friendship.
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She's so strong and beautiful. :)
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Its June 7th.  Where is the update?
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OOOOOoooh! Riiiight! I knew we were forgetting something!
tan575's avatar
She looks good with those adornments.
Lummh's avatar
Have you something else than a file that we need to download? =x
Maverickwolfzx's avatar
What?...  stupid link
Saiyanstrong's avatar
I like this design for her adornments.  Very nice, very sleek.
Im overjoyed though..
Thanks to this, i found... Me.

Nightime Serenity, made because of Princess Tempora..
And the beautiful music of Castle of Time done by Jyc Row...
It means, a whole world to me!
Lummh's avatar
Oh uh, thanks, but what do you mean?
Thanks to you my oc actually exist!
We have reached the recent page?
No! This is a disaster!
K4nK4n's avatar
So adorable and so shiny.Heart Heart Heart Heart 
Don't sweat it; you've been away no time at all from their perspective.
CelineSSauve's avatar
Gah! Noooooo! *sobs*

When I'd seen the "#/115" I'd incorrectly thought the series was completed... And now I have to wait after such an amazing bungeon the first 109 pages. *sighs*

I have no doubt it'll be worth it, though! :D
spyrofuckingcynder's avatar
Am loving her new accessories.    ^^   

Am glad that she's back in the realm of time.   ^^   

I wonder if she's just speaking to the realm in general or if there is something else locked up there ???    Oo.   
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